Monday, March 7, 2011


You've probably noticed that we haven't had many adventures lately. So when my human said we were going to a special place over the weekend, I was superexcited. Of course I had no idea where we were going or what we'd do once we got there, but I figured it was better than being at home and sharing my bed with Puppy.

I was so wrong.

Because my human took us to a place where homeless dogs live. She goes there to take cute pictures so people can see the dogs on the internet and want to adopt them. The place was huge and I could hear like a million different barks from inside.

A million homeless barks.

I kinda wanted to stay in the car, but my human wanted me to meet some 'old timers'. I thought 'old-timers' meant old, so I thought I'd meet some old dogs. But I guess 'old-timers' can also mean dogs who've been at the homeless place for a long time.

Like, a LONG time.

This made me so sad. I had no idea homelessness could last that long, and
the dogs I met were super cool too. Why are they still homeless?? Like this guy, Lucas. He's cute and friendly and sits when he's told. Been at the homeless place since June. June?!?


And this girl named Penny. You should have seen her work it for Nikon. She's like a total supermodel. Ridiculously good with the sit/down/stay stuff too.


And this dude. His name is Marble and he's been at the homeless place for a year. The guy's got crazy tongue moves and is still homeless. How does that work??


I think my human took me to the homeless place so I'd be nicer to Puppy. And if that was her plan, it totally worked. I'm not giving him my home, but I can let him use my bed and toys and stuff until he finds one of his own.


Noodles said...

Puglet, you made my eyes water. My Mommys went to our HSSV not long ago. It was my Mommy #1's first experience there. She was so sad by all the homeless dogs BEGGING for permanent homes. She wanted to bring them all home but we know this is not possible.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

A year?? That dog is totally awesome! I am sending energy that these totally adorable and beautiful dogs are adopted soon. After all, it's a well-known secret that recycled pets make some of the best pets (they are eternally grateful). Good for you and your human! to spread the message!

moPSY+MISIOber said...

It's so so sad to see all these great dogs being homeless:( I know they could be someone best friends!! But they're still waiting for that chance. Hope that thanks to you Puglet and your Human (what a great idea with the pictures, your Human is so talented, and can show them like no one else!!) They'll find their home soon!! They're sooo super cute, but Marble !!! OMG what a cutie:)

Anonymous said...

Pug, it's really nice of your human to take pictures of the homeless dogs, and even nicer of you to tag along and learn some valuable lessons. I've been wanting to volunteer at the local animal shelters here in Humboldt by taking pictures so I can practice being a "dog shooter", but the wait time is like 5 weeks! Hopefully they'll call me soon so I can also help the adorable homeless pets find a forever home.

Pearl and Tessa said...

Oh Puglet, my eyes are leaking. I used to go to that shelter as a kid (raised in San Mateo/Burlingame) and see all the animals. Now I can't even walk in a shelter without major eye leakage. I am proud to say my two girls, and almost every dog I have ever had, are recycled.

Pearl and Tessa's human (they are napping)

Mr Puggles said...

oh Puglet, you broke my heart, this is so sad. I wish I was able to adopt all of the homeless dogs and give them a loving home so they know what it feels like to belong to a loving family. Keep up your good work though, and hopefully the pups you met today will find their furever homes

Ollie said...

Oh Puglet,
It's just heartbreaking when you think of all the great dogs out there that don't have a human to call their own, when that's all they want in the world.
But what's really cool is people (& pugs & dalmations) like you guys who use their time and talent and voice to make a difference.
Well, my human doesn't have any talent and works really long hours, so we try to make a difference through donations.
We'll send a donation to a local shelter today because your post inspired us. We'll tag it "in honor of Amanda, Puglet, Dutch & Dice" :)

Unknown said...

Puglet - I love your post. I hope these adorable beings find a home soon. I adopted a 3-legged shepherd mix - Abbey. She has been our loving pet for over two years now..........along with Pug-trio, Max/Shady Ebony/and MA-Kytah. Despite having 3-legs Abbey can shoot through the yard like a lighting bolt and out run all three puggies.

I Love Lucy said...


This made my mommy's eyes leak, a lot. She says every animal deserves a safe, loving home. I guess that's why she's failed at fostering so many times. I have to share my stuff with so many adopted brothers and sisters, I can't tell what stuff belongs to me anymore.

My mom and I are glad you are going to share your stuff with puppy. We knew you were just to kind-hearted to hold out.
My mom and I are also hoping really, really hard that the the old-timers find wonderful homes soon; and the new-timers too.
Your humans photos are awesome, and we think she is pretty awesome as well.

Love ya'


Anonymous said...

Major leakage here in P-town, you are killing me Puglet! I'm a big ol' softy recycled from the Humane Society here a couple of years back. My human was super-nervous when she took me home because she hadn't had a pet dog in about 35 years (since she was a little kid)... so to give her the full experience, I stalked her, I was, like, glued to her wherever she went in the house (especially the refrigerator!). See, some humans who owned me before were not so nice, gave me a nasty scar all the way around my muzzle and made me always worried they were going to take away my food and stuff. Now that I know I am her's forever, I don't stalk her quite as badly - but I still feel I should be allowed in the bathroom, and she *insists* it's her "private time" and my "stinky 95 lbs" does not belong in that tiny room. I'm [slowly] learning to live with it.. because I know I'm mega loved now and forever :-)

Anonymous said...

We LOVE your blog. P.Tuna and have added it to our list of blogs to follow. Let the kingdom of pug rock on!!

Anonymous said...

Ok Puglet, we told our mom to wipe her eyes and blow her nose (hopefully she did that in order) cause she was leaking and sniffling all over the place. That pup Lucas..buddy how can he be homeless. If Texas were closer to California my dad would have Lucas with us in a heart beat. sad.. makes us thankful for the nice homes we have. Good food, a big bowl of fresh water, Lucy the cat to chase and place to lay our heads at night knowing we will be in the same place in the morning.

Tip of the cap to you and your human Puglet. Rock on buddy, rock on. Get the word out about homeless dogs and Pugs that were hurt and now found good homes like brother Emmitt.

Lova ya ya!
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Anonymous said...

Forgot something Puglet,
Your title page said Reality Check.

Our last name is Check... really it is, Karma all over again.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli...the Checks

Massimo said...

You have a huge heart, Pug. :)

Maile (My-lee) Ann said...

My sister, Ms. Zuzu, was a stray. She looks like a fox. She was rescued (actually it was mutual) by Mom from the Valley Oak SPCA. They took good care of Ms. Zuzu while she was there, but there is no place like home. Mom says she is good for me...whatever that means. I clean her ears and she keeps me from getting too much attention. "Recycled" dogs are the best...well, after Pugs, of course.

Mark Nardecchia said...

Cried a bit...Then hugged my foster dog!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Thanks for posting this, Puglet. Me and all my brothers and sister are recycled, and my brother Arnie is a pound puppy. He was a stray that nobody claimed. I think he's a pain in the butt, but mom loves him to pieces. She says recycled dogs bond extra tight to their people.

Bella said...

You are the best, Puglet. I have major leaky eyes right now, but you and your human are so awesome for helping all those homeless beauties find their forever homes.

Snorts and Snarfles,

pugsmom said...

Oh Puglet, We wish we could take Lucas, Marble and Penny. How sad that they have been without a little corner of the world to share with a loving human forever. We are sending our positive thoughts their way and believing they will find that special home.

What ever happened to FlatPuglet spreading the word about recycled dogs? Would love to see some new posts. Is he (and all his clones) still on the move?
Phoebe, Kizzy, Dutchy and Olita in Oregon

Isabella the pug and Franklin the lab said...

Awww. Lucas looks a LOT like Marshmallow, an older brother who died recently. We send good wishes to Lucas, Marble & Penny. We agree with Phoebe, Kizzy, Dutchy and Olita. Where in the world are the FlatPuglets? Anyway, we just know that Dice or Puppy or oh forget it! is going to get adopted. We just know it.

Isabella & Franklin

Sheila said...

Puglet - I feel so sad, that my heart is crying. I know that people are adopting dogs, because this weekend I met Pumpkin, a lab. The Family we visited were fostering her. While I was there she was adopted by a family with two small children and a swimming pool. I guess she is one of the LUCKY ones. I know how happy I am to have my Mom...I am praying that Lucas, Penny and Marble find a forever home with a nice Mommy and/or Daddy. Life is precious...Love, Bella Mia

Anonymous said...

Puglet, you're so gracious and you have a big heart-you're the recycled dog fighting for other dogs, after all! Go superpuglet! Keep spreading the word!

scrub4pups said...

Thank you Puglet for letting your mom work with the homeless. I struggle so much with the homeless pet issue. I currently am home to 18 unwanted dogs (yes, I am a non profit shelter). They all have "issues" either medical or age, but are all loved by me. I have been taking these guys in for the last 15 years. The population is constantly changing as it does with senior dogs, but they get to live out their time with love.

Our local shelters know to call me if they get a diabetic as I will always make room for a sugar baby.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to you, scrub4pups ! Hospice homes and fosters make huge difference. We thank you so much. Puglet and his human, also thank you guys helping out. Those pictures are super cool. We are for sure they will adopt humans very soon.