Friday, June 21, 2013


Frank's exact words: WOOOO HOOOOO!
Sorry if I was kinda whiny yesterday. I know life can't be fun all the time, but being bored all the time is getting pretty freaking boring. I mean, even Frank is having more fun than me.

I used to be the fun one. Frank was just cute. But who is that flying through the air in today's picture? Frank. And what was I doing when he was flying? Falling asleep at Home Depot.

And when I asked Frank what it felt like to fly, all he said was WOOOO HOOOO!




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Butch and Sundance said...

PUglet....thanksgiving just won't be the same without you :(((( WE miss you so much...we hope everything is okay. Please let us know you are okay...miss you tons from Wisconsin.

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are still left checking this website. We miss you, Puglet. Happy holidays,

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Miley said...

Miley here, sorry I have not posted anything in awhile. First I would like to say how thankful I am that Puglet has such great friends. He loves all of you and miss you guys lots. I have been super busy, for those of you who have not heard I had 8 puppies. They are alot of work. if you want to see photos check out my blog at Puglet came by the other day to pick up Dutch. So glad Dutch went home he kept putting on all of my pink stuff. All at the same time! Then he would roll around on my pink bed. I had to search his bags when he left I thought he was going to take some of my pink stuff. Well take care and have a great thanksgiving.

Pearl and Tessa said...

Puglet, Dutch and Amanda, have a Happy Thanksgiving. We miss you all, hopefully you are all healthy and happy.

Everydoggy and human...have a great holiday! And congratulations Miley, aka octomom!

Unknown said...

Just stopped by to wish everyone at Casa de Puglet a very happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a wonderful tasty day.
Your friend, Chubby T. Pug

Anonymous said...

Sweet Puglet, I rack my brain for ways to win you back and nothing seems to work. Not prayer, juju, crossing my heart, attempting a jimmy, squeezing my eyes shut and a whole slew of other things. What's a girl to do, any suggestions? I miss you dearly!

Paula from DE said...

Happy holidays pug! We still miss you all!

Anonymous said...

There are some boys in Florida who 💕you all and just dropped by again to send pug hugs! In honor of Puglet and Dutch, Oscar slept and Cubby mauled his bacony-yummy Lickety Stik. The humans in our house miss reading the antics of daily life at Casa Pug...

(And Miley, whew, girl you must be exhausted!)

Warm wishes to Miss Amanda & her delightful boys from the Gainesville pugs

Those Jersey Shore Puggles said...

Happy Holidays !

Hoping to hear from from the "casa de puglet" soon.

Miss you so very much.

Roxi, Riley & Lea

Anonymous said...

All I wish for Christmas is for The Daily Puglet to return.


Your fan, Meatball

Unknown said...

Chubby the Pug here wishing Pug and Amanda and Dutch a very Merry Christmas. I love you guys! 🎄

Beatrix's Mom said...

Happy holidays Amanda, Puglet and Dutch!

We're heading home for the holidays and won't be able to wish you a happy, joyous and healthy holiday season.

Joyeux noël et bonne année !

Mercy said...

Dear Amanda, Puglet and Dutchy,
We miss you very much and hope you have nice holidays with your friends and family. We wish you, joy, love, peace and good health in 2014. Come back to us when the time is right.
Kisses, Kisses,
Mercy, Vinny, Izzy and Jane

Anonymous said...

Puglet, Dutch and Amanda,

WE MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! Please come back. It would be a Christmas Miracle!!

Mooch, Aussie and Daddy

Loring said...

Very happy holidays, Amanda, Puglet, Dutch, and every beautiful soul touched by you!

Rachel's Thoughts said...

Merry Christmas Puglet and Friends. We miss you! :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to Amanda, Pug & Dutch and all the Daily Puglet family! We wish you all the best :)

Ann, Frodo, Molly & Cleo

Anonymous said...

Puglet, Dutch and Amanda, Wishing you a very merry, lots of bacon and more joy than ever imagined! xxx

TriHardChris said...

Merry Christmas Puglet, Dutch and Miss Amanda...we hope you had a lovely day filled with bacon, pinkness and most of all kindness.

We miss you dearly,
Bouncer, Chaos and now Dash in S Florida.

Maggie and Lucy the Pugs in Dallas said...

Hi to Pug, Dutch and Amanda!Maggie #148 here! around to letting you know we haven't forgotten about ya, and hope you haven't forgotten us. I know you never met my new sister Lucy but I told her all about you guys! Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New Year! Lots of pug luv to you!!

Rambo and Miss Ellie said...

Amanda, Pug, & Dutch,
Sending love and blessings for the new year. Hope to hear from you soon miss you soooooo much. Thank you for all the laughter and great adventures you have given us. Love you all, Denise, Rambo, & Miss Ellie

Unknown said...

To everyone at your house from Chubby T. Pug and everyone at my house!!! Have a wonderful 2014. We love you guys!!!

Unknown said...

To everyone at your house from Chubby T. Pug and everyone at my house!!! Have a wonderful 2014. We love you guys!!!

You Can Thank Me Later said...

Amanda, Dutch and Puglet! You are dearly missed in our household. Best wishes for 2014. Hopefully this will include your delightful blog!

Mercy said...

Dear Amanda, Pug & Dutch,
We wish you a healthy and happy new year. We sure miss you, your adventures, your humor and love of life.
Take care & Kisses, Kisses,
Mercy, Vinny & Izzy

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