Friday, March 25, 2011


Dutch, about to be violated.

So, everyone was really worried yesterday when Dutch couldn't pee. Something about him being a Dalmatian and a boy made the no-pee situation really scary. Luckily, my spotted friend Miley's mom was able to get Dutch an appointment with some magic-wand guru named Dr. Koga. Dr. Koga fixed Miley's brother Boka when he had a stone stuck in his pee tube, and her wand (technical term: ultrasound) would know if Dutch was full of stones or not.

So we all drove through a huge rain storm to a really cool place called Adobe Animal Hospital. I got to go because Miley+Boka's mom loves me. And because Dr. Koga has a pug. My buddy Bouncer also said something about getting "violated" at a vet once because of stones. I didn't exactly know what he meant by "violated", but if someone was going to do it to Dutch, I totally wanted to watch.


When we got there, they put Dutch on his back on a special table. He wasn't a huge fan of this idea so it took four people to get him up there
. Dr. Koga did her thing with the wand and everyone got all excited about something called a bladder.

Then things got a little... weird.

Dr. Koga took out this really long tube and stuck it INTO Dutch's pee hole. Yeah. Like, all the way in there. Dutch didn't seem to care but it freaked. me. out. I stopped watching after that, so I'm not sure what happened next - but everyone got reeeeally excited when the tube made it to the bladder.

No idea. All I know is Dutch doesn't have stones, but the results of his pee test just came back and he does have a really bad infection. "An infection on steroids", my human said. Don't ask me what that means, but I think it has something to do with the anti-itching wonderdrug because he's not supposed to take that anymore.

So.... thank you all soooo much for sending Dutch such awesome juju. I know it made a huge difference.

PS: Try to make some No Recipes over the weekend! We need them soon. I know I'm working on mine....

PPS: Thanks Miley's mom for taking today's picture of Dutch + my human... but no thanks for making me get on the scale at Adobe!


Anonymous said...

Poor Dutch,
I know what you went thru, my pee'r had to get reemed out cause I had a really bad infection. I had green goopy stuff coming out of my pee hole and I smelled. After they cleaned me out I walked and sat funny for day or two how embarassing. Antiobiotics cured what ailed me.

Never want to go thru that again!!!
Feel better soon Dutch Man.
Eli from San Antonio

PS, Our mom sent in her no recipe with our about embarassing we look stupid!

Barbara said...

Oh man! Poor Dutch and poor you - a tube up his pee hole? THAT is a violation!! I KNEW it had something to do with his medicine!!

I'm glad that Dutch will be able to pee soon. I hope he's not too embarrassed by having so many people and dogs watching the violation.

YOU BE NICE TO HIM at least for one whole day. Okay?

Peggy2957 said...

Oh Puglet we are sooooo glad Dutch is okay!!!
I'm glad you reminded us about the recipe thing. My human has been SUPER busy, working CRAZY hours and totally forgot about it. She has a big reminder on her dresser now so lets hope she has some time this weekend to throw something together. If I REALLY like it, and lets face it, I'm a PUG and I like EVERYTHING....but if Gracie likes it too we'll send it to your human.


MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

We're still sending good Juju to Dutch so that his itch won't come back now that he's off his meds. Hope the scale at Adobe showed that you lost the weight.

Mom is working on the recipe this weekend.

pepper the pugalier said...


oh. dear. that's... um. poor dutch. :(

i've never had troubles with my pee-er, but dude. i have some bum problems. something about glands... i don't know. all i know is that i have to go to the vet once a month and get VIOLATED. i do get a special treat of canned pumpkin, so that's nice. but so not worth the whole finger-in-the-bum thing.

i hope dutch feels better soon and the infection goes away.

pepper the pugalier

ps - we're perfecting our recipe for you, puglet. i hope you like it!

I Love Lucy said...

Hi Puglet,

Your sweet brother Dutch is such a trooper; going through all that. I got all weirded out just reading about it. We are so happy he does not have those stone things. I asked my mom about this and she said it could really painful. So, I'm super happy Dutch is not in pain. Now I'm gonna send him some juju to make that infection monster go away.
Give Dutch lots of love from me.

Love ya,

holdin27 said...

Ugh, poor Dutch. I had that done and it was the most painful thing that's ever happened to me in my life. Hope the big guy gets better.

Noodle said...

Holy Moley!! Poor Dutch!! Remember that karma thing? Yeah, I think you should be extrasuper nice to your brother for a while. He's had a rough go of it lately....
Sending Dutch more juju,

Noodles said...

Likw I say to the rain - ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Get well soon Dutch. You have suffered too much lately. Puglet, you are really a good brother.
Uh. . . A TUBE UP WHERE????!!!!????
Love a FREAKED OUT Noodles

Unknown said...

I'm so happy Dutch is ok and doesn't have stones!

Anonymous said...

Dutch! so glad you don't have stones like I did! hopefully they gave you a shot of mellow juice. i got one and it made me all "chill" said stoned, I say mellow. hang in there bud...maybe you'll get some extra treats and get to sleep on the big bed tonight.

Bouncer and Chaos

Dexter said...

What a brave little guy. I bet he just meditated about his happy place while that wand did the investigating. Hopefully the anti biotics will clear that infection right up.


Kellee the Caffeinated said...

So glad that Dutch doesn't have stones! Hope the infection clears up super quickly!!! Dr. Koga huh? Koga is my maiden name and I have a ton of family in the bay area... I wonder if I am related to her... Hmmm... I'll have to check that out.

snore stop said...

I know what you went thru, my pee'r had to get reemed out cause I had a really bad infection. I had green goopy stuff coming out of my pee hole and I smelled. After they cleaned me out I walked and sat funny for day or two how embarassing. Antiobiotics cured what ailed me.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dutch - I hope he's feeling better today. Doesn't that always seem to be the way - you fix one problem & then get another!

Ann, Fro, Molly & Cleo

Pearl and Tessa said...

Glad to hear the dude is ok, poor thing. Be extra special nice to him for us Puglet, no going poodle or anything.

Our human had to go to Oakland for a meeting yesterday, and she stopped at Pugnacious on the way home. Bad news is we didn't get to go, good news is we got some tasty treats! She loved the store.

Wilma said...

Awwww poor Dutchy. At least they know what's wrong and can help in. You know, a few months ago I had a urinal tract infection +shudders remebering+ Ouchie Oww

gini said...

Thank goodness Dutch's mom knew where to take him to get him help! We hope he is feeling better now! <3 Tawnie and Winston pugs

Ollie said...

Paws crossed that my man Dutch gets better really, really fast! After everything he's been through, he deserves a brand new sparkly pink collar and lots of treats for all that violating.

Pug Slope said...

We hope Dutch gets better soon! I'm sure Puglet will help nurse him back to health.