Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well, it looks like I am not alone. Because according to yesterday's Couch or Crack poll, most of us here are some combo of the two. Couch pugs came in 2nd and crack pugs came in 3rd (last = rare if you ask me, so that just means you are the most, uhm, special).

Speaking of special, my human says I need to make Dutch feel better today. I guess he's superembarrassed that the whole entire internet knows about his Golden Chicken fart. He farts all the time, so I don't know what the big deal is. But I guess his self esteem is fragile or something (?) and I need to make him feel good.

So here is Dutch, at the beach and not farting.

And here is Dutch pretending to be a model and not farting.

Here is Dutch sticking out his tongue and not farting.

And here is Dutch playing with me and totally NOT farting.

Dutch, I love you Dude. Even thought you fart in my face and can eat as much as you want and still have a skinny neck.

* * *

Zuzia the pug from Poznan, Poland was Gotcha'd on this day. I looked for Poland on the and it is way far away. Like, farther than Canada or New Jersey (where my cousin Sophie lives). I'm going to see if my human will give me extra cookies to celebrate such a far away special day.


Anonymous said...

Am I seeing this correctly?? Are you allowing Dutch to lick your head??
Self esteem is important. Dutch deserves to have some. And he also deserves to fart when he needs to.
Just sayin...
Wow, happy gotcha to Zuzia in Poland. That's really far far away from Oklahoma too.
Kris in Oklahoma

Barbara said...

BOL!! Poor Dutch. You abuse him so!

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Dutch.. Fart with Pride. We do. It's not a proper fart if our mom doesn't fan the smell away.

Wow Puglet what sharp teeth you have in the last picture.

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Forgot to wish Zuzia in Poland a very happy gotcha day.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Dutch don't be embarrass, farting or not you are THE BEST !!!
Thank you Puglet for your wishes to Zuzia, my princess will have a party this afternoon ;) and you should have extra cookie for Poland (any excuse is good to get something special :))
Kisssssesssss :)

Lola said...

Happy Gotcha Day to Princess Zuzia!
We totally LOVE Bro Dutch- especially the heart-shaped spot on his tush, and the way he barks real loud if you get too close to Henrietta! Very masculine, that bite, though.
Lafayette Lola

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Happy Day Zuzia!

Tell Dutch he's in good company. My Boxer sister, Snap, is ALWAYS farting. And I've been known to, um, toot, on occasion. Mom says I have no class - I fart, belch and drink beer. And yes, being "crack" means I'm special. Not always in a good, as in well-behaved, way.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh are so funny today. I liked all the pics of you describing Dutch when he is not farting...funny stuff! But not as funny as farting in your face! You go Dutch, gotta give it to him there, he did get ya good!

We gotta find this Poland place, I bet they have better cookies in far away places too...happy day to Zuzia.

Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

I want a print of that to hang in my bathroom!

I Love Lucy said...

Puglet and Dutch, you guys are too doggone, incredibly cute and funny. I totally love you guys. My mom really loves you too!
Happy Gotcha day Zuzia. Hope your day is filled with all kinds of special treats.


Anonymous said...

Holy pug face, Puglet - you've got some parania teeth going on in the last picture.

Dutch, you are one handsome, skinny neck fella. Roxi is in love with you, Dude!

Hu-Mom says puggles don't fart. Puggles "poof". Our Man says, "If it sounds like a fart and it smells like a fart, well then, it's a fart." He said only poodles poof cause they're from some weird cult.

Hey, our Grand-Hu-Mommy Czyzyk is from that Poland place, and she makes these things call perogies when she comes to visit and she gives us one or 2 or 5 - I don't know. She counts funny.

Happy Gotcha day Zuzia.

Prayers and ju-ju continue for Trunks.

We'll be back in a week. Going to Myrtle Beach for something called a vacation. Hu-Mom says it's way down our NJ beach. I hope they don't have waves there.

** Riley, Roxi and Lea (The Jersey Shore puggles)

Payton said...

As Gracie said, Dutch is in good company. My name is Payton, and I am a farter! Actually, Pug, I'm surprised that you aren't one too! I always thought that us pugs are prone to the gas.
Anyway, I think that there is a story behind photo'll have to tell us what's going on there. And the last pic is just awesome...the look on both of you is just priceless! Dutch, watch out...Pug is going for your jugular!
Happy gotcha day to Zuzia!

Anonymous said...

Bo from Sacramento says:

Come on Puglet, admit that you also fart. One of the many characteristics of A Pug is that they fart - A.L.L. T.H.E. T.I.M.E.!!!!

My mom always says she wishes she could bottle it, especially gas the price of gas for the car is so high!!

Love the pictures of you and Dutch - you are both awesome. Mom is laughing so hard that her eyes are leaking!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, mom's thumbs made a mistake

Especially since the price of gas is so high.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
How nice of you letting Dutch lick your head but don't you think he could clean them dirty paws of yours. You look like you walked in wet cement! Ssshhh, Eli did that last summer, but nobody is supposed to know, specially the people that now have pug paw prints in their sidewalk FOR EVER!

Speaking of Eli he got into the garbage can yesterday and not only FARTED up a storm he poo'd a huge pile on the tile floor. Mom was hot to trot over that one.

Happy Day Zuzia..what a nice name!

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli the San Antonio Pug Pack

Ollie said...

Awww Puglet...what a great photo of big brother Dutch giving you a lick; that guy really looks out for you.

As for the farting, Dutch is so handsome - he can pretty much do anything and get away with it.

I only fart when I eat poop (and you know how much I like snacking on poop!).

Happy Gotcha Day Zuzia! I love perogies: first meat, then potato & cheese, then blueberry and then strawberry. I'm going to convince my human to stop by our favourite deli on our way home and pick some up.

Ann said...

Puglet, that last picture of you and Dutch is one of our all-time favorites. You guys are good brothers.
Lots of Love from Austin,
Pickles and Rocco

moPSY+MISIOber said...

it's me again :) I just want to THANK ALL OUR FRIENDS. Zuzia is so happy with all the wishes :) thank you !!!
here you have Zuzia and her "cake" :)

... and pierogi ;) we have the same taste like Ollie :)but our favorit are russian pierogi (the one with potato and cheesse), and then meat :) kisses to you all ;)

THE PUGLET said...

Ollie, this is the best thing I've ever heard:/read/whatever:

"I only fart when I eat poop"


THE PUGLET said...

AWWWWWWWWWW Zuzia ~ holy cuteness x 6!

I hope your cake tasted as good as it looks :)

Happy Day!

THE PUGLET said...

Uh, I hope this doesn't get me in trouble again, but for the record, Dutch is the farter around here. I know pugs are supposed to be gassy, but I'm 99% gas-free.

My human says it's because Dutch likes to eat grass and he doesn't have enough stomachs to digest it or something.

No idea.

Gabby "The Gabbinator" said...

Ummmm, just for the record we kittys do not fart! We are 1000% fart free, which my human loves.

Happy Birthday Zuzia, your cake looks great and something we felines could enjoy too.

Puglet, is your human going to start the Daily Frolic again? We loved it and miss it!

Tiffy said...

I hate farts, Puglet, so I'm glad you don't fart. Farts are stinky and not very unlady like so I rarely fart.

Dutch is very handsome. And he looks like a natural model.


Ollie said...

They're not your average everyday farts either but the seriously pungent kind that come at you without warning - silent but deadly.

I let one loose in a crowded elevator last Friday. It was wickedly funny :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Gotcha Day Zuzia! That picture of you is freaking adorable! Oh and Puglet, that first pic of you really shows off your pug mug; it had my human zooming in and laughing out loud. You are seriously too cute.

Pug Love
Myko in SF

Anonymous said...

Chill out, everyone... when it comes out, it comes out. It's a sign of health !
Your human takes amazing pictures... yes, Dutch is a good looking boy (grrr~)

Happy day, Zuzia ~


Unknown said...

Hi Puglet. Mom says I phoot, but not very often. It usually takes her by surprise. I'm more of a burper. That cracks her up.


Crabbie Chris said...

In the words of Leslie Nielson..."let 'er rip"
I take those words to heart especially if I eat beef. My PSB's are legendary. I like to share with the whole room. So Dutch, I join you in a airy salute!

Pug Slope said...

Dutch, don't worry, man. It's good to get it out. I poot all the time, often while asleep. My parents think it's funny and don't mind because somehow my poots don't stink. I don't get to eat Golden Chicken though, due to allergies, so maybe that's what made yours stinky. Anyway, at least you don't try to eat poop like Puglet! Love, Sid.

Maile (My-lee) Ann said...

Gonna miss you so very much. Going on a vacation. No internet access...catch up when I return. :-/

Anonymous said...

Did we see PIEROGI in a note...our mom makes them all the time from scratch. Cheese and potatoe and cabbage ones, dad says they are to die for.

We wouldn't know, mom never gives us any.
Ellie, Emmit and Eli from Texas

Anonymous said...

Oh, 3Es & L... your mom's pierogi sounds super awesome!!

ps. All those european pugs got longer hair? They all look fuzzy (cute!). American pugs got shorter hair? Or is it my gimpy human's eye problem?


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet, we enjoy your blog from over here in deepest Somerset , UK (Nunney)...we tried to put a picture up but our no-thumbs let us down and our human was working (supposedly)..we are Zach and Ella 15 of the human years old but by Tea-Times, many many many (that's a lot, although clearly never enough..), and we have a sister who is a giant schnauzer called Cleo..She is no-fun, very crack, and - whisper it quietly - has shown downright Indifference to biscuits quite often. Our human thinks this is clear evidence of intelligence. We think it's simply dumb. And rude. Anyway, please tell your human we hope she is better soon and we send you British stiff upper lip.

Anonymous said...

HAs your human tried putting probiotics/enzymes in Dutch's food? It has almost eliminated my dogs' fartiness. You can get them at the fancier pet stores.

Massimo said...

No shame in the fart game, Dutch! Everyone does it! You are special no matter what!

pugsx4 said...

Pug, we have a Boxer girl that defines silent but deadly. Us pugs never fart, we have a boxer to blame it on!

Massimo said...

P.S. The picture of Dutch licking your head is awesome! Love it!