Thursday, June 23, 2011


So we were in the car the other day and the radio man was talking about this experiment they did with little kids and marshmallows. In the experiment, kids are put in a room with a marshmallow and told they could either eat the marshmallow right away OR stare at it for awhile and get TWO marshmallows instead.

It went something like this:

I guess the experiment was supposed to test self-control and stuff, and it turned out that that kids who passed the marshmallow test (waited and got two marshmallows) "enjoyed greater success as adults".

This sounded like a super-easy test to pass (and an easy way to score two marshmallows) so I asked my human if she could try the experiment on me. She thought this sounded fun and totally said yes.

So I was all excited to score some easy snacks - except we didn't have any marshmallows in our kitchen. So my human used a pistachio instead. Uhm, if you've never eaten a pistachio, they smell bad and taste worse. I could have stared at that thing all day long and not eaten it, but for what? So I could get an extra one?

No thank you!

Instead, I just posed for today's picture and walked away. Dutch ate the nasty pistachio and I made my human promise to buy marshmallows next time she goes to the store.

Anyone here ever take the marshmallow test? If you haven't, do you think you could pass?


Anonymous said...

Interesting experiment. Kids are pretty smart little people and can always figure out what it takes to get more. I personally could have stared at that marshmallow all day and still not want to eat it...yuk. But maybe you could try the experiment again with, say...some bacon??!! Bet you couldn't just stare at it.
You're weak when it comes to bacon, I think.
Kris in Oklahoma

Noodles said...

Sore subject! My Mommy puts food in front of me and tells me not to touch it. TORTURE!
Then she walks away! As long as she is saying NO!!! I do not touch it. And I sit there FOREVER! Once she stops saying NO! within my hearing range, I totally nosh.
So am I a success or no?
Love Noodles

THE PUGLET said...

TOTALLY passed, Noodles. And I think your human should start giving you extra food for not eating the first bits!

Kris - bacon would be gone in .2 seconds. Maybe sooner.

Rocky, UK said...

Noodles, my human does that too! My brother (he's a cat) says it's because she's something called a sadist. I don't know what that is. But I know it never works with chicken or BACON.

Guy Noir said...

Well, I'd flunk. I would eat the pistachio. The marshmallow. The little hunk of food-shaped lint. A worm. BUT...Miss Chelu the poodle would pass with flying colors. Miss Chelu tries to teach me patience every night; I get my chicken bone and she gets her Zukes. She puts her Zukes under her paws and waits, and waits, and waits, and waits, and then she does a nibbly nibble. And waits some more. And another nibbly nibble. By this time, I have chewed all the chicken off my bone, and I have softened up the rawhide.

So I go sit and watch Miss Chelu while she does the nibbly nibble, hide the Zuke thing for oh, a zillion hours. Afterward she will get up and I can suck up the crumbs and lick the pillow she eats on.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...this marshmellow test sounds real close to what I just did a couple of days ago with something called a Hush Puppie. Ever hear of that? Well, let me tell you something, it is the strangest thing I have ever tried to eat. Oh, and I do it eat...eventually, but after I stare at it a very long time. Not sure why but it sort of freaks me out or something. Maybe it's the round shape of it, or maybe it's the texture when I finally do bite into it, I don't know but all I know is my human and the man with her seem to get a lot of fun out of watching me watch that Hush Puppie..and I watch it a long time I tell ya. But I do finally eat it, I mean it is food ya know and uh, I do love food, just some takes longer to figure out. But I think I would pass that marshmellow test cuz I've passed the hush puppie one for sure!

Myko said...

Those kids were adorable. My human used to put my food down and make me wait to eat until she said "OK" but whenever that happened she said I ate the food 10X as fast and pretty much almost choked myself, so she no longer makes me wait. Guess I taught her:)

Pug Love
Myko in SF

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Pistachio?? Gross!
Apparently I've already taken this test. And failed big time.
When we were making our amuse-bouche for your cookie book, mom wanted to take pictures of them in front of me before I starting eating. Luckily, she's pretty quick with her camera because I got one whiff and scarfed them all down!!
I have absolutely NO self-control when it comes to tuna and cheese.

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III aka
Ernest MP3

Anonymous said...

My Alpha is weird. He absolutely hates marshmallows, but loves pistachio nuts! I've tried to eat the shell when it fell on the floor and I Hoovered it up (my job). However, I got yelled at and just spit it out.

Chang from Chicago

Anonymous said...

Ever since Lea at sea shells out of the bowl on the table and Mom had to make her eat half a million cotton balls soaked in golden chicken juice so she'd poop them out without busting a gut, we have to wait to eat any treats. Riley, won't eat anything right away. He'll hide it (behind pillows on the coach) like we can't see him. Lea will wait until she has the OK before she will take anything put in front of her nose, but me (Roxi) NO WAY, I'm sorry but I can't wait. Not when I live with two other dogs that are gypsey thieves just like me. I may fail the test of patiences, but I never lose the test of speed ..... or MY treat!!

Roxi, Riley and Lea (The Jersey Shore Puggles)

citydog said...

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They will, of course, still be looking for a forever home, and everyone would like them to stay together.

Please, everyone, wherever you are, if you can foster or help a rescue with transport or making phone calls, or putting on a bake sale, or designing a flyer or *anything*, please contact a rescue near you. They all need help, and it's VERY good juju.

Thanks so much,
Iggy and Charlie

pepper the pugalier said...

puglet, daisy and i LOVE pistachios. mmmmmm, so good. we also love marshmallows. we're really good at leaving food until we're told we can get it, because we know if we wait, we get more! we even wait for BACON! however, we bark out the window all the time, so don't go thinking we're perfect or anything. ;)

oooh, guess what??? mommy says the baby in her tummy doesn't make her sick anymore, so we get to try the not ice cream!!! i'll let you know how it goes.

pepper the pugalier

Anonymous said...

I will eat it right away, I could be dead in next few minutes, heck, I will for sure eat it right away...

Sammy - from cold Minnesota, is it summer yet?

Payton said...

I would fail miserably and be quite content at doing so. Waiting for food makes absolutely no sense to me. But maybe my mom will test me out anyway and I can get a few treats out of the deal. Thanks for the idea Pug.

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Marshmallows are awesome, take it from us. And there is no way that we would wait to eat the marshmallow on our own. Sometimes, we obey the wait command, but not that frequently. Have your humans get the marshmallows stat! They rock!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

I'd have eaten the pistachio right away. But then, I eat dirt. So I'm not much of a foodie.

Angry Butterfly said...

One time one of my room mates put a pretzel on the very edge of the coffee table and told Dave that if he didn't eat it for a whole day he could have a special treat. None of the other room mates knew about it and it was kind of Dave's job to eat any food that was lying around before bugs came, but he left the pretzel alone, even when I pointed it out to him! The next day the room mate came home and said "Wow! He really didn't eat it!" and told me that he was testing Dave. I can't believe as much as Dave loves food he passed a whole 24 hour pretzel test, but he did!

THE PUGLET said...

24 hours without eating the lonely pretzel?? I hope Dave got a whole entire bag of pretzels for that!!!

Oisín said...

I think I would fail...yup I would fail!

My mummy took this test 14 years ago when she was in pre-school. But they gave her a bell to ring if she wanted to give up, mummy lasted 3 minutes out of the ten, and then after pre-school asked her mother to buy her marshmellows. So mummy ended up with a whole bag +1, I think not :)

Oisín x

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
This week my mom took me to an agility seminar.
And guess what, I had to do my "Down, Get It" position and stay there... LIKE FOREVER before the trainer lady even offered me a piece of chicken.

Its just like your pistachio torture..seriously!!!

My eyes were watering and I could feel my butt quivering, my whiskers weren't even moving and then finally the Holy Grail came my way, handfulls of chicken for the "Down, Get It".

Sometimes the wait is worth it, geez what a pug has to go thru !!

Eli from San Antonio

Helio from Nebraska said...

Our mom makes me and my pug sisters Raven and Bing Bing do this thing called "wait" when she puts treats or our dinners down for us. Then she says "Okay!" and we eat as fast as we can. So I think we could pass the marshmallow test. Raven is the best waiter. Bing Bing is the 2nd best. Sometimes, when mom says OKAY! I eat Raven's and my treats cuz Raven waits a little too long.