Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Houston... we have a problem. Ok, we don't exactly have a problem. But I do. And it's one of those sucky moral-dilemma kinds. Y'know, like eating a sidewalk person's unattended Nugget. Sucky if you do, sucky if you don't.

So. As you know, I've been going through the stages of grief or whatever about my human's stupid Frolic stuff. And I thought I was at the acceptance stage.
I haven't gone poodle on anyone but Dutch in, like forever. And I even asked you all to 'Vote Frolic' to help my human get on some best of ballot. I mean, if that isn't acceptance, I don't know what is.

Well. Acceptance left the building when I saw today's picture. That's my human. And Nikon. And a pug... a pug that is not me. Apparently another dog photographer snuck up on her and took the picture when my human was doing a photoshoot. Just a few days ago. With a pug that is not me.

Even though I know my human cheats on me with other dogs, I've never seen her do it, like, behind my back. Trust me - seeing is different than knowing.

When I kinda freaked out about it, my human laughed at me. Laughed! She said that pug she's loving to death in the picture is Petey, that I've met Petey and his brother Brodie a few times, and that I like them. It's hard to know if this is true without sniffing Petey's butt, so I guess I should believe her. At least until I can prove she's cheating and lying.

I love my human and want her to be happy, but I don't want her to be happy with a pug that isn't me. I'm supposed to remind everyone to 'Vote Frolic' because today is the last day of voting - but I kinda don't want her to win anymore. I mean, the more people know about Frolic, the more she's going to cheat on me.
And give away my cookies. And Google knows what else?!?


Molly in PA said...


I'm usually on your side, but you totally need to give your human, and *especially* Petey, a pug pass on this one (he made my human go *HUGE* "AWWWWWWWWWWW").

And. Uhm. I think the stupid Frolic stuff isn't going away anytime soon, Miss. Yellow Hair is super talented and my human voted for Frolic like a million times already. Google says that maybe Prozac can help calm you down?


Molly in PA

Wilma said...

Aw Pug,
I know it's tough to actually SEE your human with another pug. But, at this point, it is time to accept that that is probably where she is when she leaves the house with Nikon. What you must remember,is that you are her number one pug. Above all other pugs, she loves you best. She would never love another the way that she loves you. Everything she does is so that you and Dutch have a better life. More cookies, more noteriety, more security. Remember, think of all your friends here on The Daily Puglet. All their humans go gaga over you every day when they see your picture, that doesn't make you love them more than you love your human. She is your most beloved human. You will always be her one and only Pug.

Noodle said...

Well said, Wilma! I understand how you feel, Pug, but humans can't help but get all gooey over ANY pug. The most important thing is which pug they come home to at night!! Stay strong, buddy....

Anonymous said...

But Puglet, you're the famous one! Not many pugs have their own blog to speak of, and a claim to fame like you do, and even can say they're a supermodel. I mean, come on, you've got it pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Jealousy does not become you and I know this from experience. I go *poodle* on anyone that even touches my mom..I even bit someone and that didn't make mom happy at all and I got in lots of trouble. Like Noodle said, the most important pug is the one our humans, moms and dads come home to. Chin up Puglet, we know your mom loves you and Dutch bunches & bunches.
Ellie from San Antonio

PS its my brother Emmitt's birthday today, he's 4.

Holdin said...

I voted!

Sabrina said...

"And Google knows what else?!? " *snorts*

Poor Puglet--its a vicious cycle: your human gives cookies to stranger dogs who's people give money to your human which she uses to buy more cookies. Maybe your human needs a chaperone when she meets these stranger dogs?

Coco the Pug said...

Dear Puglet,
I know exactly how you feel. Over the weekend, a pug came to our house. He seemed a little down on his luck; he even had a lampshade on his head! I was so concerned about him that I didn't even mind that my humans were loving on him, until I heard his human say we could adopt him. I wasn't sure what this meant, but I googled it and it means he might come live with us. I asked my human if it was true, and she said she thought since I had lots of toys, love, and nuggets, that maybe I wouldn't mind rescuing somepug to share it with. I know I should try to do good deeds, but I'm just not real sure about this new scenario. Why do we have to share our humans, love, toys, and nuggets? I know you were talking about starting an advice column, so if you or your loyal fans have any advice for me on how to handle this situation, I'd be forever grateful!

Curly tail wags,

Percy coco said...

oh Puglet... maybe if you suck up and be nice to your mama and let it slide you can get some extra cookies for letting her hang with other pugs... just get in her face and give her millions of pug kisses and she will forget about petey and any other pug at that moment and only think about you. trust me, it works everytime!!!!

Molly in PA said...

Dear Coco,

I was in a similar situation when I was introduced to my now-sister, Molly. I was totally skeptical of this smush faced mush, but I gave in and now she's my buddy. I think you should totally recycle Lampshade Man and share your nuggets :)

Butt sniffs,
Penny Lane in PA
(Molly in PA's sister)

PS: Just like pugs love love? Humans love love more when there are more pugs!

Good luck to your Human!

THE PUGLET said...

I knew you all would tell me what to think (and not in a drink-the-cool-aid-cult-like kind of way).

I guess it's easier to be calm and cool about this kind of stuff when it's not your human. And don't see a picture of it.

THE PUGLET said...


THE PUGLET said...

Coco ~

Having an in-house stranger dog isn't bad. I mean, I have Dutch. It's actually fun (especially if that dog is a pug!).

(I don't know why we have to share though)

THE PUGLET said...

PS: Petey is cool and all, but my human is spending like WAY too much time looking at his pictures. There have been Awwws too.


Unknown said...

Hi Puglet. You have NOTHING to worry about. I'll bet your human is like mine- they say I have RUINED them for any other pug. They're afraid no other pug will be as ridiculously cute and sweet and funny as I am. Little do they know ALL pugs are cute and sweet and funny, but after all, I am their first and I'M not going to tell them. Your mom only has eyes for you (kinda like me) :)

Oh, and my mom LOVED it that this post was there at 4:30 a.m. when she gets up. It IS the first thing she checks!


Ollie said...

Puglet, I told you so!
I said to watch out for that Petey guy because he looks like a ladies man. And...I was right! But then again, so are you. Your human has to share you all the time. Besides, she gets paid to cheat on you so that makes it ok (money = cookies).
I know Molly recommends Prozac to calm you down but I'm a bit of a booze hound and I say go with vodka.
I went to my first and last (I was caught slurping drinks left on the coffee table) cocktail party last weekend. If you have any dog friendly bars in San Fran, try a Cosmo or Martini. Both are yummy!

Anonymous said...

You drink too! Man I thought I was the only one. I got caught with my tongue in a nice rum and coke...mom almost popped her lid and then she blamed Dad for leaving a glass within pug reach!
Puglet..I agree with Ollie..booze is best!
Eli in San Antonio

THE PUGLET said...

Aww, Scoutie. You make me all warm and fuzzier. What's with you Portland girls?? I'm glad you woke up to me though (hee hee). My human was awake super late last night fighting with HAL4 and the internet. I guess they were mad and not speaking to each other. No idea. But it made my human swear and took a loooong time, a trip to planet Best Buy, and more swearing to fix the problem.

Anyway. I hear what you're saying, but my human is a total pug slut. I've seen her go all ga-ga over Frank. And that guy Winston who plays dead. And she was oooohing about Petey late into the night.

His eyes! His tail! The black spots on his tongue. Yeah, the dude has tongue spots. Who can compete with a spotted tongue? Except maybe Dutch. But he's spotted all over.

Coco the Pug said...

Thanks Puglet and Penny Lane! I feel a little better. It doesn't sound so bad that when there are more pugs, there is more love. :)

PugFamily said...
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PugFamily said...

Canada is voting Puglet! Although we don't live in your area, we think Frolic IS #1!
from your pals Pugsley and Dave in Toronto

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks for voting, Canada!

I just voted for you too Pugsley. You're kicking butt in Battle of the Breeds. No way that little furball can beat you. Go PUG!

Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet she loves you and Dutch-She comes back to you everytime. No need to smell butt not worth your time. Like my grandma says-nothin but a floozie.(means kinda like a passing fancy) but you are the real thing. Don't worry.

Anonymous said...

Pug slut.

Oh my, hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

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This site is great. Thanks Puglet and Penny Lane! I feel a little better.The most important thing is which pug they come home to at night!