Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hi internet! It's me, Dice. Or whatever my name is. The scary little brown dog said I could be here again so I could tell you something.

I'm not homeless anymore!

I'm going to live with two big people and two little people and best of all another spotted dog just like me. No more scary little brown ones. Woo hoo!

Thank you for being nice to me. I love you. And thank you everyone who helps make homeless dogs not homeless. I love you twice.

The little brown dog will be here later to tell you things too.


* * *

See, no poodle.

Hey everybody, it's me. Y'know, the scary little brown dog?? That me.

I'm superglad Puppy-Dice-Whatever found humans and a home of his own. And I'm not just saying that because I'm glad he's leaving. I mean, I am kinda glad he's leaving. But I'm even more glad he found a home because now there's one less homeless dog in the world. And that's a good thing.

Before we go back to all Puglet, all the time, I want everyone to know that I really did listen to what you said about being nice to Puppy-Dice-Whatever. I was totally nice to him!

I let him sleep on my bed. On my couch. On my human's lap. I didn't go poodle on him for going near Nikon. Not once. I didn't even laugh when he fell into the freezing cold ocean and sank - and that was really funny. Like, ridiculously funny.

So I don't know why Puppy-Dice-Whatever thinks I'm scary. Because I'm totally not. Most of the time.


moPSY+MISIOber said...

aaaa I love you Dice toooo so much:) I'm so happy for you and your new family :) good luck baby ;)

Barbara said...

YAY! Oh Dice, I'm so happy you found a home and so sorry it couldn't be mine! I love you and will miss you. Good luck baby!

Lola said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Dice! We are so happy you found your forever family. It's a happy day for everyone- even the little funny-faced dog.
The little people are the best!
Lafayette Lola

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

See ya later, Dice! Hope you have a nice life with your sweet new family!

Molly in PA said...

Hey Dice,

Congrats on your new digs! Happy Gotcha Day!

Molly in PA

Noodles said...

Me and my Mommys are SO happy for you DICE AND for the lovely family who adopted you. Adoption is so special.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

Way to go Dice! I knew you could do it.

Kisses to your new family,

Anonymous said...

Hey there Dice,
So happy to hear that your forever family found you! And you have a spotted dog just like you to play with and little people.

Keep in touch, we want to hear all about you new life and adventures.

Oh, and don't be hard on the little brown dog he really likes you he's just to manly to say it.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio, TX

Holdin27 said...

See ya dude, try to negotiate a blog of your own! Use the puppy eyes, humans are defenseless against it!

I Love Lucy said...


Once again, my mommy's eyes are leaking, but oh wow, my eyes are leaking too; this time because we are sooooo happy you have people of your own, and a spotted dog like you to boot. Life is good, huh Dice?
It was great to meet you. You are one cool, spotted dog. Keep in touch and let us know how life is with your new family. Boy, they are as lucky as you.

Love ya'


Treat Lover said...

Dear Dice,
Congratulations on your new family! Much love to you from Colorado!

Coco (and Chili)

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Hooray you found a home!!! We will miss you Dice but we are glad you found a loving home with no little brown dogs :)

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Yay and congrats Dice!!!! Such great news! Good luck with your new family!

Massimo said...

Congrats to you little lovely Dice! So happy for you! :)

Skippitydodaday said...

Yay Dice, hope you have a great "gotcha" day at your new home! My human says she would love to take in a foster, not sure what that is, but I know for sure the Mae my sister would have none of it. It took her almost a month to quit being mean to me. I am still afraid of her when we're both on the bed with mom.

Anyhow, we here in snowy Minnesota are so happy for you!

paws up dude!

PugMommy said...

Glad you found a forever home.


Ollie said...

Way to go Dice! I love happy endings!

Pearl and Tessa said...

Yeh for Dice! We agree with the triple "E"'s...the little brown dog is too macho to tell you he loved having you around. Congratulations to Dice and his new humans!

Pearl and Tessa

Anonymous said...

Excellent news, woohoo Dice has found a home!!! You're a wonderful person for taking Dice in and donating your time to take pics of the homeless animals as well.

Ann, Frodo, Molly & Cleo

Minnie and Mack said...

Wow, congratulations on finding a forever home for Dice...the spotted little dog. You know you will actually miss him alittle! Maybe there will be another homeless dog in your future.

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Miley said...


I love you too. I am really going to miss you, I loved playing with you the other spots are not as much fun, and Puglets fun but he really can't keep up with me like you could, besides the humans are always afraid that I'm going to hurt him. Like I would do that ;-)
Love Miley (the destroyer)

Sue VDB said...

Happy Gotcha Day Dice, and happy ever after.

Anonymous said...

I knew you could save a humans today. You adopted humans !! Congrats, Dice ~


Chicas Libelulas said...

Congratulations Dice- Whatever!!!
We are so happy you found a foreve Home with lot of brothers!!!
Good for you Puglet!! you were a good Foster Brother!
Spongy & Licky

Anonymous said...

So happy for you puppy!!!! And Puglet you are so nice to be so kind to puppy and not go poodle!!
Paula from DE

Anonymous said...

So glad Dice found a home!

Seeing you and Dice in that picture, walking in stride reminds me of that movie TWINS, with Arnold Swarzanegger and Danny DeVito, except, um, I think you'd have to be Danny DeVito, but ONLY because you're shorter... : )

Bella said...

Woo-hoo Dice Puppy! Sooooo happy you found a forever home. You're awesome and you're gonna be so loved. No more scary brown dog....though I have it on high authority that he actually kinda liked you. (:

Come back and visit us here on the internet soon. We love you!

Snorts and snarfles,

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Congratulations Dice!! So happy you have a forever home! Hope to see your cute face on here again some day.
Sending lots of kisses and licks to Puglet, Dutch and their human for taking such good care of you!

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III

Anonymous said...

your photography is amazing! the picture of Dice going thru the doggie door is so fantastic on so many levels. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Puglet you are great and Karma will have some treats in store-if not call that animal contol place and let them know you might be abused
i am happy for dice


Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Yea, Dice! I'm so happy for you. You have a talent for blogging. You need to see if your new folks let you keep it up.

Noodle said...

Congratulations Dice Puppy and Happy Gotcha Day!!!

Peggy2957 said...

Dice we are sooooo VERY happy that you have found your forever home!!! You have to be one of the luckiest homeless puppies out there. Not only are you being adopted but Dutch, his human and even that scary brown dog opened their home to you. I'm so glad you NEVER had to experience what I did. From what my human can piece together she figures I'm one of those puppy mill dogs or a dog rejected from the breeder for not having that "show dog" look. I was sent off to a pet store at a very young age. Once there I had to live in a crate and after six long weeks I was rescued by a REALLY nice family. Sadly after seven weeks with them they had to give me away due to a sudden family illness. I'm told that they cried their eyes out when they left me at the Animal Hospital. One of the nice girls there is friends with Gracie's human and she asked her if she knew anyone who wanted a pug. Gracie's grandma said she would adopt me but she lived REALLY far away. She couldn't get me for two weeks so some of the workers took turns taking me home. Finally Gracie's human friend took me to her house for a few days and then to the airport. That is where I met my new human for the very first time. I was soooo happy to meet her and not one bit scared of that great big bird in the sky that we flew home on. I even slept the entire way and the man sitting next to us didn't even know I was there. I am so loved by my new people and my main human is so glad I am in her life. She wanted to let my first family know how I was doing and let them know how loved I was by them. She figured from ALL the stuff they sent with me that they must have loved me VERY much. She worried about THEM ALL the time as they must be missing me. She talked to the Animal Hospital and they agreed to forward a thank you note to them. Since my human doesn't know how to use a few words to say something she decided to write a story about my new life. She made a photo book, wrote a note in it and sent it off to the Animal Hospital and they sent it to my first family. One day she got an e-mail from my previous owner. Not only did they LOVE the book they cried when they read it. They WERE worried about me, wondered if I was with a good family, couldn't stop thinking about me and were so very happy to hear about my new life. My new human was also able to find out more about my life before she adopted me. She hopes one day she can re-unite me with the people who loved me enough to let me go and come to her. So I guess what I'm trying to say Dice is that you REALLY are lucky and I know you will be loved in your new home. I'm sure like me you will change the lives of ALL who have shared space with you. You will have a special place in their heart's.......and yes I even think that scary dog with the brown face is going to miss you!!! BTW on the 14th it will be one year that I have been with my family. If you ever want to read "The New Adventure's of Benjamin Blue" just let my human know and she will share it with you. She does have a Nikon but by no means is as good as using it as your human. She seems to find her phone a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

My name is Flicka - my owner brought home little Dice to stay with us. Wow, my human spends much too little time on the computer to ever even consider blogging, but when she actually managed to log on tonight she almost cried (after figuring out how to scroll down on this page) when she saw all the happy responses to Dice finding his way to our family! I'm a spotted girl, too, and Dice has taken to me instantly, while I'm not too sure about sharing ANY of my chew things. My humans fell over for that little puppy right away though, so we'll all be in training to get along and share the love, and the chewies... Secretively I'm sort of happy about having a little puppy to show off for when we blast around in the hills.
Happy trails to all!