Friday, July 9, 2010

FFF: Rest in Pieces, Henrietta

If you're a regular here on The Daily Puglet, I don't need to explain who Henrietta is. Or how important she is to Dutch. But for anyone who doesn't already know, Henrietta is a rubber chicken in a bikini and she is just about the only thing in the world Dutch gets super-excited about. He LOVES Henrietta.

Dutch isn't the only one who has a thing for rubber bikini-wearing chickens. I find Henrietta kind of hard to resist, and pretty much every dog I've ever met has wanted a piece of her. This can cause major problems for Henrietta (top photo) and even bigger ones for Dutch (below).

Henrietta always comes with us to Pug Sunday and all the pugs totally love her. Dutch is very protective, but he's too much of a wimp to stop other dogs from playing with her. Even if the other dogs are little pugs like me. We took these pictures of me and a pug named Yoshi playing with Dutch's beloved Henrietta at last weekend's PugSun. It was Henrietta's last.

Yesterday morning Henrietta lost her head on the beach near the big orange bridge. It happened just after sunrise when a weimaraner we've never met before stole her from Dutch. By the time our humans got involved, it was too late. Henrietta was already in pieces.

My human said there will always be more rubber chickens (I think this was Henrietta #6), but that doesn't mean we're not sad to see Henrietta go.


Mel said...

Oh Puglet, I know you must find it hard to resist Henrietta, but I'm feel bad for Dutch having to defend his favourite toy. The pictures say it all! I hope Dutch isn't long without a Henrietta.

Taryn said...

Great post and pictures! Loved it! Great job, Puglet!

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! Poor Dutch! I can't believe Henrietta succumbed to another dog's bite. That darn weimaraner! Didn't he know what he was doing?

I sure hope poor Dutch can get over his loss and that your human high tails it to the store to get a new Henrietta. I may even have to get Mom to get me one!

Stubby xoxo

the teacher's pets said...

I am very sorry fur your loss and I am sure you will miss Henrietta furever and ever!

I do have a few questions fur you though:Are you going to have a memorial service? Is she going to be cremated or buried? Are you going to adopt another Henrietta right away or do you need time to heel (oops, I meant "heal")?

My sincerest condolences,
Daisy the Coonhound

Crabbie Chris said...

Poor Henrietta, I too loved playing with her. Just know that she brought lots of joy to many pugs and Brother Dutch. Her squeak, her flexibility and slobber covered body, they will be missed. Brother Dutch, don't be sad, just know she always brought a smile to you face, which is all a toy can ask for.

Wilma said...

Oh Puglet,
Please offer Dutch our deepest sympathy in the loss of his 6th Henrietta. Hopefully lucky number 7 will last a lifetime!!!

Buddy the Pug said...

Dear Puglet and Dutch,

I'm sorry for your loss of Henrietta the Sixth. She was very special. I too was drawn by her allure at Pug Sunday a few months ago. It's how I knew I played with the both of you before finding your blog.

May you find more joy with Henrietta the Seventh.

Buddy the Pug

Anonymous said...

OK, now be carefull, first your human was off shooting this decapatation...was it found in your bed?

RIP Henrietta.

Pearl and Tessa

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Weimaraner gave Henrietta an offer she should not have refused.

Oh, the nightmares. We have dog shootings and chicken-less heads. What sort of evil comes next?

No wonder everyone is sleepless in saddles.

Kitty+Coco said...

RIP Henrietta. Let's hope you get a lucky #7.
Dutch, man, you are like 10 feet taller than the pugs. Time to man up and take back your beloved toy. Just flick them away with your big manly paw.
You are a gentleman at heart.

Kitty and Coco

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dutch, I am so sorry about Henrietta!
Life can be difficult when you're ruled by Pugs, not to mention, other dogs who are excited to romp with the fair Henrietta! I hope that Henrietta the Seventh arrives soon, and all returns to "normal" in your world! :)

Tiffany (dog mom to Flora the Pug and Butters the Lab)

Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

Oh Henrietta! RIP and we hope too that #7 will also be lucky!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Anonymous said...

Rest in Pieces Henrietta #6 :(

Ann & Frodo

Anonymous said...

I feel a song coming...something along the lines of "I'm Henrietta the 7th I am, I am" (also really, really dating myself).


Anonymous said...

A three-way tug-o-war! I never thought I'd see such a thing!

Anonymous said...

No kidding Dutch! Pugs make think they rule the world, but your size alone can take them out! Man up to the chicken and put those royal pugs in their place.

A Fan, of both of you

Kizzy said...

hey puglet

i feel so bad for you... though i feel worse for dutch cuz it was his faaaaavvvvoooorrriiittte toy

i'm new to the blog and i have a brother that's named dutchy but everyone calls him dutch

3pugs2luv said...

Another fallen Henrietta...she was a fun, flexible chick who gave her best & had a great taste. We all loved her & she can never be replaced...what? Oh. She will never be forgotton & will always be in our hearts.
Respectfully, Zoey & Phoebe

Anonymous said...

Look at the wild-eyed look of those pugs!

agent99 said...

Poor Dutch. He seems to have about the same luck as Elizabeth Taylor has with husbands. We hope Henrietta the 7th is more hearty....and stealthier than the Weimeraner.

Gen & Lefty

Beans4Biscuits said...


I feel you pain and send my condolences. I have a green guy and my evil sister bit his ears off last week. Poor green guy will never be the can he, he's deaf now!

You friend in favorite toy-friend loss,
Butter the Bean

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet- I have seen a variation on Henrietta that Dutch might like. It is a rooster dressed like Elvis, but I can't remember what his name is.

THE PUGLET said...

After some brief drama, we will soon have Henrietta #7 and Dutch will be happy again.

The drama part came when the place by our house we usually buy her from (Pet Food Express) decided to stop selling Henriettas. And didn't tell us first!

They felt really bad because they know Dutch and how weird he can be about his rubber chickens. So, they called around to other Pet Food Expresses and NONE of them had a Henrietta either :(

Thank god for my friend Google (and amazon) because a new Henrietta (+ a backup) is on the way to our house. Should be here in time for a pug-tug-fest at the next Pug Sunday.

PS> the Elvis rooster is named Earl. Dutch likes Henrietta because of her purple-polka-dot bikini. He says his stubble is, uh, scary?

Noodle said...

Hey buddy. You let me know if you need any Henriettas. They have 'em at the place we buy my yak sticks. I'd be happy to hook you and Dutch up!

Your pal,
The Noodle

Kimmy B said...

I'm sorry it ended so violently but she did look peaceful on the wet sand. My brother, Beans, got a Henrietta the Christmas Chicken from Santa. He never had any respect for her with all the whipping around of her body by her little head & red hat.... and that ENDLESS squaking & screeching. Then one day...silence. Her head was given as a gift to a friend (some joke) and today her little body lays limp on the couch. We all can't seem to say good bye since there is so much of her left. "The song has ended but the melody lingers on." I hope your new Henrietta will be around for a long time! Your friend, TInk