Thursday, February 25, 2010


Whenever we're in the car, my human makes us listen to NPR (National Public Radio). Sometimes it's boring, but she says it's good for you. Like exercise. And vegetables. And, uh, fiber?

I have to admit, when NPR isn't being boring, it can be pretty interesting. The other day I learned there's a ginormous ant colony that starts in Oregon (home of Jenny The Pug) and goes all the way down to Mexico. The colony has gotten so huge because all the ants in it are so closely related, they don't fight and kill their neighbors like other other ants do. Or something like that.


This morning they were talking about this thing called a
six word memoir. Google says memoir is just a fancy Frenchy word for life's story, and with only six words it's kinda like Haiku... and very multum in parvo*. Perfect for pugs. And other doggies too!

So today I'm taking a break from Flat Puglet to work on my six word memoir. My human says my life in six words should be:


What would yours be?

Pugs have been described as multum in parvo ("much in little"), referring to the Pug's big personality and small size


Lola said...

just like velcro, always close by

THE PUGLET said...

Oooooh - that's GOOD!

(you may have just written Dutch's too)

Crabbie Chris said...

here goes my try...
boy or girl, who really knows

it's my life's riddle.

Sabrina said...

For Beulah: Watching you in kitchen. Be messy.

For Barney: Balls or foods? I cannot choose.

And for my cat Marble: Me. Then dog. Then dogs. Enough!

3pugs2luv said...

Phoebe's is:
LISTEN TO ME, I'm ignoring you.

Zoey's is:
Need a cuddle, Give a cuddle.

Yoda's is:
Love to give, Love me more.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, this is WAY better than Haiku!!

Anonymous said...

Frodo & Cleo's both: Bed is warm, don't wake me. Monkey the cat: I am the assassin, fear me.

Anonymous said...

Trunks: Loves to eat, Lives to love.

My Human: Owned by pug, Always and Forever!

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I love this game! I came up with two:

Loves to eat, loves to sleep.
Feed me Popeyes, rub my belly.

Flat Puglet arrived! Yippee! Is the website ready for pictures and commentaries?

Stubby xoxo

THE PUGLET said...

I love all these six word life stories!!!

How bout making a book of them to benefit the rescues?! My human says they're much more "accessible" than Haiku (whatever that means).

Dutch is still working on his, but I totally think Lola's would work for him.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Stubbs!

Yes! The site is up and alive. It's even getting bigger and better:)

The only part that isn't 100% working is the place where people can add stories about recycled dogs they know. You can make a comment and everything, but when you're done it doesn't look like anything happened. Is driving my human nuts, but she's working on it!

PS> Flat Puglet 2.0 is made from 50% less plastic :)

Ollie said...

Spoiled and pampered, heart's desire fulfilled.
My human even gave me an embroidered pillow that says 'It's good to be Ollie'.

Crabbie Chris said...

I love that idea. How about for Dutch
handsome spotted friend, still camera shy

THE PUGLET said...

Awww, I want my own special pillow! But not one that says 'Mouth never empty, stomach never full'.

Thanks for helping Dutch out, Bella-T. The one he came up with sucks:

Please don't look me in the eye.

I mean, that doesn't say anything. I think it should be:

Not the smartest, but the sweetest.

Ollie said...

I have one for Dutch:
Like Greta Garbo, camera stay away!

3pugs2luv said...

Oh Puglet, that was not very nice, at least the "not the smartest" part. I'm sure you have plenty of positive things to say about sweet Dutch.

A 6 word life story book would be wonderful especially if you could feature recycled pets that have found forever homes to show how special they are.

Zoey & Phoebe

THE PUGLET said...

Oh Z & P, you're so nice to defend the Dutchman.

I just meant he's not very smart because he thinks his 6 word life story should be "Please don't look me in the eye" and that's SEVEN words!

THE PUGLET said...

I wonder if the real 6 word memoir people would sue me for making a book with their idea??

Unknown said...

always up for loving my humans...

love, maggie

Anonymous said...

"Mommy says I'm lucky I'm cute..."
~Las Vegas Lola

agent99 said...

hmmm......6 words.

Scatch belly, then put out food.

SpencerBartholomew said...

"mom's companion, love of her life"

Miss Patty the Pug said...

Everything you own, I will eat.

Buford T. Justice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Buford T. Justice said...

Always on prowl, mischief is mission.....

Buford T. Justice

THE PUGLET said...

Screw Haiku! Everyone's Six Word Memoir thingy is so special. I think the pug chapter of the book should be titled Eat, Sleep, Love.

SpencerBartholomew said...

One more... "Open the bag, I'll be there!"

Sweetie said...

Oooh, bit late to the party, but my human is nearly choking from laughing at these. She says the velcro one applies to me too!

Some others for me:
Who's that snoring? Oh, t'was I
Smellier the better, in my opinion
Why does everyone laugh at me?
What is that? Sniff sniff sniff
Where's the lap? Rub my tum!!