Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So, I guess not everyone likes the Jamie Oliver guy or his revolution. And if you don't really like eating healthy stuff, and don't want some goofy dude telling you what not to eat - that's cool, I get it.

But here's the thing. When I eat poop, I know I'm eating 100% real poop. I know SPAM is 100% SPAM. And if I ever got lucky enough to eat a hamburger, I'd want it to be 100% hamburger and 0% Pink Slime.

My human says a lot of food out there isn't 100%
real anything. And I'm pretty sure that's what the Food Revolution is about: keeping it real. Since the people at ABC put Dancing with the Fools on TV last night instead of Jamie Oliver, I decided to have my own Food Revolution with a bag of chicken meatballs from Milo's Kitchen.

Milo's 100% REAL "Meat"balls

Uhm, yeah. You'd think meatballs = balls of meat, right? Wrong. Here's what Milo put in my meatballs:

Chicken, Soy Grits, Beef, Sugar, Glycerine, Textured Vegetable Protein, Salt, Monoglyceride, Garlic Powder, Natural Flavor, Sorbic Acid (used as a preservative), BHA (used as a preservative), Onion Extract.

I'm glad there isn't any Pink Slime in my meatballs, but some of the other stuff sounds kinda suspicious. Soy Grits? Textured Vegetable Protein? What the ??

The Milo's Kitchen website says I "deserve 100% real, tender, home-style chicken meatballs" so I thought I'd be eating 100% MEATballs, not Textured Vegetable Soy Grit & some meat Balls.

Google says Soy Grits are a "meat filler". Ditto for the T.V.P. Neither of them are going to kill me or anything, but lots of dogs are allergic to soy and I'm pretty sure soy isn't meat. My human let me try some of her TVP stuff and there's definitely no meat in there.

I have no idea what Monoglyceride is, but Google says it can be made from cow, hog or vegetable (I hope Milo uses the cow or hog kind at least). Don't ask me what the heck Glycerine is. Sugar doesn't really need to in dog snacks and neither does the onion because dogs and onions are a bad combo. My human says since onion is the last ingredient, there's not enough of it to hurt me. But why even put it in there?

Now, you know I'll eat anything. And I'm sure Milo's Meatballs will go down like a hotdog, but I asked The Man not to buy them for me again. Because when someone (ahem, Milo) says they're giving me a
100% real, tender, home-style chicken meatball - I want it to be a 100% real, tender, home-style chicken meatball. Not a some-meat ball with a bunch of other junk thrown in there.



dw said...

I like your Revolution, Puglet! I've been paying attention to the stuff in our food, and, well, trying to buy more food that, well, frankly, looks like food! They say the best places to shop is the outside ring of the supermarket (you know, all those yummy looking counters you looked at on your visit!). That's where all the real stuff is, while the middle of the grocery store, all those aisles, have processed stuff with even stranger ingredients than your Milo meatballs! I hear Jamie's show is supposed to be back on May 24th....we'll see. Maybe he upset those people that advertise on TV for all the fake food products!

Agent Bosco said...

Viva la Revolution, Puglet! This is the first time I've posted a comment and I just wanted to say that I think you rock! With that being said, my mom is trying to get us all to eat better and she wanted me to ask you what does your mom feed you? Do you have any suggestions? Rock on, Puglet!

Agent Bosco

Anonymous said...

I'm also interested in everyone's (Puglet included) dog food of choice. My baby girl, Zoe Buttons, a pug-Boston mix AKA: Boston Terrorist, eats only lamb and rice formulas because she has a sensitive stomach, but we're looking for something with less fillers and more real food products. She currently gets Nurtro-Naturals.

Molly in PA said...

Hi Pug!

It's been pretty warm here in boring PA, so my human was going to pick up those "frosty paws" things. Until she read the label. She opted for a combination of: apple juice, plain yogurt, peanut butter and small chunks of watermelon(!). Popped those bad boys in the freezer and wallah! We had them last night and they were pure no-filler goodness.

Go you with your food Revolution!

Molly in PA

Anonymous said...

To be honest with you, Puglet... I think you are more like "Man vs Food" kinda Pug.
Pug vs Food ! I bet you can beat the Adam guy in no time. He chews, you don't !


Noodles said...

I am totally with you on this one! Don'[t give me a lot of fillers or unreal preservatives.
My Mommy the Vegetarian cooks REAL chicken for me without all the other nasty stuff. She says it makes my coat ever-so-shiny.
Love Noodles

Holdin27 said...

Haha, Puglet. I've been following a paleo diet for a year and a half now and spotting "real" and "fake" food is pretty alarming once your eyes are open to it. And then you start thinking about the dogs, maybe the raw diet makes sense...

Molly in PA said...

To Anonymous re: Food above my head ~

My 2nd dog has skin allergies and I have found that, in an option to feeding RAW diet, EVO has worked wonders for her. I went with the Herring & Salmon blend in the case that she had an allergy to chicken or beef (also common).

The link is:

Just for reference the ingredients are: Herring,Salmon Meal, Herring Meal, Peas, Salmon, Eggs, Herring Oil, Pea Fiber, Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavors, Apples, Carrots, Cottage Cheese, Dried Chicory Root

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Geez Puglet you opened another can of beans!

Reading ingredients is our mom's past time, at least we think it is. We never get beef because its usually beef *liver* and Emmitt is allergic. No animal digest that rates right up there with pink slime. But we can have cooked chicken, just not chicken *liver*.

We were eating Wellness but now because of Emmitt's bladder problem we got switched to some tasty prescription urinary food. The vet sait it would be better for all of us. Whatever!!!

We are totally into the Food Revolution we all know pugs live to eat!!!!

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio
Hey... did you look at the sun today, it has a halo... super cool!!!

Crabbie Chris said...

I love my food, it too is Eevo!!! I have to eat the chicken formula and yup it's the low fat one...shesh.
As for my treats, I eat Chicken Littles and it's three ingredients...chicken, brown rice and potato. I don't really give a crap what's in it, it just tastes yummy.
Mom does have one secret weapon though. When we have to stick goop in my eyes, she gives me Beggin' Strips. Fake bacon sure...but if I'm letting her near my precious orbs, she's giving up the good stuff.
Just so you know, hamburger is divine. You've got to orb my dad, he's a sucker and will give you some.

Anonymous said...

ps. We eat R/D dog food. He got bad knees so his vet said "DIET and Rimadyl or a surgery".
So far R/D and Rimadyl are working well.
I don't need to lose weight, but since I am a nice sista, I eat R/D too. (occasionally the Golden chicken for snack)

Sammmy - I am a 13 pounder ~

I Love Lucy said...

"Dancing with the Fools". Hahaha, Puglet, you crack me up! Where do you come up with this stuff my friend?

My mom is always on a mission to make sure we are getting really healthy foods, so I think you've started a revolution in our house that is going to drive my other human mommy and human sister big time crazy. They already think mom is a freak because she doesn't eat meat stuff. Just don't get any ideas about telling my mom that meat is bad for us pugs. I just love my meat, and I won't have it!
Like flutterbye_25 said, Rock on Puglet!

Love ya

Pug Slope said...

Hey Puglet - glad you are paying attention to what you're eating. I remember seeing a clip from Jamie Oliver's show that is really sad and a bit shocking: If that's how they make food for children, I'd be afraid to see the stuff they consider ok to put into run-of-the-mill dog food.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Puglet you're 100% RIGHT!!!!! Love you !!!

Ollie said...

Dancing with the Fools - you are so right!

As for dog food - you're right again! It's time to end the trickery; what's in the package should be exactly what it says on the package.

I eat Human Grade Canine Cuisine which is a local (Canadian)company. No imported ingredients are used, only local produce and organic grains. Remember the poisoned dog food made with tainted grains from China?
The meat is federally inspected, hormone and antibiotic free (the beef is "AAA").
It comes in frozen loaves that you thaw and serve.
Unfortunately they only sell their product in the Greater Toronto Area (& one store in Ottawa). I recommend any dogs in the GTA to check out their web site.
I give it four paws up!

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Our Mom is on the food revolution and cooks everything from scratch for her and Dad. While she doesn't cook for us, she does make sure, and even double checks, that everything we eat contains all natural ingredients, and no chemicals whatsoever! We eat Addiction dehydrated raw food and Three Dog Bakery treats.

Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Everybody!

Y'know how I'm not allowed to talk about sex, politics or religion? Well, I was kinda afraid my human might add food to that list after watching all the Drama between the Jamie guy and Los Angeles.

I think everyone here agrees that food is awesome :)

My human isn't perfect at eating and neither are me & Dutch. SPAM and poop are my two favorite things and I guess they aren't exactly "healthy"

My human loves those little red Swedish Fish gummy things and they are 0% nutritious. BUT she totally knows that before she opens her mouth because they aren't pretending NOT to be candy. There's no '100% Real Swedish Fish!' anywhere on the label or anything.

I have no idea what Dutch thinks about all this because he's asleep. But I do know he's afraid of whipped cream.

All this talk about food is making me kinda hungry...

THE PUGLET said...

Oh yeah, we eat Nutro chicken + oatmeal for sensitive skin + stomachs.

Dutch has complicated food needs because of the whole protein/boy dalmatian/stone thing and also has a superwimpy stomach. My human tried a ton of foods and that's the only one that agreed with his belly. I eat Nutro too because I guess my human is too lazy to buy us different things?

Maggie the Pug from Dallas said...

Hi Puglet and everyone else that comes here. I wanted to see the food stuff last night too but he wasn't there so that was a total let down for me.

I think I want to eat healthy and now I think I do more after all the stuff everyone is talking about. I really like how so many of us eat Nutro...maybe pugs like it alot, and if so, maybe pug pictures should be on the bag...and maybe since your human takes so many photos she can take one of you for the bags. Let's give that some thought Puglet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bellatrix,
Where do you get the chicke littles. If they pass the stupid *ingredient* test maybe our mom would consider buying them for us.

Ok.. a side note. Last night in dog class mom fed Eli come sort of cheddar cheese organic stuff...he pooped in the living room in front of the grandfather clock. Wet squishy poop...thank gawd for tile floors.

Ellie, Emmitt and pooping fool Eli and his poop smelled not something you would consider re-eating Puglet.

Sabrina said...

Hiya Puglet,

Just FYI (in case you are compiling info for a research study), Beulah and Barney eat Fromm 4 Star. There are 5 or 6 different flavours that can be interchanged without upsetting tummies and the ingredients are mostly things I know (it helps to be a pharmacist sometimes).

As for Marble (cat!) she used to be on Orijen which is a Canadian kibble that is grain free. That is, until she got fat. She went on a diet using Vet formula food but I noticed that corn and corny bits are at the top of the ingredient list. She has lost a lot of weight (she now weighs less than Beulah, my pug--yay!). So now, I'm searching for a lower calorie cat food (really hard to find!) to switch her back over to--hopefully she'll stay svelte!

Noodle said...

My human feeds us The Honest Kitchen. It was recommended to her by one of the people from pug rescue. It's dehydrated so you have to add warm water and let it sit for, at least, 5 minutes (aka eternity!). It's super easy to add all the supliments I require. Have I mentioned, I'm "high-maintainance!" :) The kind we get is made from fish and is chocked full of friuts and veggies. It doesn't give us gas, keeps us from having a-gland problems, and doesn't have all that corn, wheat, and soy I'm allergic to. It's pricey, but fortunately we're small and one box can last a while. AND, we're totally worth gettin' the good stuff!! (I try to remind her that every day!)

THE PUGLET said...

Uhm, who's this WE you're talking about Noodle??

Crabbie Chris said...

hey 3 E's. Mom gets my chicken littles from a dog boutique, but the website for the company is They have fish and duck too!

Hey Pug....since when do they have red fish is Sweeden??

Noodle said...

HeeheeSNORT... Uhm, yeah, oops!!

So, in case anyone's interested, I just got a sister. She came to live with us this weekend. Her name's Mochi and she's a few years younger than me.

She's okay.

Crabbie Chris said...

Congrats Noodle!! Is she a pug?? What color?? When do we get to meet her??? I want the deets!!

Gabrielle said...

You should tell your human to get this dog food called The Blue Buffalo, I hear its supposed to be really healthy and 100% real ingredients.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Puglet! You tell it like it is! I have joined the food revolution personally by eating mostly raw foods incorporated into my diet. I'm like your human, most everything else grosses me out. Go Puglet and Jaime!

Amanda said...

Izzie here,

Me and the 2 other Pugs (the misbehaved ones that shove their faces up the FedEx dude's shorts) all eat 100% Raw food. All human grade organic, hormone and antibiotic free, free range meats/bones/organs with a bit of organic veggies. It helps us keep slim and trim and gives me the muscles and energy to play agility!

If you're looking for ingredient definitions for your food revolution my mum uses this list from her work (she works at a "health food store for pets" up here in Canada and they only carry the good tasting healthy stuff!)

It lists things you DO NOT want to see in your food (some cause the C-Word in hoomans even)and what they are and why they're harmful. She always tells people to print it out and take a copy with them food shopping, if your food has 2 or more of the no-no ingredients, then you may want to not feed that anymore.

agent99 said...

We're not too picky about FOOD. Seriously - we'll eat whatever the humans give us, or drop, or forget about and put someplace we can get it. But we do NEED a "Puglet's Food revolution" t-shirt. Just saying.....

Annie the pug said...


You should totally ask your human to make you chicken meatballs with 100% real chicken. I mean, most humans don't have time to make stuff like that every night, but maybe for a special treat. Then you know EXACTLY what's in them (especially if she lets you sit up high so you can see the counter - my mom never lets me see up there :P )

Mary Dixon said...

Milo is Del Monte and I guarantee you, 'his' "TREATS" are 100% Made in China! And the commercials are incredibly insipid!!