Tuesday, March 22, 2011


All I can say is thanks for not laughing at Dutch's pink, fuzzy collar. I guess when your neck is that skinny, you can wear anything. Even if dudes can wear pink, I think I'm more of a skull + crossbones kinda guy.


The TV people will be here in my neighborhood on Sunday to film that Good Morning show. That means we've only got 5 DAYS to figure out a way to get me on TV. You were all totally right about them coming here to film Brittney Spears, so I thought maybe I could hide in the bushes and, like, ambush her or something.

I'm sure they'd put that on TV, right??

But then I re-read the notice thing we found stuck to our door. It says the TV thing will be happening right up the street from our house and there aren't any bushes there to hide in.
Besides, sometimes when you hide in plants things stick to your eyeballs and that kinda sucks.

I asked Google to tell me more about this Brittney Spears person and I guess she sings and dances and stuff. My human makes us listen to the radio all the time and NPR has never played any of Brittney's songs. That means she must not be very good, right??

So now I'm thinking maybe I should just make a break for the stage and try to upstage her. I can't sing, but I can dance (remember the cabbage patch?). I can also swallow an entire hotdog without chewing. Let's see Brittney Spears do that!

What do you think? I really really really want to be in your living rooms! I just need a plan. Am pretty sure I need a Plan B too. And maybe even a Plan C. If any of those plans can involve finding a cart full of food, that'd be even better.


Anonymous said...


We just need to let them know that you are coming !!


Noodles said...

You are ALMOST as big a star as Britney Spears so I really think GMA would put you on air if they KNEW you lived so close!!!
Love Noodles

dw said...

I'm with Noodles! I think GMA just needs to know your cuteness is so close by and they'll drop Brittney like a hot turd and come running to you, Puglet!

Ollie said...

Put on your lobster costume, hijack the stage and do your cabbage patch dance.
But you'll need a back up posse. How about Dutch? Where's Frank these days? Or some of your other pug/spotted friends.
The labs from the HOM? I saw a golden retriever dressed up in a skirt doing the samba on You Tube. Can those guys do anything like that?

holdin27 said...

Puglet, for Plan B you should get some sort of trampoline and just jump up and down on it in the background!

Wilma said...

I am totally in the camp of Noodles and dw. You are a way bigger draw than Brittany. However, if the whole green pug/ flat Puglet doesn't wow 'em, you could get a tray of food. I think they call it something like Kraft services. Put a white tablecloth over the top, you hide underneath, have your human put on waiter clothes, and roll right on set. I say serve hotdogs, I have a feeling Brittany probably could swallow an entire hotdog without chewing. Just sayin'

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

My mom left a message and your link to the site that Sammy mention.
Maybe if enough people leaves a comment they'll contact you about appearing on GMA

pugsmom said...

These comments are soooo funny. LOLOL (that's human for "snort outloud, snort outloud") I followed the link Sammy put up and wrote to Good Morning America. Boy did I brag about you!!!!! If we all write then they have to pay attention.
Phoebe in Oregon

Anonymous said...

We think that you should just run up to the Spears chick and show her how awesomely awesome you are. You really need to be on tv, or maybe Plan B... do a lot of barking while they are filming. We might not see you but we sure will hear you.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if you just saunter past the film crew and then do your best Jimmy And maybe throw in the tongue curl thingy, with the cuteness and your talent, they would not be able to resist filming you instead of Brittany.
Paula from DE

Lola said...

HA! Everyone's ideas are so funny and great! You may have to work WITH Ms.Spears. Ya know...if you can't beat em, join em. Maybe your people could call her people and work something out.
In the meantime, I'll write to the GMA people and spead the word.
Lafayette Lola

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Safety First! If you are going to the concert, be sure to wear ear plugs or some sort of ear protection. The music can be really loud, which could cause hearing loss.

Plan A: All of your Daily Puglet followers can go to San Fran, get together and storm the stage for a take over. Rumor has it, Britney likes dogs, so she probably wouldn't mind. You can be our Front Man on stage.

Plan B: Make a huge Flat Puglet poster, get a trampoleen as mentioned above and go to town jumping.

Plan C: Get all your followers to email/contact GMA to let them know that we think you MUST be on the show.


Peggy2957 said...

Hiya Puglet!! My human followed the link above and has asked GMA to let you have just a little bit of air time. We're keeping all of our finger's, toe's, leg's, arm's, paws and even our eyes crossed for you!! Good Luck!!


Massimo said...

LOL!!! Love your rendition of the "cabbage patch"!!! LOL! Hilarious Pug!

Anonymous said...

First of all, God, Puglet you are funny!

Second, I think we should all mass email GMA, like the previous posters did. You are wayyy cooler than Britney Spears, and almost as famous!

Third, you know so many tricks, with the tongue-curl and the Jimmy and your massive eating skills, I'm sure they would give you air-time.

Fourth you can go on the platform as being the famous Green Pug! who did that hugely popular video.

Fifth, Who has a flat self that travels around. You can promote yourself as the Recycled Pug who represents on behalf of all sheltered and homeless dogs! Tell them you want to be the voice and reminder to people to adopt! adopt adopt.

Sixth, maybe you could show up in some kind of get-up? And what about bro Frank, as someone suggested. But the again, you want to keep the focus on yourself and your causes. Don't forget to advertise your blog!

Anonymous said...


Mass email GMA right now! (see above link)

Let's get Puglet on the air

Puglet Supporter! said...

Here is what I just sent to GMA:

There is a super cool pug who lives in San Francisco right down the street from where you'll be filming the Britney Spears special.

He has been trying to get famous for some time (and has quite a following on his blog). He has an important message to deliver to the world, and that is to adopt! recycled animals! Recycled, as in, sheltered animals.

He is also the pug who did the famous green video on youtube!

Please give him some airtime! His blog is: http://dailypuglet.blogspot.com

Bella said...

Ok, Puglet, Luna and I are on it! We are going to tell our mom to send a message like everyone else did so you can get on the program. Maybe you could find a blond wig (I hear that this Britney girl has blond hair) and a mini skirt and I bet they would think you're her! But then you'd have to learn how to sing pretty fast....ok, maybe that's not a good plan....I like the idea of a giant flat Puglet with you sitting in front of it...maybe with a sign around your cute fat neck that says something about how paw-some recycled dogs are!

Snorts and snarfles,

Pugs2Luv said...

We sent the message to GMA and we are ready for any support you may need to accomplish your mission: surveillance, decoy, shock and all...whatever.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe
P.S. please send all your good juju to Bellatrix who had surgery on her eyes.

Isabella the pug said...

Hi! I totally agree with Ollie! Put on your lobster costume, and go to Britney's stage and do the cabbage patch dance! I bet then she'll notice.

ps. send some good juju to Franklin my sidekick as he just had heart surgery. thx!

Anonymous said...

I just sent a message to Good Morning America telling them what a wonderful puggie you are and bragged some about your Mama and how you try to help the animals. Good luck getting famous, but most importantly finding that food cart!!!

We're rooting for ya. :)

Rosie, Emmett, & Madgie

Anonymous said...


I submitted my entry to GMA's website raving about you, Dutch, and your human. You MUST be on GMA! Good luck! --gabi in Portland, Oregon

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

OMGosh Puglet! That is such a great picture of you!!
That alone should get you on there! If that's not enough, however, I suggest sending one of your videos. Especially the one for Jenny the Pug. That one is Oscar-worthy.

PS: You can totally take that Britney person.

PPS: Real men wear pink. You should try it on sometime :)

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III

Sheila said...

Oh Puglet, you are sooo funny. You make me laugh. My Mom listens to NPR too, and you're right that Brittney gal has never sung on that station. I'm rooting for you to make it onto that Goodmorning show. Mom says that sometimes people just run across stages "streaking." Maybe you could do that...really fast. That would be cool. Thanks for making me laugh..you funny Pug.
Bella Mia

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. That Britney Spears things--too funny! I love reading this blog every day. It's the highlight

Anonymous said...

Just sent a message to GMA! Good luck Puglet