Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Thank you thank you thank you for helping me pick the right sweater for my travels! Wherever we go, I'll be wearing the pink of diamonds. Unlike a certain Pug I know, you have very good taste.

Before I give Pug his blog back, there are a few more things I need help knowing please. I tried asking Google but found the answers to be very confusing. And a little scary. I know Pug thinks Google knows everything but I think Google can be a little creepy.

Can I bring my favorite toy?
Right now it's a purple octopus. Our human says it's nasty but I love it.

Is it ok to sniff your cousin's butt?
My cousin Sophie is a pug, so we're not real cousins. When I meet her for the first time, do we sniff butts? I don't know the rules for cousins. Or pretend cousins.

What do you do when you don't know what to do?
Sophie used to live in a puppy factory and doesn't know what to do with other dogs. I'm from Europe, grew up in a kennel and might have Aspergers so I don't understand other dogs either. Could be SO awkward. Help?

How freezing is the other coast, for real?
It's been quite freezing here lately. I don't know the numbers, but people are worried all the oranges might die. Is the other coast cold enough to kill an orange? Colder??

I think I know everything else without having to ask creepy Google for answers.

Thank you thank you!




Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Dutch....so good to see you today. I still love you very much. Of course you can bring your toy. Don't care if it's nasty or not...we need our toys when out of town. I think I heard that is't an international law to sniff all butts. You will figure out what to do and I think Sophie will help you. I think the other coast has been having some mild weather but they are known to get cold from what I've heard. I just hope you have a wonderful time...cuz you are the bestest Dutch out there!

Amelia said...

Dutch our weather has been really weird on this coast. It's been cold one day and hot the next day. There is talk of snow the next few days but then warm weather this weekend. Be safe and bring your sweater and you might even want to bring your human's neck sweater.

We've been keeping safe by stayind cuddled up inside. Can't go wrong doing that!
-Lola and Ellie in NJ

stellaroselong said...

Oh Dutch if you just go there with an open heart, nothing should go wrong, I would think you should take your toy with you, cos sometimes the familiar is the best, sophie will tell you just what to do....take along some cold weather clothes just in case....stella rose

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Hi Dutch!
First off, take your toy octopus...and possibly have your mama cleans it before you packz it.
Second, Sniffing any baby is fine...but if shsaz tries to snap, then back off.
Third, wesa live in the Midwest and it is super cold and the Northeast is even colder...so...a shopping trip for a scarf might be warranted...and a coat, too.
Much Luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

1 - bring the O'pus
2 - international canine sign for "hello, how are you" is a butt sniff. Sophie may be offended if you don't sniff
3 - It's the middle of January, Dude. Plan for cold weather on the "other" coast. And by planning, we mean lots of sweaters and neck scarfs. And, if you're not a fan of walking around in slush, bring paw protectors .... yup, it brutal this time of the year, esp. in NJ. On the up side, we've got food here that you have only dreamed about.

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Anonymous said...

Dutch, you need to meditate....or medicate...hmmmmm
Take the toy and bring an extra for the cuz! She'll get it.
Sniffing is good!
Weather on this coast has been weird, pack the sweater, the neck sweater and maybe little booties if you have them.
Jack the Pug's mom aka that therapist lady

Anonymous said...

Hi Dutch -

Yes you can bring your toy - just have your human through it in the washer to make it nice & clean in case your cousin wants to play with it.

Well maybe you shouldn't sniff your cousin's butt, but it's how you canines say hi, so yeah it's okay.

Just be yourself, you will be fine.

Our New Jersey weather has been crazy, it was 60 yesterday, but cold today, not freezing but cold & damp. For a west coaster who is so lean such as yourself, you might be cold, so bring your heart sweater too!

Ann, Frodo, Molly & Cleo

Anonymous said...

What happened to Henrietta?

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Dutch, you definitely need to bring your toy. We agree, it might be a good idea to wash it.

Butt sniffing is OK as long as Sophie doesn't mind. She was very nice when we met her, so we think she'll be OK.

As for weather, be prepared for warm and cold. We're confused here on the Eat Coast. You may want to bring both sweaters.

Meredith & Scarlet

Pug Slope said...

Forget bringing just ONE toy, you should bring LOTS of toys! I always make sure I have a few "spares" packed whenever I travel. The humans have trouble keeping track of such things. It's definitely been FREEZING everywhere so I think you should bring both sweaters and double them up. And don't pee too close to any metal poles.

Hope you have a rad trip, Dutch, and say hi to Sophie! Hopefully she'll refrain from humping you non-stop like she did to poor Pug...luckily you've got a little height advantage there, though.


Anonymous said...

Dutch- I'm not a pro on the traveling, but my mom says to definitely bring the octopus because it always helps to have something from home.
She also says that only humans aren't allowed to sniff butts, so go for it! As long as Sophie keeps her tail in a curl, it's all good.
As for the cold, we are freezing over in Lafayette (just a few miles from SF), so we have no good advice- except maybe bring both sweaters.. and a neckwarmer.
Enjoy your adventure!
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

Dutch, I think because you and Sophie are socially awkward, you'll get along perfectly fine! Could be a match made in pink heaven!

Mercy said...

Hi Dutch!
Definately bring your toy, it'll keep you feeling secure and happy, and I think the purple goes stunningly with your spots!Go for the sniff, Sophie will probably want to sniff YOUR butt so DON'T freak out! I don't know about the Eat coast temps but it's been nasty cold here in Chicago (like subzero cold). Oh, and if it's cold enough, you'll "see" your breath when you breath. That's natural in the cold. DON'T FREAK OUT! It sort of looks like smoke but trust me you aren't on fire.
Have an awesome time, big guy!!
Kisses, kisses, Mercy

Kisses, Kisses, Mercy said...

Oh, I forgot to mention what to do if you don't know what to do. Just act natural, if you guys were meant to play together it'll happen. If it doesn't happen just hang out with Octo and talk to your human, she's always there for you!

citydog said...

Hey Dutch!

Depending where on the east cost you're going, you're probably going to need something warmer and more weatherproof than your handsome pink sweaters. Those are *fashionable* sweaters not *practical* sweaters.

We like the dog coats from SmartPak for both Pugs and non-Pugs, and they even have one in *pink* (http://bit.ly/Y8ennn).

Safe Travels!

Iggy and Charlie, the Vermont Pugs

Anonymous said...

1)Take your toy and a spare don't worry about washing them.
2)Pug butts can be more than you bargained for. Fair warning.
3)Wag your tail.
4)The weather takes about 4 days to travel from your coast to their coast. So, it will be like it was at home a few days before you left.

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

You'll do great, Dutch. My sister Snap is a lot like you - she worries a lot about things too.

Just enjoy the right coast, and make sure you get some PIZZA. The right coast makes the best pizza.

The rest will fall into place.

Good choice on the diamond sweater.

Anonymous said...

Amanda why do u ignore the people who made your project possible?? How much effort does it take to just say hey its been crazy but your pictures are coming soon???? I see other people posting on this blog asking about their pictures and I see you don't bother to answer? I understand its a big project but I have to say the people are right you do ignore your clients and its very ugly shame on you.

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Hey Anonymous! Why not log in and let us all see who you are. Have you ever stopped to think that Miss Amanda can't respond to the TONS of emails that she gets on a daily basis... That and her ongoing health issues... Why don't you just chill! I had my picture taken for 1000 Pugs back in May 2012 and I have yet to send a single email to Miss Amanda. I know she is working on those photos to get the best possible product back to everyone. Personally - I would rather that she take her time than rush through them! Take a chill pill and back off!

We love you Miss Amanda!!

Ellie (and Brutus)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Ellie and Brutus. Take a chill pill "anonymous". Give Amanda a break and recognize that she essentially works for peanuts. She loves pugs (like most of us) and she has done a lot for pug rescues throughout the country. All of this on top of some health concerns...

Anonymous: maybe you should do some yoga. Or take up meditation. It sounds like you need more Zen in your life. Remember: patience is a virtue!

I'm a huge fan, Amanda, Puglet, and Dutch! Your Friend, Gidget.

Anne said...

I'm not sure about the Eat coast, but here in Minneapolis, MinneSNOWda it is going to only be -7F (-22C) for the HIGH temperature on Monday! The lows will be -16F (-27C). I think pug pee freezes before it hits the ground at those temperatures!!! I hope it's not that cold where you're going!

Mpls pugs said...

I agree with the other poster. This is so frustrating to be cut out of the loop. Just a curtesy email. We paid our deposit over 1 year ago, had a photo shoot in Mpls in May and was told that we would receive a link to our proofs in about 3 weeks. I have emailed Amanda several times with no response. It makes me angry to see all the cute pictures of Puglet and Dutch and the blog, but there is no time for an email/update. Amanda throw us a bone!

Pearl and Tessa said...

Please realize, this is a blog, about Puglet (well, lately about Ductch). I understand your frustration, however it is obvious that Amanda is working her heart out. I contributed to Kickstarter, and paid for two pug shots (I am fortunate that they were some of the early pugs, and I have seen their pictures)and traveled to get pictures taken. I am sure Amanda is doing her best to get everything caught up, which is probably why we don't hear from her as much as we used to. Most of us treasure the Daily Puglet,it brings a little humor and (in)sanity to our lives. This is not her business site.

Otis from the Sunshine State #268 said...

Pug, my person and I love your blog and your human and Dutch. We don't need to be "thrown a bone" to know that this project is a big undertaking for just one "human" to take care of. We know that in the end everything is going to be super awesome and we are willing to wait patiently for the finished photos, kickstarters and the book.

To everyone who feels that it is appropriate to post their frustrations on this blog....please stop. This is not the forum for those comments.

Otis and his person

Jane becerra said...

Dear Anonymous- your hateful post proves onething to me....you are a weenie. i will wait as long as it takes for my photos. It was an honor to have Amanda photograph my Chiquita and my friends dog Newman. You probably need to eat more bacon or take some long walks. With yourself, of course. Nobody else wants to hang around with you, because....well, you're a weenie. And not in a good. Way. Thank you very much. I feel better now.

Anonymous said...

I agree ith Anonymous! Well FINALLY Ha an answer from someone! No one is being hateful or needs Zen or Yoga..Its something called RESPECT! Myself and many many many others have asked one question that was whats the status? Thats it! Now when you are being ignored or have not seen an update in months and have politely emailed, called, facebooked everything and not one answer it is VERY Frustrating not just for myself but for many others!! Why dont you visit facebook and see how many upset people are there and kickstarter as well! I would not comment on this blog if there was another way to get an update! This is not about hate its about professionalism! A simple monthly update saying Im working on it would mske 100s of people who are upset happy! People wanted to use pics as xmas cards etc...If theres time for a blog everyday theres time for a simple simple update especially when you dont deliver as origianlly promised! No one has said we wouldnt wait as long as it takes but ignoring people not cool!!