Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well, the anti-juju worked. After two days of bottom-floating, Fish finally did the Big Float. He's now in the big bowl in the sky, floating in peace (even when he wasn't sick, he never did swim very much).

It sounds like some juju is needed in a bunch of other places. Broken little humans and gimpy legs. My human broke one of her teeth yesterday, so we might even need some juju at our house. Hopefully not. Hopefully she just needs a dentist.

* * *

Happy Special Days to Beuleh + Marble in Ottowa (that's Canada, so you can probably talk your people into giving you more cookies because of the exchange rate thing). Even though it's a sad day for Fish, I know he would want us to all eat cookies.


Payton said...

I am very sorry to hear about Fish, but it sounded like he had a good, long life. I will eat a cookie to honor him today.
I've had a couple chipped/cracked teeth too, so I will send lots of good prayers to your human.
Beuleh and Marble, have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

You look so thoughtful and sweet in the photo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
You really do look sweet in the photo; I'm very glad that Fish is in a happy place; PLEASE take care of your human since she's the one with the thumbs

Barbara said...

Terribly sorry to hear about Fish, but he's in a better bowl now.

Hope momma doesn't have to go to the doctor!

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet,
Sorry about FISH but at least he isn't floating funny anymore. Do fish cross the Rainbow Bridge too, or do they just swim under it?
Tell your human to quit (1) getting sick, (2) getting hurt, (3) breaking equipment and (4) chipping teeth! Enough already. I am sending my most POWERFUL PAW vibe to her to stop all this bad stuff!
Love and cookies, Noodles

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...so much going on and sorry to hear about Fish, but we all know he is in a better bowl now! Oh my on your human and her tooth. I had to have two pulled so I know about the dentist, well not the people dentist but I know about teeth! Hope she gets better real soon.

Happy day to Beulah and Marble and really appreciate the info on the exchange rate thing cuz I'm always looking for ways to get more treats!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we have to agree with Noodles and hope that your Hu-Mom stops with all the bad stuff. Maybe you ought to wrap her in bubble wrap or something. Whatever will we do if she breaks her thumbs???? Mega puggle juju being sent your way today.

Glad Fish finally swam towards the light at the end of the bowl. Kudoos to your Mom for hanging in there until the end and not flushing him .... she didn't, right?

Happy Special Days Beuleh + Marble in Ottowa and most definitely go for that exchange rate = extra cookie thing !!

Gimpy Roxi, Riley and Lea
(The Jersey Shore Puggles)

Robinette said...

Well I hope Fish didn't suffer too much, RIP dear Fish. And good juju out to your human! I hate having tooth issues, so I hope your human gets to see the dentist soon!

Robinette and Weezer

Anonymous said...

Raise a paw in memory of FISH and extra Cookies all around. RIP, FISH.

Frankie in Kirkland said...

My 10 year old boy human broke his collar bone in a bike crash yesterday. I am doing my part to help him heal by hanging out with him on the couch. It is a sacrifice, but that how we pugs roll!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Sorry to hear about Fish, RIP little swimmer.

Sounds like you human is in need of a vacation.. hey thats the ticket. Talk her into taking some needed time off with you and Dutch in tow. R&R would fix her right up, chipped tooth and all.

But where could you go???

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli in SA TX

Happy Day to Beuleh and Marble

Ollie said...

Maybe instead of calling it anti-juju which sounds kind of bad, how about journey into the light juju or something like that. Anyway, I'm glad FISH is at peace and not struggling anymore.

Noodles is right, bad stuff be gone!! We all need to band together and send a steady stream of protection juju your way to safeguard you and your human and of course, Dutch. I'm going to include some painless dental visit juju for your human, as well.

Happy Birthday Beuleh and Marble, I'm going to be enjoying some maple-smoked bacon.

Crabbie Chris said...

Mom let out a little gasp when she saw your title of todays blog...she went all vet tech and thought you had a sick kitty visiting. That mom of mine is such a dork!
Anyways...sorry about your fish, but it seems like he's in a better place. Maybe your mom will get you another fish friend.
Sorry to hear about your moms mouth. Cracked teeth and trips to the dreaded dentist totally suck!!

THE PUGLET said...

HOLY FREAKING SPAM. Fish is still alive!!!

We were going to do a sea burial but its raining and my humans mouth is broken so we were going to flush him instead. But he started to swim again when my human moved the bowl. Whaaaaa??

Anonymous said...

Bellatrix, LOL .... FIP = sick kitty. Too funny.

Frankie, you're a pug to be admired. You hang in there with your boy. This summer is gona be rough cause summer on a couch just sucks .... were you a crack or a couch pug? Sounds like they'll be a lot of Animal Planet in your future. Will keep both of you in our puggle thoughts and prayers.

Still gimpy Roxi, Riley & Lea
(The Jersey Shore Puggles)

Anonymous said...

FISH is alive....uh oh, maybe its Voo Doo instead of JuJu. Freakin scary.

The 3E's

Anonymous said...

WOAH!!! Fish is still alive???!! I thought he'd be cruisin' the EAC in the sky by now!(the East Australian Current)
It's a miracle.
Kris in Oklahoma

Estelita said...

Hi Puglet,

So sorry about FISH. He is free now in a beautiful place swimming and happy because he lived with yours and had a beautiful life with love/care here.
You always expressive on pictures!
I hope that your mom be better. All yours need good juju. Good and better days are comming.


Fred and mom

Payton said...

Ok, maybe this juju thing is a bit stronger than any one of us knew! Sounds like it's time to take Fish to the vet...is there a fish vet...to find out what is up. Keep us posted, and let us know if you need us to think "journey into the light" thoughts (good one, Ollie). And as everyone has said, you need to protect your human so that her thumbs stay ok...don't know what we'd all do without our Daily Puglet fix.

I Love Lucy said...

FISH IS ALIVE?!? Holy Friggin' Moly! Anti-juju does not work Puglet. I want to give Fish a big kiss. He's got staying power.

I hope the dentist can fix your human.

Happiest of days to Beuleh and Marbel.

Love ya',


Lola said...

Wow! Fishy magic!
My mom's friend had a betta (which inspired us to get ours) and he just moved on to bluer waters. Her friend says it took some time- in fact, she told us awhile ago that he was on his way out. Just happened (finally) last week.
Good luck Pug. And happy belated special day. We were totally thinking about you, but my mom was way too lazy to send a message over the weekend.
Lafayette Lola

Sue and Romeo said...

Fish, I hope you're not suffering. If you are, please go in peace.

Hope your human gets to the dentist in no time and gets all fixed up.

Frankie, you take good care of your boy human, and I know you will.

Happy Special Day to Beuleh and Marble.

Lola and Ziggy in Dallas said...

Lola had a dental cleaning today and a growth removed. She's getting lots of yogurt (to make up for missing out on breakfast) and extra cuddling tonight. Maybe that's what your human needs - extra cuddling. You and Dutch can handle that.

Wilma said...

Woah, fish is alive. That's nut's. Sheesh, that's one tough fish. Hope you Mom's tooth is OK. My Mom hates the dentist, but then again, I don't know too many humans who speak highly of dentists.
I must say, you are looking quite sweet in your picture today. Well, sweeter than usual, if that is possible.

Pugs2Luv said...

Fish is full of surprises. Maybe just wait a really long while to let Fish go to sleep. You did say he was a slow paced creature.
We hope your human's tooth is fixable; our human broke her tooth a couple of months ago and they took it out. She was no fun to be around.
Sending healing juju to all who need it.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Angry Butterfly said...

Fish is very old, fish like Fish in the wild usually get eaten so they only live a long time as pets, and usually only live to be about 3. I had a beta fish and it was like Fish when it got old. I think it was my ex husband who finally decided he was a gonener for real.

SpencerBartholomew said...

Wow! Fish is Alive! How great is that! I'm sorry to hear about your human's tooth - that can be awful! Sending good juju her way.

And - Happy Special Day to Beuleh and Marble! CELEBRATE TODAY!!