Thursday, February 4, 2010


Google says the first step to overcoming an addiction is admitting you have a problem. So here goes:

My name is Puglet and I'm a rockaholic.

There. I said it. But honestly? I really don't see what the problem is. I like to eat rocks, big deal. It could be worse. Some dogs eat dog poop! I tried explaining this to my human and you know what she said? She said
poop would be better than rocks.


Gross. I told her the only poo
this pug wants to eat comes out of a baby cow in the form of a pie. Anyway, so you know what my human does to stop me from eating rocks? She gets a spray bottle and squirts water at me any time I try to do it. This did nothing to stop the rock eating, but it did make me want to stay faaar away from my human.

So she came up with Plan B: a remote control collar thingy. Any time I tried to eat a rock, the collar would go BEEEP. No idea what that was supposed to accomplish. When the BEEEP didn't stop me, the collar started blasting stinky stuff in my face. It smelled like lemons and made my eyes all red and watery. The thought of hurting my eyes freaked my human out even more than my rock-eating. Bye-bye remote control collar.

We're now at Plan C: pond pebbles. These suckers are huge -!- the biggest ones at Home Depot. I tried to talk my human out of it. We already have perfectly good rocks. Don't waste your money! I told her. She says she'd rather spend money on rocks at Home Depot than at the vet for rock removal.

No idea why the vet would have to remove any rocks. My rocks always, uh, come out on their own. I know Rosie's brother Ollie has rock issues. Is anyone else here a rock eater? If so, any idea how to swallow a giant pond pebble??


Thanks everyone for sharing your tail data! Especially if you woke up from a nap to figure out which way you curl. The results of the experiment couldn't be more (or less?!?) conclusive:

BOY TAILS: 5 lefties / 5 righties
6 lefties / 6 righties

And then.... there's Bellatrix. Who is a boy AND a girl and curls to the right.

Approx 75% of these tails have single or single-and-then-some curls.

* 2 of the 5 non-pugs have happy tails
* 3 of the 5 non-pugs have pure white tails
* 1 of the 5 non-pugs has a heart shaped spot on his but cheek

Humans should pay more attention to the color of our sweaters than the curl of our tails. Pugs should ignore human mistakes and
follow Arlo's advice: better to get petted as a she than to be ignored as a he!


Toby said...

Surgery rock removal doesn't sound like fun. My tail curls to the right. Has your mommy tried bitter apple spray?


JennyThePug said...

Hi Puglet, my tail curls to the right in case you were wondering ( but were too polite to ask.) : )

I like your Haiku and I put it on my website along with your picture. You are so artistic...I am charmed.

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

We don't eat rocks - we were going to suggest the same as Oliver, as mom uses bitter apple spray on the stuff she doesn't want us to chew on.

Brutus's tail curls to the left and mine curls to the right.

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Smushie Ranch said...

Hi Puglet, Oh wow do we know something about rock eating! Gunther is a pro. Mom is ALWAYS trying to get to stop eating rocks, but they're all over our yard naturally so it's kinda hard. Luckily they are pretty small. It's really embarrassing when we're out walking though and his poop clinks when it hits the sidewalk... I'm just sayin' that isn't right!

And to really push mom over the edge, we'll both gnaw on garden bark. We'll even bring it in the house and snack on it on the couch. bol! Mom says dad isn't allowed to buy it anymore.

Umm, Gunther's tail curls to the right. Mine curls to the left and well Betty really doesn't have a tail.


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! My name is Stubby and I'm a poopaholic. I don't feel better, but Mom is happy that I'm finally admitting to my problem.

I eat bunny poop. I love, love, love it. I cruise around the yard, sniffer down to the lawn, picking up bunny poop as I go. The doctor said the poop won't hurt because it's just roughage. Mom thinks it's gross because it's poop but she doesn't know what she's talking about.

I think you made need therapy or hypnosis to break you of your rock eating obsession. There might come a day when your rocks don't come out on your own and then the vet will have to cut you open and get them out. That might hamper your daily activities and put your relationship with Jenny in jeopardy. Give them the rocks or else.

Stubby xoxo

Pee-s: My tail curls to the right, when it curls. It's mostly lazy and just hangs. I broke it when I was young and now it's getting back at me by being lazy.

Crabbie Chris said...

I kinda like rocks, but mom always catches me and makes me spit them out! One thing my mommy was thinking of doing to my leash (hey it's yummy) was diluting tobasco sauce and water and spray that. She said it would have been harmless, but that it's strong smell would make me stop. I decided I would stop on my own (but I still do it when she stops looking). Love the data, glad to know tails have nothing to do with our boy/girl status.

SpencerBartholomew said...

Puglet... I am in double trouble... I love rocks - my humans go crazy chasing me to make me drop it before I swallow it... makes it kinda fun with all that running!... Then, my other indulgence... the cat litter box! They say I look for taters... whatever they are, I have to say they're yummy! So... I keep them on their toes... either chasing me or cleaning litter boxes but they haven't gotten to the point of replacing the rocks... good luck with those boulders!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet. I finally got my human to post a comment for me! I'm with SpencerBartholomew, I'm a "kitty-roca" fan myself.
Sorry for the late data, but I don't really have much of a taill, its a little nubbin.
I'm hoping to come to your pug-sunday to play sticks with you again.
- Mr. Green Beans (aka Tobee)

3pugs2luv said...

Our name is Zoey & Phoebe & we're -holics! We love to eat anything that will drive our human into therapy(she gets real crazy & yells. We use to have that yummy bark stuff too. It's called BARK it has to be meant for dogs. Our human gat rid of it(don't tell her we have a secret stash-which makes her crazier 'cause she can't figure out where we get it). Zoey likes to indulge in a little poop now & then, she rreeally loses it then. We also love new stuft toys so we can tear them apart & eat the stuffing & the squeaker( she now give us them emty inside) & YES we love rocks of all sizes little ones make nice snacks & the big ones are great to suck on & chew for hours. So Puglet you are not alone, maybe we can get through this together or our humans will come to their senses & let us have our way.
Luv, Zo & Phoebs
-Is it bad that our human pulling her hair out & talking to herself right now? She looks a little stressed

Traci said...

Hey there puglet, we miss u at Pug village.
as far as rocks, i don't get it... do they taste good. Rudy and Karli don't eat rocks. lol

THE PUGLET said...

SO glad I'm not alone with this rock thing. My human tried the apple stuff and something called wasabi? Didn't stop me.

Because y'know what - rocks are EVERYWHERE. And I really can't help myself.

Here's something else I've learned: when your human tells you to spit out a rock, go ahead and spit it out. There are a gazllion more JUST LIKE IT - just move on to the next one!

Eventually your human will get tired of telling you to spit - trust me on this.

THE PUGLET said...

Bunny poo? Kitty-Roca?

Wow. I had no idea. The list of stuff we're not supposed to eat just keeps getting longer...

Hey Stella - Tell Gunther I know all about clinking poop. Mine does the same thing.

THE PUGLET said...

OOh and thanks for more tail data! I'll update the counts at the end of the day. Maybe there will be truth to the tail myth after all??

Pssssst > did you see the comment from Jenny?? I've seen her tail in the videos - it's suuuuper cute. Like a little snail. Or, uh, donut?

pugsmom said...

This is Phoebe in Oregon. My tail curls to the left and it's a double curl and my sister Kizzy's tail curls to the left and it's a single curl. Our cousin lives with us and his tail is sort of like a low hanging fish hook, but it's really happy. He's a mix (I guess that means he isn't a pug) named Max so his human tells people he is a Maxwell Terrier.
I loved kitty roca when I was a young pup, but my human (I call her mom) got a lid for the kitty.....uh, serving tray. When that didn't work very well she made the kitties go outside to hide their rocas. I found them and ate them, but then mom started shadowing me everywhere. I guess I sort of out-grew it, but now I'm thinking I should sniff out some more and see if it's as good as I remember. We don't have any rocks in my yard, so none of us gets to sample them. I'm really bugging mom to take us where the baby cows live, so we can try some pies.
Good luck with Jenny. She really sounds smitten.