Friday, March 4, 2011


Thanks for trying to help me understand the whole Karma thing. Your explanations were much better than Google's and waaay nicer than Dutch's. Because you know what Dutch really meant when he told me about Karma?

He didn't mean be nice to Puppy because I might get cookies for it someday. Or, be nice to Puppy because if I don't I might come back later as a bug. No. What he meant is
that I'm getting a "big fat taste" of Karma right now. And its name is Puppy. Or Dice. Or whatever.

Because I guess when I came along, Dutch had to share his whole entire universe with me because I was homeless and a puppy. And now I have to share my whole universe with Dice. Because he's homeless and a puppy.

And that is Karma.

As you can see by how much couch I got in today's picture, I'm being pretty nice to Puppy. Just in case Karma might give me cookies. And because I don't want to come back later as a bug. However that works.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture!
Those spotted dogs sure do take up a lot of room.

Here's hoping for cookies rather than bugs in your future.


Noodles said...

Does Dice like PINK too?
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

Can your human keep Dice "furever"?? You 3 look totally awesome !!


Rambo and Miss Ellie said...

Maybe he can stay, all the spots look good. But the pug on the end looks alot better.
Rambo and Miss Ellie

Anonymous said...

Ah, Puglet, we love ya! Always the star of the my book

Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet,
You big softie,there is no way you could turn your back on giving a little bit of spotted pup a loving home even if it is only temporary.

Pugs are packed with love thats why they call us a lot of dog in a small package.

Puglet your star shines brightly!! Keep shining buddy..keep shining.

Love to you and Dutch for giving Puppy Dice comfort and love.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli the pug pack from San Antonio
Lucy the rescue cat in the house thinks you are the bomb...silly feline!!!!

Wilma said...

Hi Puglet,
I have always been the number one pug around here. No one ever had to make room for me or share their stuff. Does that mean I don't get any cookies from Karma? Cuz if it does, that totally sucks.
I was kinda jerky to Brigitte when she first came around, but I was always cool with Sluggo. Maybe I'm square with Karma and could get some of those cookies.

Maile (My-lee) Ann said... cute.

Noodle said...

BOL!! I TOTALLY picked up what Dutch was puttin' down with the whole karma thing!! It's a big ol' slap in the face havin' a homeless puppy come in and do to you what you did to Dutch!! Yup, I smelled what he was cookin'. I caught what he was throwin'. Heehee... got carried away....

snoring solutions said...

I have always been the number one pug around here. No one ever had to make room for me or share their stuff. Does that mean I don't get any cookies from Karma? Cuz if it does, that totally sucks.

Minnie and Mack said...

Karma....what goes around, comes around, that's what Hu-mom told us. Certainly don't want a bug to come around, so I guess you're stuck with being nice.

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Isabella the pug and Franklin the lab said...

I am exactly like Dice or Puppy or whatever. I was homeless and a puppy. When I came along, I always got the best of things. Always. Karma hasn't hit me yet, because my humans said they are SO not ready for another dog, after what happened to our old dog Digit, a few weeks ago. We still are very sad. Anyways, I don't think Digit's passing is Karma. Its only if the Pets Smart a few minutes away gets shut down. Now that, is true Karma.

Isabella & Franklin

Pearl and Tessa said...

Hey, what are you doing on the couch instead of the humans bed??? Just sayin???

Very cute bunch.

Dexter said...

Bah! The humans always say that to the big dog when an annoying puppy comes along. "Oh, now you are getting it right back." As if! Don't believe a word and hold out for extra attention.


pugsmom said...

Right now your Karma doesn't look to bad. You look pretty comfy snuggled up there with Dutch and Puppy.
My little sister got spayed yesterday. I think that is something like running through the sprinkler. She has to stay quiet for a few days, so she gets to be downstairs with Mom at night, but in a kennel. Did Karma do that?

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, a loaf of bread and spotted freckles! which one is the alien? lol