Monday, May 2, 2011


Mega thanks for trying to make my heart feel better about Twizzle. Sorry I wasn't here on Friday to tell you that, but I had my paws full with a little problem.

So, remember last week when I was kinda complaining about Dutch getting to score cookies at new Special Vets all the time? And how Bellatrix commented about me needing to find my own itch so I could get a new special vet too? Well, I thought this was a genius idea and decided to try it.

Uhm. Right. Just like the time I tried to fake a heart attack so they wouldn't cut off my boy parts and ended up dying, trying to fake an itch turned out to be a not so genius idea.
It started out OK. I thought itchy thoughts and a few hours later these little bumps started showing up on my belly. Itchy bumps. Really itchy bumps. Have a look:

So far, so good, right? I showed my human the bumps and suggested that perhaps a Special Vet might need to fix them. She said no - all I needed a cool bath and something called Benedryl. She gave me a bath and a little pink pill.

Kinda lame because the whole point of the bumps was to score cookies from a Special Vet. The bumps (technical term: hives) were getting really really itchy and the whole pill and bath thing totally wasn't helping. My human wasn't too worried about it - until the hives started to take over my belly.... and spread to my face.

When hives attack!

I guess itchy face-bumps can be kind of a big deal because when one of my eyes started to squish closed, she said it was vet time. And because it was late at night and our regular vet was closed, we'd be going to a Special Vet.

Woo hoo!

Lucky for me, there's a 24-hour Special Vet like 2 minutes from our house. I was really excited when we got there and immediately looked around for a nice desk lady or some sort of cookie window. But no. Instead, they rushed me in the back (without my human) to give me quick exam.

I guess the Dr decided itchy face-bumps weren't going to kill me because they brought me right back to my human. But not before stopping at the scale and telling the whole entire waiting room that I weight 26.5lbs.


I totally forgot that vet=scale. And since the hives weren't going to kill me or anything, I knew there would be no cookies.
I even tried to convince my human that the extra 1.5 lbs must be hive-weight, but she totally didn't buy it.

Super humiliating ice-pack treatment.

So I got to go to a Special Vet, but did not get cookies.
We waited for a long time -- sooo long that the hives gave up and went away on their own. My human was really happy about not having to pay a Special Vet bill.

I'm hive-free right now, but the bumps
keep coming and going. Our normal vet said the pink pill/cool water or ice pack combo should be enough to make them better. Oh - my human doesn't know I wished the bumps to happen so please don't tell her that part.

* * *

The Bay Area had two Whelp Days yesterday: happy happy to Lucy in Walnut Creek and Atticus Monster in Martinez! Today belongs to Dexter in Spokane, WA.

I'll eat as many cookies as possible in honor of your days :)


barbara said...

very cute!

Anonymous said...

A bit of advice careful what you wish for...
I have to say the laying on a pillow with the cool ice pack thingy looks like it's cozy.
Kris in Oklahoma

Holdin27 said...

Thanks for the shout out for Lucy, we had a great day! Puglet, I think you need to go to that specific vet to get free cookies, you have to coordinate the bumps with the office hours...

Payton said...

Oh, Puglet, that is just horrible. What a crappy way to spend a few hours and you didn't even end up with a cookie! Unfortunately, I can relate having experienced too many of those after hours trips to the special vet myself. I had no idea that dogs could get hives...must have been your broken heart (or that pond scum) that triggered them. Glad you are feeling better, but we'll still send anti-itch thoughts your way.
Happy belated birthday to Lucy and Atticus Monster! And happy birthday to Dexter! It's a 3 cookie day, yeah!
PS. My mom wanted me to tell you that she just adores the last pic of you with the blue football blankie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
First THANK YOU to everyone for JuJu to my big sister Ellie, her back problem was helped with intravenus steriods, rest and chillaxin are helping too. Now her left knee pin is giving her problems so it might have to be removed.

Lola said magical power is in juju she is right, Kool Aid in SA, that got a chuckle out of mom, and to the pug in Poland, our dad is polish..small world. Oh, no Payton we don't have a blog..maybe we need one.

Puglet sorry to hear you got bumps aka hives. They looked yucky but that ice pack over your sexy parts made us all laugh.

And like someone else, be careful what you wish for... hives=vet=cookies=weight-cookies. Sucks.

Eli from San Antonio...I'm filling in for the other E's. They are sleeping on the couch.

Anonymous said...

Oh.. almost forgot

Happy Birthday Lucy, Atticus and Dexter.

Eli and the other E's from San Antonio
Moo Wah

Barbara said...

Oh man, all that wishing and NO cookies. What a bummer. I hope you feel better soon. Start wishing for no bumps!

Anonymous said...

This news is as big as Bin Laden dude!
Did the special vet find the cause of the bumps? Food? (hope not!) eeeky pond water?
Puglet, You are darn cute, healthy or not : )

Happy b-day to Lucy, Atticus and Dexter~

How's 3E's today? Did our juju work?

Sending love from little snowy Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

We hope you aren't too itchy Puglet. Get better soon.

P.Tuna and J.J.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sammy,
The JuJu helped my big sister Ellie,now her only problem is a pin in her knee that needs to be removed.

Eli from SA fillin in for the other two E's.

Minnie and Mack said...

Oh Puglet! We love your pleading brown eyes! How long did you have to lay on your back with the ice pack? There's no way Mack would have stood (or laid) for that for 1 minute!

Happy Day to your friends!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet,
I feel your ITCH!!! What a terrible way to NOT GET COOKIES!!!!
HB Atticus, Dexter and Lucy@ I am honored to eat a cookie or 3 for you.
Love Noodles

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Oh no Pug, I hope your itchies go away soon! That's no fun!!!!

Sabrina said...

Puglet, thank you for putting a black box over your private parts--I read your blog from work and don't want anyone to think I'm looking at XXX sites!

Hope you feel better soon

Happyhappy to Atticus, Dexter, and Lucy!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Happy Whelp Day to Lucy and Atticus Monster, and Dexter!

Poor Puglet. We're suffering from some allergies here, but NOTHING like yours. Yikes, those bumps look alien.

Cute shot of you on the pillows, though.


THE PUGLET said...

Hi everybody!

Sorry about the full-frontal photos. I made my human hide my parts - but still totally embarrassing.

The hives haven't come back yet today so I hope they're over. I was really kinda scared when they over my belly. Especially since they were close to what's left of my boy parts.

When I asked Google for advice I got some superscary info about some thing called STDs?

And I guess Dutch was the poster-dog for some STD awareness campaign once (he was Syphilis month -- no idea) and he says STD means "sexually transmitted disease". That totally freaked me out because I just went on that date with Twizzle and I didn't want anyone or think... well.. you know.

Anyway. No idea what made the hives happen, but I'm really glad they're not here any more.

THE PUGLET said...

Holdin27 ~

Thanks for the 411 on the vet hours thing. If I ever try to fake sickness again, I'll make sure it happens during the right hours.

Hugs + SPAM to Lucy :)

THE PUGLET said...

Ellie ~

Glad the juju helped. How's Emmitt doing??

Crabbie Chris said...

Dude....I told you to fake the itch, not actually get an itch. Shesh! Sorry your trip ended in no cookies and a trip to the scale. At that weight, you'll be lucky if you ever get another cookie ever again.
Oh and mom totally showed me the uncensored picture of you, and all I can say is BOY IS THAT ONE HUGE-Hive...hehehe

Maggie said...

I think I love you Puglet. My mom has been reading your blog and telling me all about you, and you seem just right for me. My name is Maggie and I'm a pug too. I live in Dallas, TX. My mom just found out about you but she now keeps me up to date on you every day! I hope you get to feeling better, I felt sad when she told me about your bumps, never had that problem and sounds like I never do. I had my birthday last week so I just missed out on the birthday wishes but I ate extra cookies thinking about you. Will look for them next year on April 24th! Thanks for being out here each day for are a wonderful breath of fresh air, uh, my mom said that is a good thing!

Lindsey said...

Hey! Dexter here, thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!! I am 4 today and my mom can't even believe it. Since I am allergic to like EVERYTHING I got french fries as a special treat(I can only have potato and duck) the only down side is I had to share them with my brother!

moPSY+MISIOber said...

First Happy Birthday Lucy and Atticus and Dexter :) My pugs loved to celebrate your day :)

and Puglet, it was not so genius idea ;) hope you won't try it again :) I LOVE your face on the first pic. I just can see all those itchy thoughts in your head. It's brillint !!!

Our vet gives cookies at each visit, but it doesn't stop Fredzio to pee under vet desk:) he is nasty little monster :)

hugs Puglet I hope hives won't come back :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
It's Emmitt here. Doing good except the incision next to my boy part is really itchy and I keep licking it...not my boy part, the incision. Another week of chillaxin and then it's back to practice and the agility circuit.
Thanks for asking. JuJu works wonders.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Bella T~

Yikes. I can't believe you saw the XXX version. But I guess if any girl was going to see my part all up-close and personal, I'm glad it was you. Being a hermaphrodite and all, it shouldn't have been too creepy.

I hope.

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Maggie from Dallas!

Nice to sort of meet you. For some reason, Texas is big on Pugs (my human says Texas is big on everything - no idea). Pretty sure you have a few neighbors here.

Not sure if my human will let me eat a cookie for your April 24 day since I already ate 3 for Atticus, Lucy & Dexter and am officially 1.5 lbs over the fat line... but we did add you to the calendar for next year :)

danielle.marleau said...

Hiya Puglet! It's Danielle from Montreal!
I hope you're feeling less itchy!

I put an ice pack on my knee! Never tried it on my girlie parts! Should I??

Oh! And I put ice cubes in my water...not because it's itchy though!

And don't worry about your weight. I am sure the extra 1.5 lbs was those bumps ! :-)

pugsmom said...

I just have to thank you and Dutch and your human and all the people who comment on this blog. I look forward to coming here each new day and I always go back and read it several times throughout the day. Maggie said you are a breath of fresh air and I have to agree. I cry, I laugh out loud, I get good advice, I get silly advice, I visit new blogs all the time. I meet new aquaintances (Nikon, Mazda, Lab Bros., Google) What a great resource you are.

Glad you're feeling better. A little exercise and you'll shave off that 1.5 pounds and start getting cookies again. You and Dutch take good care of your human. She's a keeper.

Prayers and good thoughts going out to the pets "in need" and special day wishes to Lucy, Atticus and Dexter.
pugsmom in Gladstone, OR
PS Great pictures!!!!!!!

pugsmom said...

Phoebe in Oregon here: Is your humom single? My humom is wanting to play matchmaker and says she would like to set you up with my hu-uncle. (that's her son)
What is a matchmaker? What is "set up"?

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
I'm glad your bumps went away and you're so much better.
I went to the vet today for my annual exam/shots/blood work and anal gland extraction (!!!).
I'm in good health, I got high marks for my teeth, eyes and great coat BUT I came in at 38.6 lbs and have to get back to 36.
Bottomline: extra long walks (yay) and no treats, no snacks, no licking plates(boo)!
So, Happy Cookie Day to Lucy, Atticus and Dexter. I'm enjoying some imaginary cookies for your special day...sigh

Suki said...

Hi Pug,

Good idea that you made your Human put up the sensor bar.

Glad your itch has gone away & hopefully won't come back.


SpencerBartholomew said...

Yikes, Puglet - those hives are huge! Glad they are gone and hope they don't come back. The photo of you with the ice pack is great! And, Sabrina said it - thanks for blocking out the special parts so my g-maw could look at your blog at work!

Happy days to Lucy, Atticus & Dexter.... cookies to you!

And, Eli and the other E's... still sending good juju your way!

Bella said...

Feel better, Puglet! I like that idea, though, about the ice football on your belly. Maybe I can get mom to put that on my belly in the summer when I am so hot I can barely sleep from all the snorting and huffing and cold footballs! Paw-some idea!

Snorts and snarfles,

Anonymous said...

You have a very nice underbelly Puglet.

Pug Slope said...

Poor little Puglet! We know all about allergies (Sid is allergic to all of mother earth) but have never seen hives like that before. We hope everything clears up soon so you can get back to cookie-eating and dating. Just be glad your Mama didn't put the cone of shame on you! Also we were going to tell you to tell your Mama that the scale at the special vet was in metric or something but that would have meant you weighed 55 lbs! Not a good idea!

Maile (My-lee) Ann said...

Oh, my. Those hives looked SO angry. Do you know what caused them? Maybe I missed it...I was so distracted by the pics.

How nice of your Mom to black out your privates. Very thoughtful. Hope my mom would do the same for me...

Mom breaks out to just about she understands the hive thing. She once had lips 10x bigger than Octo Mom. It was a sight. Will leave it at that. She claims the pictures have been "deleted." Whatever that means...