Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Just when I was starting to feel better about my human's new job as a professional dog shooter, the UPS man delivered a box full of fresh horror.

Uhm, wait.

That makes it sound like we got a box full of dog parts or something. It wasn't that kind of horror. It's the kind of horror that screams the truth is eve
n bigger and worse than you thought. The kind of horror that makes you want to bite the UPS man for bringing it to your door, even though he knows your name and always pets you on the head.

I'm talking about the kind of horror you see in today's picture.

Yeah that's me and it might look like just a postcard. But my human said it's advertising. Advertising so she can take pictures of even more stranger dogs. And it gets even worse. I went to the dot-com on the postcard and it's a freaking website my human made! For her stupid dog shooting business!

UGH with a capital, uh, UGH.

I had NO IDEA she was telling the whole internet about this stuff. I mean, you know how many dogs there must be on the internet?? The internet is HUGE.
The website even has a freaking blog. Yeah.

So now my human is:
  • giving away my cookies
  • taking pictures of stranger dogs
  • playing with/petting/godknowswhat-ing stranger dogs
  • advertising on postcards
  • telling the whole internet
  • AND blogging about it!
OH. YEAH. And if you go to, you will see the greatest horror of all. The logo thingy for my human's dog shooting business? It's DUTCH. Dutch who is afraid of cameras and HATES having his picture taken. What the?? Ok, so maybe it's not exactly Dutch. But it's kind of an inside-out Dutch and it's DEFINITELY not me.


I think the only poof that my human still loves me (and thinks I'm cute) is my picture on the postcard. And I think the only remotely good thing about any of this is that a picture of big beautiful Gracie is on the back of the postcard. It might be the closest I will ever be to her again.



Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

We just checked out the website and all we can say is "Wow!" Fantastic photography! Too bad we live so far away from you :(

Good luck!!

Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

Christine said...

Puglet-- I think you will have a blast. Think about it! You are going to meet so many amazing people along the way!!

Congrats to your human! Truly excited for her!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Human!

Your website looks fabulous, I've added it to my list of 'reads' daily :)

Good luck!

PS - hang in there, Puglet!

Anonymous said...

How awesome for you human! The website is ridiculously cool! Sorry Puglet, but this is just too cool to not appreciate. Now we know what all those late nights have been about!

Edward the Pug said...

Maybe this will men more time with the lab brothers or more Frank time when she's away!??!?!

I still think that you should bribe her to let you be the best, most fun, walking camera-bag/assistant for her shoots! You'll get to play with other dogs in the process?!?!? eh?

:) Happy Wednesday Puglet!

Anonymous said...

Awesome name: Frolicphotography. Awesome branding. Awesome setup! You and your human are going to become famous (Of course, you already are a celebrity Puglet) and take over the world!! Love it. Congrats to you both. You can totally thank yourself Puglet for helping your human become this awesome career, due to your superadorable cuteness

Ollie said...

I'm blown away by your human's web site and "wow" photography. My favourite photo was the beagle rolling around in the sand because she totally captured his beagleness (being covered in dirt and good smells). I wish it was me and I hate having my picture taken even more than Dutch.
I would love to know the names of the dogs in the gallery. I think I saw Dutch in a great water shot, one of the labs from the House of Meat (fantastic swamp moment!) and Frank doing his famous "sit" on a bench (but he has your skull and cross bones halter on).
You are going to have to learn to share the spotlight and your human's success because dogs are going to be lining up around the block for a photo shoot.

Odey said...

Who knew you would have brought so much unexpected fortune and joy into your human's life, Puglet? You really do have special powers!

agent99 said...

Puglet, just remember that you are the one who started all this, by being so super cute. I know it looks bad now, but please give your mom a slurpy kiss for being so brave, gimpy brain and all.
I see more treats for you.....and possibly more bully stick.
You'll see, it will be a good thing. You might get to travel to new places, meet new friends, maybe even see Jenny!
Hold tight.....just in case mom doesn't show you the love, there is always us: the Daily Puglet Posse. We've got your back.

Ellie, Bogie and Gertie said...

Hi Puglet - Cheer up - you know you can take the credit for your Human's incredible talent, right? After all, you are her dedicated muse!! I think this must translate to more cookie goodness in the future! Muses are generally well rewarded - and just look at that beautiful work you inspired! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet, you are going to have to learn to share your Mom. In the end, it will undoubtably work out to be way better for you, with her talents, I have think you guys will be upgraded in your treats! Now is the time for the blue mussel treats, get them out of her!

Tessa and I are hoping soooo much to be able to arrange a shoot for us, we may demand to meet you as part of it!

Pearl and Tessa

Paws on the Run said...

Small world! I just saw a post of yours on the BBN and fell in love with your business name. When I checked your profile I couldn't find a website address so I gave up looking. Then a read a blog, that had a blog role and saw the word frolic and just had to click over. And it's you! Now I can go check out your website. :)

Paws on the Run said...

OK. I'm back. LOVE the website, LOVE your photography! I love all the dirty, wet, playful dogs!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I'm officially a stalker now. :)

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

We think this might be a good thing Puglet. But we do agree you need to be the face of it!!! Though Gracie is super cute.

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks everybody for shrinking me again. It's kinda sorta helping. A little. Especially the part about me being a muse and muses getting rewarded. OH - and for reminding me about the green lipped mussel treats my human totally forgot about and has been witholding since Seattle!

THE PUGLET said...

PS: I'm really glad you like my human's pictures and they make you happy - but do we really *have* to encourage her by saying so many nice things? Part of me is still hoping this will all just go away.

THE PUGLET said...

Ollie -

I'm superimpressed you can tell me + Frank apart - even when he's wearing my stuff (Frank doesn't like when you pull his Puppia harness over his head and my human got tired of chasing him around the house every time we had to go out. My skull+bones harness is a step-in so we switched).

Dutch is the dog in the crazy-crooked-beach picture. Can you believe he actually looks happy??

The lab in the swamp is one of the crazy labrador brothers. Those pictures were taken right after this one:

I didn't notice there's a whole gallery thing til you pointed it out. I have no idea who all those other dogs are. My human was going to add their names but forgot. It's now on her to-do list (again) so thank for mentioning it :)

THE PUGLET said...

Oh yeah - new horror:

Dutch is on the website 2 1/2 times (2 pictures and almost the logo) and I am only there ONCE and it's not even a very good picture of me. I mean - hello! Who wants to look at the top of my head???

I'm totally demanding a recount. Or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I understand your fears, Puglet, but your human has some serious photo-taking talent. I only wish we lived closer so she could shoot Flora Pug and Butters the Lab!!!

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Pearl and Tessa ~

It's totally ok if my human shoots you because you're part of the blog posse. It's the *stranger* dogs I'm not happy about. I'll even hook you up with some sort of discount or something :)

I Love Lucy said...

Puglet, you are sooo lucky. Your human is sooo talented. And you're human is soooo lucky because she has your gorgeous little face (and Dutch's... sorry Puglet) to help her promote her art. You are in for soooo many cookies.
I'm happy for you all.


Miley said...

At least you are on the website! Boka's on it too! But I'm not. I told my mom to call your mom I want my own photoshoot asap! Boka and Dutch can't come but you can! No Dalmatians allowed!(I'm really a pug with a Dalmatian coat) I will share wantever cookies I get with you, my mom is trying to fatten me up so I will have plenty to share.

Love Miley

I Love Lucy said...

Ok Puglet, I take it back, your human is not sooo talented; she is INCREDIBLY TALENTED. What an amazing website and photos, and my human and I loved the story about the day the guide dog came. My human got all emotional on me and cried - Geez! I think it's so cool how your human is giving 8x10 photos to rescued dogs. My human does rescue and it made her, again, all emotional. I wish she'd cut that out, it's embarrassing for a pug. Anyway, Puglet, happy frolicking. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and much success w/your new business!! I love the website & the pictures are just super fantastic!!

Ann & Frodo

Anonymous said...

See Pug, you are on your way to finding the silver lining and my human(the shrink lady) is very impressed. BTW, congrats to you, Dutch and your human! You all rock!!Nothing like a support group and a little "self-help". I like my self help in the shape of apple-turkey cookies thank you :-)Jax

Anonymous said...


I love your human's pictures, they are delightful and I wish we lived nearby! Tell her WOW from me-Betsy

Noodle said...

Geez, Pug! How'd you get to be so insecure?! I realize you're still young, but you're going to earn yourself a muzzle full of grey chin-furs in no time!!
You're so upset about sharing your human (and your cookies), but I think you should stop and think about your brother, Dutch. You know, he was with her first. Then you came along. And then your blog, your flat self, your videos.... Don't you think you get a little more attention than he does? Maybe you could take a page from Dutch's book and learn to go with the flow. It's going to be all right. Your human's love for you (and Dutch) will never waver!

Hang in there, buddy.

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

Dearest Puglet. This is Aine. My Mummy wants your Human to come to Chicago and photograph me... but I doubt that can happen because you will not be there. *soooob*

Anonymous said...

Mom would love to have your human photograph us...Maybe we can arrange a date (we live up by Auburn) to come down, maybe a Pug Sunday. If mom is willing, perhaps we can arrange a shoot when you are on your way to or home from Tahoe? Or even there!

Pearl and Tessa

Mel said...

I'm sorry Puglet, I'm so thrilled for you human that I can't help but be excited. This is such a great idea and the website is amazing. I know you're feeling worried right now, but I hope you'll settle in with the idea sometime soon. :)

the teacher's pets said...

When I read the words "dog shooter" I was a bit worried but when I saw the fantastic, artful, creative photos I was not worried at all. I think think you should be happy about your mom's claim to fame because she'll probably get paid in dog biscuits and what dog can resist 'em? I am going to check out your mom's website in a jiffy!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for all the compliments Puglet, but this is totally tubular! Can't wait to see more of what's to come. Congrats and Cookies! Too bad you can't be an assistant, cause we know how'd you'd go all beserk and hog the camera and attack any other dogs : P

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Frank's picture is cute. That's nice of you to share your harness. Noticed you did this too in the "Best of Show" picture as well.

Your human rocked (not the kind you eat) the website. Please tell her I said congratulations.


Anonymous said...

Frank's picture is totally cute. He really does know how to sit.

Awesome website. Your human is going to shoot dogs for a living (not that kind)!

Crabbie Chris said...

OMP!! OMP!!! I'm totally going to drag Spencer with me and get pictures taken!!!!!! I mean we are so in love we have to capture that on camera. Pug you're so lucky to have a mom who is willing to share her special gift with everyone, and she always brings the best out of everyone. She's like magical. I'm so excited about this

3pugs2luv said...

Let's think about this mathmatically - Dutch has 2 1\2 pictures on one website dedicated to dog photagraphy & you have a gazillion pictures on a site dedicated entirely to YOU. So if you compare the percentages of cyberspace you both have you're ahead by miles.
Anyway it only seems terrible right now after some has passed you'll be able to see how wonderful this really is.
Congratulations to your wonderfully talented Human and to you and Dutch!
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

SpencerBartholomew said...

Puglet & Your Human: I absolutely LOVE the advertisements and the website! LOVE the name and everything about it. What a fantastic job and representation of the phenomenal work she does! Not to make you - Puglet - mad at me but I will be eating some of your cookies and having my picture taken by FROLIC! Great Job! (Sorry - I've been busy getting fitted for my tux - going to my aunt's wedding this weekend!)

THE PUGLET said...

Zoey & Phoebe,

You're always so smart and logical and thoughtful. I guess you're right about the math. But still. I never had my own logo thingy :(

THE PUGLET said...

Oh Bella-T + Spencer B -

My human is totally allowed to shoot you guys. I can't even imagine how ridiculous the double cuteness would be.

I'll even let her give you some of my tasty green lipped mussel cookies. They are all full of stinky goodness!

Floris, Manu and Jessica said...


The bit where you say the least was for me WAY the funniest part of your rant, sorry about that :). And, the more your human practices, the better -can they be any cuter?- pictures she will take of YOU, right?

And the oh-so-happy dirty lab brother is absolutely priceless, be proud of your lady!

THE PUGLET said...

Uhm, Floris, Manu and Jessica - do you live in Seattle??

My human said she met a pug named Manu when she was there, cheating on me with other dogs.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Puglet, too funny!

Manu, Floris and Jessica said...

Hi Puglet! No, I'm not the Manu from Seattle, no worries about me! I'm all Spanish cuteness but I live in the country Dutch is from, Holland! So no baseball, no mountains either, but lots and lots of cuddles and good food (I had to go without any food in Spain before...can you imagine??) and ofcourse I sleep in the middle of the bed. My buddy Floris is also from abroad but he was found in a shelter over here and although he IS bouncy and barky and a bit mad about his Kong, I cannot think of any reason to leave him in a place like that. But, we are a happy bunch so all is good now!

Hang in there buddy, you still ARE the star of the show you know....

THE PUGLET said...

Phew. I thought there was a traitor among us. I can't believe you live in Dutchland. That's so cool. Dutch is from a place called Vallenhove. Maybe you're neighbors (at least before he moved to america 7 years ago).

They don't feed dogs in Spain?? Good to know. My human says Barcelona is one of her most favorites places but I'm not going anywhere they don't feed pugs.

Manu said...

Good for you honey! Only go where you are appreciated (= fed ;-))! Vallenhove? Mmm, the only word/place I know close to that is Vollenhove, which is not that far away from me - but then, nothing is, in a tiny country.

I do not know what part of Spain I'm from, but neighbours said they saw dogs looking just like me in the South... I'm sort of a short shepherd/corgie like handsome fellow with big ears. Er... something like that!

A friend of my human goes to Crete in a few days, and he'll take two puppies back with him so they'll be fed and loved (and alive) over here too - but not with us, in a "foster-family", the pre-recycling stage.
(for a picture, go here; )

And, I'm so sorry, but the sun doesn't shine here either, but it did yesterday so I'm sure it's still around!

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, right. Vollenhove. That's where Dutch came from (he has a funny accent when he talks about his homeland). The kennel name is Gwynmor, he thinks.

Pre-recycling? How cool. Europe people are on it!


Manu said...

Could you see the picture, how cute they are? The website is from a rescue that not only brings individual dogs over to Holland and Belgium but invests the money back in their home country. Better shelters, more education AND more spaying and neutering to fix the tap while you are mopping up the puddle (sorry, a translated Dutch "spreekwoord" there).

Anyway. I looked at the kennel and they have very pretty dogs! If you agree with me that Dutch is pretty in a non-pug way.... They are 45 km away from me, what a small world we live in!

Have a good sunny day to enjoy soon!

PS: my human has been to San Francisco, she liked it a lot but escaped North over the bridge (on a bycicle! with a backpack, aarggghh) as soon as she could, but for the crowds, not the fog, no fog at all back then!