Monday, June 3, 2013


I know you were expecting to see that other spotted dog here today. The one who likes the kid with the hair. But please don't call me Dutch. Yeah, I'm black + white and think pink is the best color EVER, but he's a boy (sorta) and I'm Miley.

I got to kick Dutch off the blog today for a buncha reasons. One: me and my mom are the ones who make the comments happen. Two: I just sat in the car for DAYS. Three: what I'm about to tell you is way more exciting than anything Dutch and Pug are doing.

Let me tell you, riding in the car for DAYS is not fun. My mom listened to books but who wants to listen to a bunch of stupid books? I mostly slept and stared out the window into space. Lots and lots and lots of space. Sometimes there were signs. California space. Arizona space. Texas space.

FACT: When you're stuck in a car, space is space.

After two days of car hell we stayed in Arizona at my cousins with the pool. The cousin I like is a hairy basset hound - she's the fun one. The other cousin is a golden retriever. She's not-so-fun but my mom said I wasn't allowed to hate on the golden cousin so I didn't.

Alright, I almost didn't. Same thing.

After Arizona came Texas. If you don't know what Texas is, it's crazy hot and looks like this:

I kept asking my mom why we had to go all the way to Texas when my cousins in Arizona have a pool. She kept saying it's a surprise it's a surprise it's a surprise. Ugh. Who wants a surprise when you can be swimming in a pool?


I stayed a little mad about Texas until I found out what the surprise was. Make that who it was. Anyone recognize these guys? Don't worry if you don't. Pugs all look the same to me too.

The pug in blue is Arnie. We go way back. I know him from doing agility in California. He's like a nicer, faster version of Puglet. The pink pug is Suki. She's new to me but sometimes new friends feel just like old ones. You know what I mean?

Suki lives in the Texas place we were visiting and Arnie came down from some other Texas place so we could all hang out while our moms ate brunch and margaritas. After brunch it was dog time at the park. My mom brought crack balls for everyone but I thought Arnie's was mine and tried to steal it back (sorry Arnie). Suki wasn't sure what to do with her crack ball, but she will. Crack balls are like that...




World of Wildlife said...

Sounds like it was a great trip except for all the driving.

Michele said...

Sounds like, at the end of the day, a great time:)

Vinny said...

Hi Miley,
WOW! You really ride a long way for a play date! You are one smokin' hot girl!!! Look me up if you pass through Chicago.

Pug Power,

Noodles said...

Hi Miley,
We met at Zoey Martinez's party. Your trip to Texas looks like fun! I almost got to go to New Mexico which is almost Texas. Suki is one of my Blogville Furiends - she is cool.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

Hi Miley! Nice you got to meet some old pug friends & make new ones! It was horribly hot (almost summer hot) here these past few days here on the East coast, so I hear ya about the Texas heat! Finally nice today.

But please tell me what a crack ball is? My mouth is tiny (my human sisters would argue that comment since I'm quite the barker!), but I play ball with a tiny cat toy ball...don't laugh... since bigger balls don't fit. Is this something puggies can really play with?


Sammy and Neko said...

We would love to come see them in TX with you next time (but prefer going there in fall/winter).
More pictures please : )

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Arnie here - it was so great seeing you and your mom. Gracie got to visit her in CA, but I was left home on that trip.

Thanks for the ball! I love it, and can't stop playing with it.

Drive safe on the way home.

Paula from DE said...

Miley its so exciting to meet you! And Suki, I read her blog all the time. Awesome!

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Miley, we knew right away that you were you and not Dutchie, you're very pretty. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, and Suki and Arnie of course.

Meredith & Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Hi Miley! How exciting!! My 1st home was in Houston, Texas- I loved it there. My Grammy & Grandpa are still there. You gotta get the thumbs to let you try a tex mex platter... :-D the greasier the better, lol! Hope you & the Oug gang have a great trip and enjoy the Texas hospitality! Pug Hugs, Megan F. & Lola the Pug

Miley said...

Oops thumbs clicked wrong sorry Annie Fannie

Annie Fannie has left a new comment on your post "HOWDY FROM TEXAS":

Hi Miley. I'm a pug (I don't think I look like all other pugs). I'm a bit confused about all of this, but welcome.

Miley said...

Thanks everyone for the nice welcome. We are heading home on Wednesday. Hoping we get to stop at the cousins on the way home. my mom said that maybe we (I) wore out our welcome last time. Not sure how you wear out a welcome....

Then we are off to some place called Chicago, Milwaukee, and Kalamazoo. I have no idea way. If anyone is in any of those places and wants to meet up drop me a note.


Suki said...

Hi Miley,

It was so much fun to finally meet you & your Mom. It was a really fun weekend. I can't wait to figure out the crack ball. Thank you for the gift.

Safe travels my friend.


Butch and Sundance said...

Wow Miley! You are definitely on a road trip! Our Mom liked the part abou the brunch and margaritas too! We wish we lived closer to Milwaukee, we could have a play date too! Unfortunately, we are 3 hours away from Milwaukee! Have a safe journey and keep us posted! Thanks Miley's Mom...

Anonymous said...

Hi Miley,
We live in San Antonio, Texas. Sorry we didn't get to meet you we would have rolled out the red pug carpet. Maybe next time you are in state..the big state of Texas.
Ellie, Emmitt and Eli (Puglets pug pals)

Unknown said...

welcome to TEXAS!!! Wish I could have met you! Give a big puggie hello to Arnie & Suki too! ♥GingerPug

chinapug1 said...

And at the end of the day...a good time was had by all!!!!
We wish we could go on a trip for awhile, but the hot hot hot weather really gets us down. My mom says it's because of our age but we don't FEEL old.
Have fun! Hi to Puglet & Dutch.
The Youngstown bunch.

Anonymous said...

Miley, You are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hey Miley, I am Bugsy, a fawn pug. I LOVE balls and really want to know what a crack ball is??? I mean I REALLY LOVE BALLS!!! I go crazy when my dad get the Chuck-It out and we go outside. Be careful going home!!

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

WOW....nice trip to our state! I met Gracie and Suki at the photo shoot whenever it was a while back...they are cool pugs!! My sister Lucy wasn't around then but she would've liked them too! Maybe we can meet up with you next time Miley. Safe travels!

Ollie said...

Nothing beats hanging out with friends, especially when you throw in some food and booze. Hope you guys got a taste of the margaritas.
I like to empy out martini glasses when no one's looking!

P.S. I think you're awesomely pretty. How do you feel about beagles?