Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Congrats, Sadie! Your belly will soon be full of panda heads (you might have to share with your people because, technically, they are people-cookies). The genius Randomizer must have know it's your birthday :)

Please email us your address dailypuglet[at]gmail.com so we can send you some pandas.

I am sooo glad the Randomizer picked a small number. After 5 million hours on the phone with that Tech Support person, I'm not sure my human could count much higher than 2.

The bad news: Tech Support killed HAL4. Or at least put him in a coma. The good news: after 5 million hours on the phone and many HBO words later, a man is coming to revive HAL4. Hopefully today.


Because with no Nikon and HAL4 in a coma, ther
e isn't much cuteness for me to give you. And I am waaaaaaay cuter than this:

* * *

Happy Whelp Day to Mochi in Roslyn Heights, NY!


Barbara said...

I'm bummed that Jeep didn't win, but very happy someone else will have a full Panda belly!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet!! That's more than enough cute for me today!! Good luck with all of the sick computer and Nikon. Hang tight cause it's GOTTA get better!

Megan (the human)
Madgie, Emmett, Rosie, & Dalia (the pugs)

I Love Lucy said...

Awww Puglet, we are definitely aware of your cuteness. It just comes naturally for you.
Congratulations Sadie! We hope you enjoy your Panda Heads.
Happy Whelp Day to you Mochi, I'll be enjoying a yummy creme-filled cookie on your behalf.

Love ya',

Payton said...

Technology...can't live with it, can't live without it! Amd Pug, never fear, every picture of you exudes cute!
Congrats to Sadie!
Have a great birthday, Mochi!

Anonymous said...

I am sad that I didnt win, but happy for Sadie because it's her birthday. :)
~ Frankie from Seattle

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet
Tech crash and burns are no fun, that's for sure!Happy Whelp Day Mochi.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

Oh, Puglet, you are still soooo cute.
Mochi, happy b-day ~ you are soooo cute too !
Congrats Sadie. Hope you are getting the pink one or the white one. I know there are at least 3 different kinds.....if you get the chocolate one, I know your human will eat it, not you......so ask Puglet to send you pink or the white panda heads.


Anonymous said...

Pug=freaking adorable!!! (with or without Nikon...seriously that face is just too much and add Dutch and his over the top cuteness to the mix and my human is unsure how you get anything done:)

Happy Whelp Day Mochi!

Pug Love
Myko in SF

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...you can't get any cuter! We love seeing any pic of you...new or old, they are all good! So happy Sadie gets the Pandas and your human didn't have to count too high...we know she is going thru some troubled times right now with Nikon and HAL4. Ya'll hang in there...it will all get better...it always does in a pug world!

Happy Day to Mochi! Gotta go get my treat now.

Sue and Romeo said...

Congrats to Sadie. Romeo was hoping, but since it was Sadie's BD, that's ok.

Happy Day to Mochi.

Computers are great when they work, but a huge pain when they don't, but Puglet, you are cute all the time and whatever your picture is taken with does not detract from that.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Mochi happy whelp day, hope you'll have lots of fun and treats today:)
And Sadie!!!! Big congraties to you!!! Love that pandas are going your way:)

On one hand I hate all those tech-things but without them I wouldn't have chance to meet you all, so both Nikon and HAL4 !! Focus and come back!

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Puglet, you don't need a fancy camera to show everyone how cute you are. It's obvious in any picture!
But I have to admit, having functioning tech toys sure is fun! Last night I made a little video using iMovie and it was sooo easy! You should check it out!
Click on my name to see it on my blog.
And, Don't Stop Believin'!

Congrats to Sadie and Happy Day to Mochi!

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III aka
Ernest MP3

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
Paws crossed that the new techie fixes HAL4 and makes your human's computer blues go away. But as long as your oven and food chopper thingy still work, everything's ok.

Congratulations to Sadie and Happy Birthday to Mochi (may your day be filled with delicious Panda-like cookies)!

Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

Happy day to Mochi!
Great name BTW!

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Had a great time at day camp and now my mommy is making me my special birthday dinner.
Congrats Sadie, hope it tasted good.

Loved celebrating it with everyone.


Anonymous said...

Happy Day Mochi....enjoy your big day in a special way...scarf down COOKIES!

Cute pic Puglet.. sorry HAL4 is coma'd hopefully he'll wake up soon and get crackin if not pee on him and send him packin !

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli the 3E's from San Antonio
PS, the pee idea was from the boys, Ellie has to much class to pee on anything.

Anonymous said...

Question: Any of you pug pals ever been stung by a wasp? I got stung on the pad of my foot and my eyelid just now.

Mom says I look like Popeye...whoever that is...on my way to the doctor guy...if he comes at me with a needle I might bite him AGAIN!

Ellie from San Antonio...Popeye better be a girl or I am not going to be happy !

Christine said...

the superman pose! thats my favorite sleeping position of all time!


Anonymous said...

The 3E's' Ellie...!! juju coming to Texas right now.

ps. Rudy's BBQ joint in SA was the die for... that's what our human says...any other suggestions if we go there?

Lola said...

Happy happy day to Mochi- so cool that it's your special day!
We're sending sting-be-gone jujus to Miss Ellie in SA- we have lots of those stingers in our yard right now.
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

Hey Sammy

Paesano's in the Quarry, Budros & County Line (our fav) on the River Walk. Tacky find that was on Diners Drive Ins & Dives... The Cove, its a car wash w/goumet food...really! Texas Land & Cattle ... beef on the hoof dad loves this one, Clear Springs...fried everything, fish, chicken and ONION RINGS!!! BIGZ for the best burgers in TX, or Texas Land & Cattle.

Just remember everthing is BIGGER in Texas, but not espensive.
The 3E's

Anonymous said...

Sammy... if you visit ring us up...!

Anonymous said...

3Es.. you are making every pugs/DP friends jealous.... our human mama eats like pugs, so she is drooling too. Any place we, pugs can go? or is that just for humans ?? Oh Puglet, you should coordinate annual DP field trip, pick a place every year, we all get together at the destination, that would be 500+ follower fun ! I vote for SA right now!!!!!


Pug Slope said...

Happy W-Day, Mochi! I'll scarf down some extra treats today on your behalf. And Puglet, man, you sure got that Jimmy down pat! My pugrents and I hope your human is able to get all her gadgets back in order. Maybe it's time to go analog - I think you'd look great on 35mm! Love, Sid.

Anonymous said...

SA is not Pug friendly. Only a few dog parks for us to go to and we don't like them.

3E's Pug Nationals are in Rhode Island this year, San Jose 2012, Tennessee 2013