Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I pretty much stopped watching TV when my human banned Animal Planet from our living room to stop me from attacking the TV. But's a new show called Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution that I'm really into. From what I can tell, it's about this food dude (Jamie) who is trying to save the world from bad food. Or something like that. Jamie is kinda goofy and talks funny, but you can tell he totally LOVES food.

In the first episode, Jamie cut a cow into pieces, poured nasty chemicals on it, then put it in a washing machine to make "Pink Slime". Now, we all know I eat poop. But no way I'd ever eat Pink Slime. That stuff is nasty. And when I say nasty, I mean NASTY.

But here's the thing - apparently the US government says it's OK to put nasty-ass Pink Slime in hamburgers and Jamie wants to stop this (among other things). I guess that's where the Revolution part comes in.

Right now Jamie is trying save the kids in Los Angeles public schools from nasty stuff like Pink Slime, but the schools won't let him anywhere near their kitchen. He's not even allowed to look at their food.

Crazy, yeah?

No idea what Los Angeles' problem is, but if some food dude wanted to come into my kitchen and make the food better, I'd totally let him in (hear that Jamie?). Tonight is only episode #3 so I guess someone will explain why at some point. I hope.

My human says Jamie is probably too busy trying to fix Los Angeles to worry about making my food better, but he totally inspired me to find out what's lurking in the stuff I eat. Tomorrow I'll tell you all about what I found in a
bag of "all natural meatballs" The Man bought me.

I didn't find any Pink Slime, but let's just say that after reading the label I didn't really want to eat them anymore. OK, maybe I do still want to eat them a little bit. But only because the only other snack we get to eat around here is carrots.

Jamie's all-about-food show is on TV tonight. Check out the Food Revolution website for the info.

PS: 674,645 people in the USA support Jamie's Food Revolution, but I didn't see anything on the website about pugs. If you're on facebook, you can like Jamie with me: facebook.com/FoodRevolutionCommunity.

* * *

Get out your cookies because today is Daisy Mae's day. I've already eaten two for you, Daisy - but don't tell Dutch. He's still trying to figure out where his cookie went.


Noodles said...

We love Jamie Oliver and his Revolution at my house. It is shocking what is in processed foods (and some not so processed foods) which is why we seldom eat processed foods AND try to eat organic. Since organic = expensive, we also try to grow some fruits and veggies.
Love Noodles

I Love Lucy said...

Hi Puglet,

I didn't know you were so wise. You made just made my mom's day. She's always talking about how she needs to eat healthier. She's so excited about watching this Jamie Oliver food person show. Hmmm, I hope she shares any goodies with me.
Happy Birthday Daisy Mae. I'm definitely having a cookie to celebrate your special day.

Love ya'

Maggie the Pug said...

First, since I am just now getting on this blog and everyone missed my special day last week I want to make sure I don't miss Daisy Mae's today, I will eat a cookie for you!

And, wow on all the news about food...who knew? I knew some, but not all this! You are the best Puglet, again, I think I love you, but I told you that yesterday so no need to tell you again today, but I think I just did anyway.

When you said Meatballs, I was starting to drool until I heard what all you were saying, then I just sort of thought maybe I too will just stick to eating poop!

Payton said...

That is one HUGE carrot in your mouth Puglet. There is no way my mom would trust me to get near one that big. She knows I'd try to down it like you do with the hot dogs. Seems like all my mom watches on TV is the food network? So when do I get to have some of that goodness? Maybe if I go "poodle" at the shows she'll stop watching and teasing me with all that food.
Yeah for Jamie Oliver, and yeah for Daisy Mae's special day!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Happy belated Birthday, Maggie. And Happy Day, Daisy Mae (hey, that rhymes).


Anonymous said...

Puglet, This Jamie dude should have a TV show "Jamie's pug food revolution" co-host Puglet, we would watch that !!

HBD Daisy Mae !(what a cute name !!)

ps. by the way what happened to your Mazda? Any updates?

THE PUGLET said...

Uhm, Payton ~

Your TV has a whole entire network just for food?? Seriously? I think we need a new TV.

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Maggie~

My human always says there isn't enough love in the world for me, so it's cool if you love me again today :)

And yeah - I seriously think we're better off eating poo. It might be processed, but it is all natural.

THE PUGLET said...

Noodles ~

My human is jealous about your human's vegetables. She'd love to grow stuff but says anything green turns brown when she touches it.

No idea what that means. Sounds kinda gross to me.

THE PUGLET said...

Heya Lucy ~

The Jamie dude is cool, but I kinda feel bad for the guy. Last episode they had to bleep him out a few times because he's trying and people just aren't getting it.


THE PUGLET said...

Sammy -

Good idea! I love revolutions :)

Mazda is still mangled, but will get fixed soon. Our insurance people are going to hunt down WHENCE and make her pay!

Crabbie Chris said...

Hey Pug, mom says I eat better than her, even my treats are natural and stuff. She doesn't like that Jamie guy though....says he wants to control behavior or something. I just like to eat, so whatever form that comes in, sounds fine to me.
In fact, I think I should eat a treat for Daisy Mae.

Lola said...

Hey Pug! My folks watch Jamie, too! They can't figure out why people wouldn't want better food for their kids/students. We have an almost 14 year old human girl in our house. Her public schools don't even have a cafeteria! If they want to buy 'hot lunch', they have to go on their computer at home, chose what they want to eat, and pay online. The food is delivered every day, fresh and organic, right to the school- with the kid's name on the box. No cookies, no fried stuff, and always a vegetarian option for kids like ours. Mom says it's because the parents where we live demand the best for the students... but also because they can afford to pay for it. It does cost more for this kind of stuff, and not everyone's so fortunate. Jamie does a good job of cutting the costs, and we did see him go out into the community to fix the foods around the schools since he couldn't get in. Smart, huh?
My mom says don't be jealous about the growing vegis thing- we tried last year, and didn't get vegis- we got gophers and rats instead!
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

I don't have tv, so I don't know much about the Jamie dude but I will have to ask Google to find him for me on the internet. I'm all for better food.
Kris in Oklahoma
PS We do have tv in Oklahoma, just not in my house!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
That carrot is mega huge..
Our mom used to watch Jamie Oliver when he was on Food TV, he cooked in his kitchen back then.

Our mom has this thing about reading labels, one of the reasons she makes our cookies now instead of buying them, and the animal digest thing got her upset.

A long time ago she found an ingredient in white bread...'non nutritive alpha cellulos' aka. saw dust! Thats right, saw dust in white bread. Needless to say mom hasn't eaten white bread in decades!

Happy Day to Daisy Mae, we'll be eating peanut butter cookies in your honor.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli....The Texas 3

Michelle said...

Love Jamie in our house too. Nice from a pug perspective :)

Unknown said...

Hiya Puglet. Two words for your mom: Topsy Turvey. Or, maybe it's one word. My humans grew a ton of cherry tomatoes with it last year and all they had to do was water it every day. If your mom can remember to water YOU every day, she can grow tomatoes too!


moPSY+MISIOber said...

Pugs are so funny and very similar to each other :) Animal Planet is also banned in our house (as well as all the cartoons or football):)
I also like Jamie, it's sooo important to eat good stuff. Now I'm trying to lose some weight, and I want to do with Dr Pierre Dukan and his diet. I hope he can help me :)

Daisy Mae !!!! Have a great day, Pugs had their cookies and I had my very last Duplo bar to celebrate your day:)

Rambo and Miss Ellie said...

HBD Daisy Mae....
Pug food is more important than anything. Will give this Jamie dude a look..

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet, my human says since you bring joy to so many people you should have a donation button on your website. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
We also watch food shows, they are a big thing here and Jamie is sometimes on TV. I looooove to watch food and food shows ... and I eat organic pug food aka dog food. My mom eats mostly vegetarian and reads food labels, very unfortunate.

I no longer watch animal shows on TV, my Mom says her nerves do not support it. Let's say animal shows are banned in our house. I love to bark especially at horses and I get myself into a real fury! Same but on a lesser degree happens with other animals. I love pugs on TV or youtube, so no problem.

I think I should have my own personal TV. Lots of food, Jamie is also ok, romantic pug stories and so on. No horses, definitely not. I will file a petition and hope you all will support me.

Happy Birthday, Daisy Mae I will eat an organic cookie for you.

Pug hugs from Berlin