Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I don't think it's fair that Miley got to have fun in Texas when I had to stay home. But I guess she was right about her trip being way more exciting than anything me and Dutch are doing. At least until now.

Because even though my human thought yesterday was Monday, today is Wednesday and you know what Wednesday means.

Wild Game Night!

ME: so, what's on tonight's menu?
HUMAN: dimpled oranges and chicken feet.
ME: they make wild chickens? And oranges?
HUMAN: they sure do.

Normally I'd be mad at my human for trying to sneak a piece of fruit into a night that's supposed to be about meat. But I really like oranges and have never eaten a dimpley one before so I'll let it slide. This time.

I'm not 100% sure the chicken feet are all that wild either. The label says U.S.A but I'm pretty sure chickens in the U.S.A. live on farms. I mean, when's the last time you saw a wild chicken?


But when your human brings home a package of chicken feet do you care where the feet came from?


Will let you know tomorrow how good everything tasted.


Hugo the Portland Pug said...


My humans met wild chickens in Hawaii. They said they were all over the place! I wanna go to Hawaii now!

Ooh, also, I have a blog now too!


Annie Fannie said...

I want to know how you are going to eat the chicken feet, and if you like them. Anxiously awaiting Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pug- we have pet chickens that live in our backyard. I guess you could kind of call them wild since they like to chase me around the yard and peck at me while I potty. I've never tried tasting their feet, but their poo is oh so yummy! My mom thinks I'm nasty, but she has no idea just how great this sh*@ is! Sometimes I fake like I have to pee just so I can go outside for a bite! She's on to me, though- now my mom follows me around and watches what I'm doing- if my non-snout gets too close to the ground, she yells my name real loud. The neighbors must think we're nuts.

Lafayette Lola

Paula from DE said...

I love the wild game night posts, but were there no good parts of the chicken left at the store? Why the feet?

Anonymous said...

Clip off the nails first. On the feet. Maybe on the dimply oranges too.

And they make yummy soup. The feet. Maybe on the dimply oranges too.

With love from Scruff in Atlanta who forgot blog google password thingy.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be delicious, I just know it! Enjoy

King Edward the Pug said...

Puglet you have a strong stomach!! I have stomach issues and my mom makes sure I'm eating the right things. I sometimes have baby food to ease my stomach. I do love all food but I just can not eat everything.

Vivian said...

Be careful, Puglet, there are LOTS of little bones in those chicken feet.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Oranges, yum. Chicken feet, ick!

We think you have cute feet Puglet,
we'd kiss them :)

Scarlet & Meredith

Patty said...

Hi Pug...just wondering how you liked those chicken feet and dimply oranges?

xoxo Patty

Ollie said...

Do chicken feet count as meat?

They sell dried chicken feet at my daycare but my human hasn't worked up the courage to buy them. So far I've been getting dried lamb and duck liver because they look like rocks.

But feet look like feet, so my human is denying me my right to try a new tasty treat....bummer.

Sammy and Neko said...

Chicken... feet?
hmmm.... dad ate chicken balls, so guess you can eat feet...



Anonymous said...

Oh, you have to let us know all about the chicken feet! All we know about wild chickens is that there are some in Montana, and they are freakin mean!!!

We do love oranges too, and apples, and bananas. But that's not wild meat.

love, Pearl, Mac, and Trixie

Unknown said...

I live in Hawaii and there are wild chickens EVERYWHERE Puglet. :)