Friday, June 3, 2011


So, there's this thing that happens in San Francisco every summer. Just when it's getting nice and warm and sunny everywhere else on the planet, it gets cold and foggy and icky here. And we live in the sunny part of the city.

It's called the June Gloom and it sucks.

We've had 3 days of Gloom and I'm already over it. I mean, check out our weather for the next few days. Nothing but Gloom.

Google says it's 10 degrees warmer where my cousin Sophie lives (New Jersey), 20 degees warmer near Chicago where my friend Tiffy lives, and 30 degrees warmer at Suki's house in Austin, TX (hi Suki!).

What the???

It's supposed to be summer. And I'm pretty sure summer is supposed to be warm so we can do stuff like go to the beach and go swimming. Is anyone else's weather broken, or is San Francisco the coldest place on earth?


Anonymous said...

Puglet, I would gladly trade you my 80-90 degree days for the 60's you've got out there.

Noodles said...

Puglet - I live in San Jose and the weather is just as broken! In fact, maybe MORE broken than San Francisco because we DON'T have that nasty cold fog that you have on the coast! Lately I find myself attempting to crawl UNDER the covers! And when the heater comes on (hey, I thought we turned that off in March) Sunshine the Cat and I fight over the floor heat vent.
Love Noodles

THE PUGLET said...

Geeky ~

You totally don't want our Gloom!!!!

Noodles ~

UGH. Tell me about it. We've been sleeping on the plug-in toaster blanket ever since June started. I wish July would get here like NOW.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Oh Puglet :( unfortunately SF can be the coldest place on earth :( here in Poland technically we still have spring, but outside there is summer for sure. I've just checked my iphone and tommorow there will be 84F (SF 56F and rain) and on Sunday 89F (SF 56F and rain:( )!! No pug weather at all, but good time for a bath :)

Maybe we all can send some king of weather juju to you and Dutch???

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...I don't know anything about your gloom, my mom told me about it as she said she's been to your area several times and says she knows what you are talking about but try living in Dallas, TX right now! It is HOT already and in the 90's, whatever that means, all I know is it is HOT! I can't stay outside too long cuz it's just too HOT! The sun comes up and stays out all day long and it is HOT when I go out to pee and poop and then I just want to go back in...I want to play and run but if I do, well you know what happens, tongue hangs out, I pant and look like I might pass out, I walk slow, it's just not a pretty picture. It's HOT here...did I get that across to ya? I want some of your gloom for a little while...send it my way, will ya?

Payton said...

Hey Pug! I don't think any of us are enjoying nice weather right now. Seems it is either cold and/or rainy or terribly hot and humid. In fact, it's supposed to be 96 degrees here (by St. Louis)'d think I was in Texas! It was so hot I could barely bring myself to pee and poo this morning. I think I'll have to look into bunking with Tiffy, cause at this point 80's seem wonderful.
PS. For an adventure in the San Fran gloom, have your human take you to the post office... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello. A couple of weeks ago, we had many rainy days in Boston. Then last week it was way too hot! This week has been in the 70s, which is perfect for me. Good luck with the gloom!

Lola said...

The sun is totally broken here in Lafayette, CA, too. Of course, we're only a few miles from you,but our sun tends to be a little warmer on this side of the hill.
Doing a sunshine dance,
Lafayette Lola

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Its really hot here in San Antonio. We hit 100 one day last week and this week its been in the really hi 90's like 97,98,99 !

We walk at night now cause the sun makes the road and sidewalks so hot they burn the pads on our paws.

Mom fills our baby pool with cold water for us to cool off, even Lucy the cat takes a dip to get cool.

If you want to warm up come visit us! Do you get along with cats?

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from HOT San Antonio TX

Anonymous said...

Don't be so sissy, Puglet. Come visit us in January. Gloom is better than windchill down to negative 80. Mom makes us go potty outside regardless of the temp. My prescious pee gets frozen instantly. I think I will live here in MN during summer months, then move in with 3Es during winter....


Massimo said...

No kidding, dude! "The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco." ... or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! It's been raining and miserable here too. When we do finally get a nice day, all the dogparks are swampy. Running in watery grass is not my idea of fun.
I am thankful that my yard is fairly high and dry. Many near-by communities have been evacuated in the past few weeks because they have been flooded out. Mum was reading a news article to me about a farmer's field that now has fish breeding in it due to the flooding. Talk about a fish farm. BOL!

Coco said...

Dear Puglet,
It's nice and sunny here in Denver! We went from cold and rainy to sunny and warm without much in between. You should come visit! Chili and I like it a little more mild than it is right now, but our least favorite weather is rain (and the winter weather at Grandma's house that cannot be mentioned), so we're glad it's gone.

Coco & Chili

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
Mid-seventies and sunny; perfect poo foraging weather, otherwise known as going for a walk.

Holdin27 said...

Burrrroken! But then again I live in the same place. Another weekend of cooped up pugs and pug affiliates bouncing off the walls at my house...

Crabbie Chris said...

Is it just me.....because I love the cold weather. Us black pugs don't do so great when it's hot out. Mom has to carry extra water, a spritzer, ice cubes....all sorts of crap to keep me cool. I am not just referring to my personality either. So while the rain is crap, I will continue to enjoy the colder temps while I still can.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the crappy weather in San Fran! Its like 90 degrees here in South Florida! I wanted to thank everyone for all the good JuJu, I went to the vet yesterday and she said I am doing much better! I still have to take it easy but it looks like I won't need surgery. So thanks to for all the love, support, and good JuJu.

Trunks and Demarus

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the bad weather!!! We have also had bad luck with it here in Seattle. In fact, we just had our first sunny day of like, the whole year! Hope it gets better in SF!!
~ Frankie from Seattle

Suki said...

Hi Pug!

I'm so honored you mentioned me today. You ROCK! But we all knew that already.

The weather in Austin and the whole state of Texas is broken... it's 6pm & it a pug melting 97 degrees outside. Texas is experiencing the worst drought in 50 years & there have been 2 million acres scorched by wild fires. Please, please send some of your gloomy weather my way.

My summer hibernation process has started early this year. Adventures are done early in the mornings before melting weather rears its ugly head.


Wilma said...

Well, after what seems like months of gloom, we are stringing together 3 beautiful sunny clear days. I wish I could share with all my friends.

Mr Puggles said...

I had no idea about the June gloom Puglet! I just thought it was always nice and sunny in California all the time, and was totally jealous of you guys when it's freezing cold here in the winter time.

Max the Jack Russell said...

Hey Pug!

I live in Napa Valley and its sure gloomy here too. You're not alone.


Mel said...

Oh Puglet, I'm thinking of you trying to keep warm, especially cause I'm trying to do the same. It's winter here and I'm stuck inside with a heater and under piles of blankets trying to get rid of a cough. *hugs*

Tiffy said...

It was almost 90 here today, Puglet. Momma left me home all day and I slept in the air conditioning. It was perfect!

It may be gloomy in SF but at least you don't have killer mosquitoes. We've had so much rain this spring that massive amounts of mosquitoes are getting ready to strike. Momma says that pretty soon we won't be able to go out at dusk.


Monkee said...

Here in Houston, it's record highs. Yesterday was 100+, and today was 98. Not to mention the drought and fires... I think the weather is broken all over the place this year. Tornadoes in Massachusetts, even! Good gravy.

Anonymous said...

Buddy from Houston, here

Like Monkee said, it is BAKING here, with temps up to 100. Very bad for a "crack" pug like me. I am stir crazy!!

Sun said...

Finally AFTER much gloom where I am, we're getting sunny days! The whole town is practically celebrating...we thought we'd never see Sun!

Deb and Daisy said...

We are in Alberta Canada. Up north there are out of control wildfires. In the south there are out of control rains. We are on flood watch here. Nobody, or their pugs, have died yet but we are sure looking out for each other. I hope your June gloom ends so you can have more adventures.