Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So, after a ridiculously long time of no-hiking we finally got to visit the cows again. I guess the T-1 cow family has been busy because there were a TON of baby cows. Baby cows = baby cow poop and baby cow poop = suuuupertasty so I guess it was almost worth waiting for.

There were also a few new surprises on the old hike. Like this thing:

I thought it was poop so of course I tried to eat it. And of course my human yelled at me not to. Noooooo! Not eatable! She said. I pretended not to hear her and took a small taste.

WHOA. The poop was nasty and slimy and it MOVED when I tried to eat it. Yeah. It moved.
No idea. Kinda freaked me out.

Not eatable!

I've never seen poop move before and didn't want to ask me human about it because then I'd get in trouble for not listening. I just moved on and acted like the poop didn't move and I didn't try to eat it.

Anyway. Y'know that thing people say about good things coming to those who wait? Well, a few minutes after I found the moving poop, we found this:


Yes. An entire table full of food. Just sitting there in the middle of the trail, full of all sorts of eatables. Seriously. You can ask Dutch - I'm totally telling the truth. My human said it was an "aid-station" for some 10k/half marathon thing that was happening. I tried to look like I needed aid but she said no, definitely NOT eatable.

* * *

Happy Whelp Day to Latte! Wherever you are Latte, I'll be eating a cookie for you today.


Barbara said...

I don't understand why you couldn't partake of the aid - you were walking the same course as the marathon!!

Tiffy said...

So glad you got to visit the cows again. I've never had baby cow poop but I have recently taken a liking to goose poop. Momma isn't happy with me but she just doesn't understand.

I'm hoping to find an aid station on my walk tomorrow because I definitely need some aid!


Payton said...

My mom just said that you are becoming a bad influence by talking about how yummy poop is. She has just now bribed me with a treat to not ever try it. So, I say, keep the poop talk going so I can get more treats!
Anyway, I don't think I ever saw your previous cow post (or don't remember it). I would've been scared to see those cows...even the babies are so big!
I hope you get some "aid" on your next adventure.

Happy BDAY to Latte!


Christine said...

omg pug-- nasty lol

- chomper

Ellie, Bogie and Gertie said...

Whoa. Moving poop? Freaky stuff, Puglet. Mom just busted me again (this is Gertie). The problem with sneak-eating poop is that I start to blow up like a pumpkin and then ka-WHAM! it gets blown out my butt in a not-hideable, hard to clean up, foul foul FOUL smelly and definitely *not* re-eatable version. I call it Poop 2.0, like *improved* poop. Mom doesn't get me at all... *sigh*, Gertie. PS If I weren't blind, I'd give the freaky moving poop a shot! Go, Puglet!

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet,
You are oooooodles more adventurous than I am. We have smaller versions of that moving poop in my yard but I have never felt the need to do anything more than say "Hi" via butt (??) sniff. I would NEVER eat it. I actually am more of a poop sniffer than eater. It might have something to do with my Mommys (both of them) TOTALLY freaking out when I even approach poop for a sniff.
Love Noodles

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Hey there Puglet!
Why does everyone get so upset when we eat poop? I mean it's like eating recycled food if ya ask me, and I'm all about recycling stuff!

Glad ya'll got back on the hiking trails to taste the patties...uh, I mean to see the cows.

Happy day to Latte!

Treat Lover said...

Dear Puglet,
I love this post. Cow poop is yummy! Don't tell my human I said that, I'll get in trouble, again! I don't know what humans have against eating poop. They are so weird sometimes.

Tiffy, I've eaten yummy goose poop too! My human said it made me sick, but I'm pretty sure the two events were unrelated. In fact, I have no memory of getting sick from something as normal as EATING!

The very best forbidden treat though is cat hairballs. I don't know if anyone's ever tried them, but for some reason my human really freaks out when I eat those. I haven't had one in ages, but I'll never forget the yumminess of matted hair...

Happy Day to Latte! I hope you get some yummy treats today.


Superfamous said...

Puglet, you're almost at 500 followers. You're on your way to becoming superfamous!

Anonymous said...

Moo mounds, heffer heaps, cow patties ... poop by any other name - it's all good eats! Mommy doesn't understand that eating poop is our way of going green!

Roxi, Riley and Lea (The Jersey Shore Puggles)

Hey Puglet, is there an official "followers" list that we can sign up on to get to 500?

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
We like horse poop and cat poop, well not Ellie, she doesn't eat any of that yummy stuff.
Never had cow poop but we are sure we would like it.

That picture of the goodies on the trail, the gummy things are fun to try to eat, they are really chewy takes a long time to eat one of them suckers. We know cause we snitched a bag during Halloween.

Nice to see the cows have multiplied in your absence.

The San Antonio Pugs or as Sammy calls us 3E's.

Cloggiegirl said...

Ohhh, Puglet. Thumbs was right about the not eatables. Some of the things on that table would make a doggie very sick. It would mean a trip to the vet WITHOUT TREATS!

Anonymous said...

Happy Day Latte.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli

Ollie said... many cute poopin' baby cows. I'm glad you guys are back to enjoying your great outdoor adventures, Puglet!
Happy Birthday Latte!

THE PUGLET said...

Hey everybody!

I've never really met a poop I didn't want to eat... except for that moving one. GROSS!

Very curious about goose poo. And hairballs ?!? I think we need to adopt a kitty :)

Don't tell my human, but the man behind the aid-table gave me one of those gummy things (somehow he knew about raisins and chocolate being dog-hazards). I didn't have time to chew it, but I think it tasted like fruit.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh yeah - Superfamous,

My human says when I hit 500 we (that's me and all of you) will get to do something kinda cool. I don't know what she has planned, but will soon? Just five more followers....

Anonymous said...

Hello~ This is Neko, Sammy's brother (the good looking one). Poop. huh. I don't eat it, but Sammy does. Something like being in a mill too long... So our human mom has been picking it up right there and then. No chance for us to even sniff. I have never seen cows, I love their meat tho... can we eat it row?
HBD Latte !
Sammy says hi to everyone.


ThePugfellows said...

Dear Puglet,

Our names are Artie,Louis,and Frankie also know as The Pugfellows. We live in California too Southern that is. We take lots of trips up north though with our humans. Louis likes cows just as much as you Puglet. Our mom didnt think there was another pug so infatuated with cows as you. Maybe somday we could meet. Our parents really like your humans photos and would like someday to get one of us done by here if at all possible. Keep the adventures coming and by the way what happened to Jenny ? We love that youtube video.

Love The Pugfellows and our Mom Kara

500! said...

Go puglet!! 500!!!!

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Happy Whelp Day to Latte!!!! we'll have some cookies :)

Hmm is this "moving poop" a snail?? without his house??? it also looks like some kind of ocean creature, but in Poland there is no ocean, so I'm propably wrong :)
and the gummy thing!! in Poland we call it gummy bears, and German company which produce like thousand different kings of gummy bears has something new right now :) GUMMY PUGS :)

moPSY+MISIOber said...

I'm sending link once again

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

OMG that is the biggest moving poop I have ever seen! Ewwwwww!

Anonymous said...

I just became follower #498! So close to 500! Love, Allie the boxer (and human BB)

THE PUGLET said...

HOLY COWPIES Misiober!!!

Those gummies are the coolest thing I've ever not eaten in my whole entire life. Way cooler than a bunch of dumb bears.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, and Google says the moving poop is a banana slug. Usually they are huge and very yellow like a banana:

but the one I didn't eat was kinda rotten-banana looking. And tasting.

THE PUGLET said...

Oooh - BB & Allie,

Mucho thanks for getting us closer to 500. I can't wait to see how my human wants to celebrate it.

Anonymous said...


did your tongue go numb when you tried to eat the moving poop?? My mom says she used to live in the redwoods in La Honda just south of you and she would see TONS of those moving poops. My namesake Curly Fries would try to eat them, even the bright yellow ones and then spend a minute of two licking his whole face because his tongue would go numb. I don't know, I think it might be fun to try. I'm just totally stoked bc I can see little tomatoes starting on the plants out back. Mom and dad think their 5 foot tall fence is going to keep me from them...but they have no idea how much I love green tomatoes, even if I do puke all day after eating them. The hunt is so much fun its worth it.

Tater Tot (of Tater, Lucy and ChChi aka Pinkie beans in SD)