Friday, March 11, 2011

FFF: secret ingredient

The secret ingredient in my cookies was sooooooooooo supertasty, I thought it deserved a whole entire post of its own. Can you guess what it is?

I'll be back later to tell you all about it...

* * * LATER * * *

Congratulations Ollie, Phoebe/the Oregon 5, Ann, Frodo, Molly & Cleo - you totally guessed right. The superspecial secret ingredient was a hot dog. A Nathan's famous-since-1916, bigger-than-the-bun, skinless hot dog.

Uhm. Can you say ridiculously tasty??

I can. Even with a mouth full of Nathan's.

I guess my human was [quote] horrified by the bacon (and its grease) and thought hot dogs were like bacon. Only less gross. And in a tube. She's not very good at meat and kinda got the like-bacon part wrong because I guess bacon is made from pork and Nathan's hot dogs are made from beef. But whatever. Nathan's are AMAZING and make cookies taste AMAZING.

One other thing my human got wrong is how to use a hot dog to make cookies. She thought it'd be OK to just throw them in the choppy-thing with everything else.

Bad idea.

So. If you do convince your human to put hot dogs in your cookies, make sure they put the hot dogs in the choppy-thing and smush them up first. Or cut them up small, and then put them in the choppy thing. Trust me. There will be much less swearing and fewer eeeeew!! gross!!-es.

Don't try this at home.

Oh. In case you're wondering, the cookies taste just as ridiculous as that hot dog I inhaled in the video (good call, SA pugs). My human is still afraid of actual recipes, but here's how she made my cookies:

Nathan Cookies

1 scoop(ish)* oat flour
1 scoop(ish) normal flour
1 handful oats
2 hot dogs (any kind, but Nathan's ingredients are less scary)
1 almost-full 11 oz. bottle of carrot juice
A few shakes of garlic powder**

Put everything but the carrot juice in a choppy thing and chop it a few times. Learn from our mistake: chop the hot dogs first! Then add carrot juice (or some kind of liquid) a little at a time and chop some more. Stop when you get something doughy looking. Our dough was very thick and sticky. Think: spackle.

Cover your hands and table with flour.
Have fun trying to get the spackle-dough out of the choppy thing. Make the spackle-dough into two balls. Roll one ball out flat (freeze the other for later). Cut into shapes or squares, or shape squares into balls for easy swallowing.

Put scary tinfoil on a baking sheet. Put your cookie shapes on the scary tinfoil and stick everything into a hot oven. Take them out before they turn too brown.
Let cool before inhaling.


* 1 scoop equals about 1 1/2 cups. Ish.

** garlic is optional. My human added it to keep the cookies from making her hands smell like hot dogs. She is weird.


moPSY+MISIOber said...

OMG Puglet live !!!!! so super cute, big eyes like my Fredzio, and he also does not chew :) I don't know if he can taste the taste :)he just swallow ;) Puglet love you ;)

Barbara said...

You have to chew Puglet! Love seeing you in action!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap Puglet, that sure looked good, whatever it was. With the speed at which you gobbled it down, it has to be meat of some kind. Ham? Bologna?
Licks and drools,

agent99 said...

oh no....crack for dogs huh?

I Love Lucy said...


Woo Hoo! A video. You Rock!!

Love Ya'


Noodles said...

Looked YAMMY to me.
Love Noodles

Molly in PA said...

Hiya Puglet,

I'm with Noodles, I think a yam! I'd say carrot, but you're probably sick of carrots by now :)

Stay up high, buddy, away from the t-t-t-tsunami!

Molly in PA

Anonymous said...

Holy cow Puglet!! Did you even taste it? Way to make the treats disappear buddy.

Rosie, Emmett, and Madgie

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Our guess is cheese or meat. Something orangy, soft and scarfable!

Klaus & Natty are drooling.

LaVonne said...

Pugs don't chew their food!!!!

Ollie said...

I'm really impressed by the way you inhaled what I think was a hot dog. Definitely something meaty- you had that intense meat stare. It couldn't have gotten to your stomach any faster. Fantastic all round technique. Bravo!
I agree with Molly, head for the hills and stay safe and dry!

pugsmom said...

We only chew when we get treats alone. If we are a pack (5) then we swallow whole, so the others don't take it away and so we finish fast in case there is more. It looked like a really tasty hot dog to me.
Phoebe in Oregon

Gabby aka "The Gabbinator" said...

We say CARROT!!!

Anonymous said...

we also think that chewing is highly over-rated. Total waste of pug time.

Ziggy & Lola

Unknown said...

Holy moly, Puglet. I think that carrot would have put my eye out! I'll only eat them cooked and squishy...


Bella said...

It looked liked a carrot to me but you snarfed it so fast it couldn't have been!.....unless it was COOKED and soft....but maybe a yam....I am most interested to find out because I'd pro'ly like it, too!

Snorts and snarfles,

Green Dog Wine said...

I'm with Noodles! I first thought carrots - but you are gonna have some problems if you swallowed a whole chunk of carrot! :) Please more live puggle videos :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
We agree with the others the cookie was orange so it probably was sweet potatoe.

Have you looked up the word 'inhale' in the dictionary, cause thats what you did with that cookie. Did you even taste it?

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Anonymous said...

Wow those orbs were huge!! My vote is a hot dog.

Ann, Frodo, Molly & Cleo

chewy the pug said...

hot dog yam or cooked carrot scrummy i gotta get mommy to give me some it looks super yummy humph im starved can you believe i only had three bowls of puppy food,a bit of carrot some doggy bisquites,some yoghurt and scraps from the table humph a pug cannot live on just a few peices of food ugh humans can be so dumb at times

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you still got some teeth, right??
Not like you can not chew??


I Love Lucy said...

Wow Puglet,

You are sooo lucky! That looks really tasty. I'm licking my lips just looking at the picture; mommy loves when I do that. So not cool, just give me the food already. Anyways, maybe my culinary-school sister will make this for me. I have to beg my vegetarian mom to even think about bringing a hotdog into the house.

You're sooo lucky Puglet.

Love ya',


Pearl and Tessa said...

hummm...its so funny, we watched it and watched totally didn't look like a hot after you posted it was a hot dog, it doesn't look like anything but a hot dog...trick photography!

Yummm...our human has promised she will make it, she is such a pushover. But, since we got the diet lecture from the doggie dr. the other day, it might not be right away. Just remember this next time your human gets on your case about the weight issue...this was totally not your fault!

Pearl and Tessa

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, Puglet, I can't believe you just swallowed three-fourths of a hot dog! I had to replay cause I blinked the first time! Amazing

Noodle said...

OMDog!! Such INTENSITY!! Those Nathan's must be good!! Hmmm... I must find some...

BTW, my huMOM has watched that video many, many times. She can't stop laughing!!!

Maile (My-lee) Ann said...

Wow! Impressive!

Floris said...

Whahahaha.... 'let cool before inhaling' is the funniest part of the recepie :)) - I sometimes inhale hot potatoes but they don't seem to bother me!

Kubrick the Pug said...

Wow! My human has been giving me chicken hot dogs but Nathan's looks sooo tasty!

Anonymous said...

Must be a pug thing ... my pugsley "forgets" to chew also :-)

Anonymous said...

Hot dogs..our mom won't feed us hot dogs. Something about if she doesn't eat them we never will either.
Drat.. foiled again.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Ollie said...

Meat cookies are the best. One of the dogs at daycare had their human make ground beef cookies for us which were superfantastic four paws up with a thumping happy tail good!
My human got the recipe which is pretty simple but we all went nuts for those cookies.
She'll dig up the recipe and post it when she finds it.