Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hi. Me again.

Don't worry,
Pug's OK. I'm just keeping his bed warm til he gets back. He made it through surgery just fine this time and will be home later today. Should be back online tomorrow once the drugs wear off.

Y'know, I never thought I'd say this - but it's been kinda lonely without Pug around. A bit depressing, really. Back when he first came to stay with us, I wasn't 100% in love with the idea. But I figured he'd come and go like the others. I knew the routine: a few weeks of inconvenient sharing, homeless dog gets adopted, and life returns to normal til the next foster comes along. No big deal.

So I let the Pug use my toys. He ate my rubber chicken and stole the flying squirrel. I let him share my bed; he hogged the whole thing and let me sleep on the floor. I waited patiently for him to leave... and he's still here.

But you know what? The little guy's kinda grown on me. Sometimes he can be a real pain in the be-hind, and I hate the way he weasels his way into the middle of EVERYTHING, but life without Pug just isn't the same. Even if it's only for a day.

Uhm, please don't tell him I said that. OK? Thanks.


Rosie the Party Pug said...

I'm sooo glad to hear that Puglet is okay!

Angela Decker said...

I'm happy he's all good, too!! Had me worried for a sec! Don't do that, Dutch!

THE PUGLET said...

OOOh Noo! I guess this post's title kinda made it seem like Pug, well, y'know. Did the heart attack thing again.

Pug's alot better at this blogging stuff than I am. I'll see if my human come come up with a different one...