Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Uhm, yeah. I don't want to get into a whole he said, he said thing with Dutch - but when he told about about favorite toy #2, he conveniently left some stuff out too.

Like how I can totally fit his dumb molecule ball in my mouth when it's not coming at me at 100 miles an hour.

And how Dutch is still totally afraid of me stealing it away from him.

AND how the day my human took that picture of me getting hit in the face, Dutch ran into a rock staircase chasing after the molecule ball and smacked his face so hard his tongue almost bled to death.

I won't go into details about that last one because my human says that would be mean... but since we're telling the whole truth and everything, here's another truth you might want to know about: Dutch sucks at supermodeling.

Superfreak vs. Supermodel

Seriously. See these pictures? Well, it took my human like 2 seconds to take mine and like five minutes to take Dutch's. All she needed was a picture of his foot on a book for some poster and he totally freaked out. She wasn't even pointing the camera at his face or anything and he still freaked. He said Nikon makes some crazy-scary bzzzzz sound.


I might get hit in the face by giant flying toys sometimes, but at least I'm not a Freak!

* * *

Happy Whelp (or whatever it's called for cats) Day to Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom the 3rd (aka by me as Ernest MP3). I told my human kitty birthdays should = 2 cookies because they are kinda rare here on the DP. She just laughed.


Payton said...

Those are some great pics of you and Dutch playing. I have to admit that Dutch does look like he's seen a ghost in the 3rd one (1st of Dutch). So is that molecule ball soft? Looks like you are putting a pretty good squeeze on it in the 2nd shot. If so, maybe I'll have to get my mom to pick me up a smaller one.
Happy birthday to MP3!!

Crabbie Chris said...

Hey now...some of us freaks like being um FREAKS!!! Maybe I'll need to join Team Brother Dutch (he's so dreamy), and we can get freaky together. I think I should rephrase that last sentence.....

Noodles said...

I like your SUAVE-ITY and Dutch's SENSITIV-ITY.
Face it - you are BOTH lovable and adorable.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

You and Dutch are like ying and yang...or sweet and sour...or black and white. But together you are total awsomeness.
Rock on.
Kris in Oklahoma

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! But actually, Puglet, you should be eating THREE cookies in honour of the "3rd" in my name ;)
Glad to see you also get to play with the cool molecule ball. I'm totally with Dutch on the camera thing though. I can't stand the scary noises dad's rangefinder makes!
I'm so excited for today! Mom's making my favourite Amazingly Delicious Amuse Bouche. Yippee! Happy Tuesday!!

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III aka
Ernest MP3

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Hey Dutch! Wesa had our mama research and it is known as whelping for dogs and queening for cats. Don't know why.
Much luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums

Anonymous said...

Come on.... you love Dutch, admit it !
I think you are the cutest one, and Dutch is the handsome one. As a pair, you guys are unbeatable.
HBD MP3~ meow.


Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...you just couldn't stand Dutch maybe having one on ya with his telling the truth stories. I hear ya...I like to hear any stories you and Dutch tell so it's all good to me!

Happy day to MP3, we have a cat in our house named Lucky Dog so I understand the cat world a little too...and best of all it's someone's day so I get a cookie!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh, and I totally get ya on the taking photos thing...I can pose with the best of 'em, but so many can't do it, can't understand why cuz it's just so dang easy and I ALWAYS look so cute doing it, just like you do! Maybe it's a pug thing?

I Love Lucy said...

Dear Pug,

You crack me up! You have to learn to be nice to your brother, and are you bragging? You sound a teeny bit jealous. Is it Dutch's spots, his longer legs? Just remember my friend, you're the all-famous Puglet; don't feel threatened by your handsome spotted brother.
Happy cat-whelp day to you MP3. Yay! Cookie time.

Love ya'

THE PUGLET said...

Kris in Oklahoma + Noodles ~

So, am I the yin or the yang? I kinda like the "suave" thing too though... my human says Dutch is sensitive and I am snarky.

THE PUGLET said...

Slimmer Puggums ~

Nice sleuthing! Queening? Hmmm. Glad I'm a dog :)

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Maggie in Dallas,

I think it might be a pug thing. My human says Dutch is the handsome one, but I am the supermodel. No idea. But I do know being a supermodel = more cookies than being a sucky but handsome model.

THE PUGLET said...

Happy, uh, Queen Day Ernest! Ooooh - I can almose taste the tastiness. I wonder if there's any chance my human will make some of your tuna Bouche for me & Dutch???

Anonymous said...

You two are so funny!

Ollie said...

Puglet, you're handsome too, in a rugged compact kind of way. I'm sorry about Dutch running into a rock staircase but it makes me feel better about myself; I've smacked my head a couple times on telephone poles while following a scent.
Happy Birthday Ernest MP3! Since you're a feline of discrminating taste and I've lost some weight, I'm going to have warm brie on a slice of fuji apple, topped with red pepper jelly, in your honor!

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

OMG this totally cracked me up... and that pic of dutch is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Puglet, Yin and Yang are opposites but the circle around you represents all that is... which is your awesomeness together! I would say you are definately Yang and Dutch is more Yin. Yin is like the moon and Yang like the sun. Yin is like a tiger and Yang is like a dragon!
You little Yang you...
Kris in Oklahoma

Lola said...

Happy Day to E-MP3! Our kitty doesn't like to celebrate her special day, but she's just weird like that.
Lafayette Lola

Sabrina said...

Oh dear Puglet--I hope we don't have to get any lawyers involved!

Happy queening E-MP3!

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone!!

Puglet...I hope you and Dutch were successful in getting your human to make my special amuse-bouche. Mom made them for me and they were super yummy!

Ollie...that sounds delicious!! Warm Brie? Fuji Apple? Red Pepper Jelly? I am salivating!! Did you know that Brie is known as "The Queen of Cheeses"? Pretty fitting after all this "Queening" talk.
Hmm...I did smell Brie in the fridge...now to find the other ingredients...

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III aka
Ernest MP3

Max the Jack Russell said...

Happy Bday Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III! I hope you have a wonderful day. Oh, and Puglet, thanks for the Truth!


Mary Lynn said...

Oh Puglet. Thank you for making me laugh while Sadie pug snores away in her bed. I needed the chuckle. Supermodel! :)

Massimo said...

"Superfreak v. Supermodel" -- LOVE IT! You are hilarious, Puglet!

Jorge said...

The fourth picture is one of the most beautiful I've seen in this blog. Maybe I'll sketch something about him in mine.