Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So, I guess HAL4.1 was dead or went back into a coma or something yesterday. No idea, but he seems totally fine today. I haven't heard my human scream or cry or use any of those HBO words so I guess he's going to live.

Not so sure about my human though. I think talking on the phone with that Tech Support guy might have melted her brain. Like, even more melted than it already is.

Promise not to tell her any of this, but yesterday we ate breakfast twice. And the day before that, we got dinner twice too. Kinda cool, but not so normal. Oh, and
on Saturday when we were going to hike with the cows she put on two totally different shoes. Luckily I noticed and she never made it out of the kitchen, but still.

Totally not normal.

I'm usually pretty good at making humans feel good, but I think something like a melted brain needs
something extraspecial to make it better. So today I'm going to be non-stop, ridiculously cute all day long. I'm going to be so insanely cute, my human's brain is going to hurt in a totally different way. Y'know, a good kind of hurt.

But just in case that doesn't work, doesn anyone here do something that absolutely, positively makes your humans melt? Or, uh, unmelt??


Payton said...

This is a tough one. Sometimes I do things that make my mom and dad aww and I don't even know what I did. So I've come to the conclusion that it is simply the power of the pug. You have it already so just be yourself. We are hoping that your human's brain gets back to normal. If she needs any of my brain drugs, I'd be happy to spare some.

Robinette said...

Oh dear Pug, I'm so sorry your human isn't feeling too hot. I know when I'm in a ball of tears my own dear puggy Weezer can always make me melt put sitting on the couch next to me, putting his little chin on my knee and heaving a huge sign. It's so simple but it gets me every time. It reminds me that life really can be simple, if only for a moment, and that the love and companionship of a dog truly is priceless.

Good luck and I hope she is feeling better soon!

Robinette and Weezer

Noodles said...

I think humans melt their minds from doing too many things at the same time. I know mine do. So as official HOUSE PUG it is my job to make them slow down and relax. I accomplish this by looking up with sad eyes until Mommy thinks I NEED a cuddle. This forces her to stop what she is multi-tasking and revive a little.
Love Noodles

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...all I have to do is just look at my human mom and she will always say I am the cutest pug in all the world and she gets a big smile on her face. But...she really seems to melt when I lay on the floor with my head between my paws and just sort of stare at her...not sure why but every time I do this she comes over and gives me hugs and kisses. Oh, and then I usually get a treat so it is a good thing for both of us I guess...she seems to melt with happiness and I get a tasty cookie!

Ellie, Bogie and Gertie said...

Dear Puglet - We wake our human up every morning, tag-teaming her in unison with our doggy laughs (happy-snorty panting) and lick her face mercilessly before starting our synchronized bounding where we jump on and over her like racing gazelles. If that doesn't do the trick, we make her sniff our butts by pushing our wriggly little tales up her nose, punctuated, of course, by more kisses and ridiculously slurpy hair licks. Three against one? Bah! Works every time!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

PS ~ agree with Payton though...think it just might come down to the Power of the Pug, so be yourself!

Crabbie Chris said...

Ok I have a suggestion (or two). First off-ORB her. You know open your eyes wide and then bat your lashes. Make them glisten real good. Maybe add a sit and look up or rest your head on her while ORBing her. Careful this will cause many many kisses from your mom.
Second...maybe your mom needs a vacation from her brain. I know you may think that's what she is doing already, but maybe the world is overloading her. My 'rents always vacation with a Mouse, maybe your mom needs to find her own Mouse?

Anonymous said...

Bo from Sacramento says:

Puglet: Sounds like yur mommy needs some pawsome Pug juju - so we are sending boatloads her way.

I also agree with Maggie in Dallas: Laying on the floor with your head between your paws and show those orbs - melts my mommy's heart every time!!!

Pug juju - do your stuff!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a lack of SPAM syndrome. Get her some SPAM, she will be back to normal in few days. You told us she doesn't eat meat, but it's about time for her to start eating some. You get to eat left overs.


Gracie the Agility Pug said...

My latest cute "thing" is to go to bed without mom or dad. They'll be watching TV, and I'll just get up, stretch, push past the baby gate, shove open the bedroom door and hit the hay. They think that's cute.

Tell your mom not to worry. My mom's gone to work with different shoes on a few times. Dad kids her about it all the time.

Barbara said...

Lots of chocolate and ice cream, plus lots of dog kisses usually help me unmelt!!

Frankie from Seattle said...

Get her to snuggle on the couch (or if you are not allowed on the couch, somewhere that you are) with you! It is a great way to get/give some love and it always helps my humans relax.

Kitty+Coco said...

I have found that falling asleep on my back (you know, belly up) right beside mom gets her to giggle every time. Off the charts cuteness is sure to add some humor. Oh yeah, and though I hate face kisses, I will sometimes let her kiss my jowls just for kicks.

Mom says she ended up at work with her undies on inside out. Whoops. Don't feel bad. NEED MORE REST.


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Ellie here, brother Emmitt has almond shaped puddle eyes, all he has to do is look at mom, blink once or twice she just melts.

Eli wobbles his tail, smiles showing his one big bottom tooth and again the woman melts.

Now me, I just cock my head to one side and I can get her to leak then the melting starts.

Your human will be OK, wearing two different shoes isn't that bad, its not like she walked out of the house with no pants on !

Ellie from San Antonio

Anonymous said...

DP, you and Dutch need to tag team Mom with as much love and attention as you can muster up. Big orbs from you and a fart or two from Dutch will have her cracking a smile in no time. Soon she'll forget about what she is doing and focus on you and/or Dutch.

Oh and my hu-Mom went to work last week with her shirt on in side out. She never realized it until she came home that night and went to change.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Barbara ... ice cream and chocolate! Plus, of course, lots of kisses!

Chang from Chicago

Anonymous said...

Tell your human mom not to worry about the 2 different shoes, my mom went to work wearing the 'same' shoes, but one blue and one black, gone out in her slippers, put shirts on backwards, inside out, the list goes on & on.....

As to the cute thing you can do, almost every night I go to my toy box and pick out a toy to bring to bed, this absolutely melts my mom's heart. I hear her saying to my dad how cute I am, how precious, how adorable yada yada yada.

Frodo with Cleo & Molly

THE PUGLET said...

Whoa. Good to know so many other humans can't dress themselves right. So maybe the two-different-shoe thing is normal?? I thought it was some kind of bad sign. Phew.

Everyone's secret melting tricks all sound so insanely cute. Especially Frodo's - I totally need to start doing that (bet it'll score me a pre-bed snack too!). I think you all should just come over to my house and be cute together. I know that would totally help, no matter how gimpy or melted my human is.

THE PUGLET said...

And Sammy ~ you're such a genius! My human has never once eaten SPAM in her whole entire life. I'm sure she MUST have some sort of deficiency by now.

A little SPAM for her & a lot of leftovers for me. Total win-win :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Puglet - I'm sorry you're human doesn't feel good. But if it helps - I admit that 1 day at work a few months ago I looked down to realize I had a black boot on my left foot & a brown 1 on my right (yikes). Tell her to breathe deeply (for some reason - that seems to help humans.)

As for the melting part, that's easy - just cuddle up next to her :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe your human needs a vacation...hike up in the Sierras (she could even have you two stay with us on the way up :)). Or, a massage??? Maybe you could get her to lay on the couch, and walk on her back, very relaxing (if not too tubey). Or, just be your cute self, amped up!

Hope you human is back on track soon.

Pearl and Tessa

scrub4pups said...
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scrub4pups said...

Puglet tell your humom that the secret to the mismatch thing is to do it all the time. tell her to get different socks too. When anyone says anything about it say you have a pair at home just like it. Moms just have to make you roll your eyes sometimes.

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Dear Puglet,
My hu-mom gets tired too, especially when her brain is " too full or worried". In fact, she takes a nap on the couch almost every afternoon with me to relax... Your Momma should take a vaca-day and just do whatever SHE wants to do, including you and Dutch, of course...and stay away from that nasty machine Hal. I still think she would be much happier with an Apple computer. Can you talk her into taking you down to the store to try one out?
Your Pal,
Eddie the Pug

Ollie said...

My human's has brain melts all the time: calls cellphone regularly to find out where she left it, can never remember the date or day of the week (Wednesday for some reason is a real problem), forgets pin numbers, passwords, security questions and then can't recall the secret hiding place of said important stuff.

I just stare at her with my big brown eyes and transmit my canine common sense until she snaps out of it.

Anonymous said...

Our Mom has done the 'two different sneaker' thing before but didn't notice until we were well on our way. She thinks everything we do is cute (if it doesn't involve 'accidents' in the house) but I think her favorite is when we snuggle up together and give each other kisses. Do you think you and Dutch can try that?

CarlaKH said...

Sending all good wishes to your Human. We tend to make our Mom feel better by reallllyyy sucking up to her when she feels bad because we totally sense it ... and then we turn our snoring up an extra decibel or two to try to change her brain waves. Or we just sit next to her and pass gas and then look at her like OHHH NOO YOU DIDN"T with a head snap and she usually laughs. We don't know why farting makes her laugh, but ya can't always understand Humans.

just sayin' said...

Puglet, sometimes the best thing about reading your blog is all the posts! Everyone on here is so clever! Just sayin' but of course no one rivals you (and your human) in hilarity...

THE PUGLET said...

Hmmm. Last time I tried snuggling up next to Dutch he farted in my face:


Even though I'm a pug, Dutch is definitely the big farter. It doesn't make my human laugh but she does leave the room sometimes. Dutch farts smell SOOOOOO bad!

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Dear Puglet,
Now that I am reading 'bout farts and have seen all the other posts...seems like your hu-mom has gotten mega JuJu from the pug-o-sphere!! Hope that "happy days are here again" for all of you! And be sure to go "poodle" on Hal, whatever number he is in his latest re-incarnation, because he deserves it! Nikon needs to be his best behavior as well...
In bed, under the covers already, your pal,
Eddie the Pug

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi Pug ;) I have the same "problems" like your Human, but in my case it's my age that is melting my brain :( and it's getting worse :(

and go off on a different tack, I LOVE to look in your eyes and find there your Human :) kiss Gosia

Anonymous said...


I think it's the heat that is making her melt. It's been super duper hot here in Northern California, and that isn't good for humans or pugs. It will start to cool down on Thursday. Until then, lots of snarfles and head tilts will help her get back to her normal self.

Harley Bean the pug and Mimi, the cocker spaniel in Napa, CA