Friday, June 10, 2011


Today I thought I'd to talk about the bag full of cool eatables I accidentally ate in The Man's truck yesterday. Or how Dutch totally exploded after drinking pond scum. Or about the wad of pug my human found inside HAL4...

But no.

Because yesterday someone named Ysabelle left a comment here on the DP that was so not cool, we deleted it. And that like NEVER EVER happens.

It wasn't even what Ysabelle said that is so not cool. I mean, she did say I was amusing. But in her comment there was a link to a website that sells puppies. Yeah. Sells puppies. On the internet. Like shoes. Or sweaters.


AND by putting a link to the puppy selling website in her comment, Ysabelle was trying to use The DP to promote or whatever the puppy selling website.


If you're going to buy a puppy, that's cool (even though recycled dogs like me + Dutch are perfectly perfect). But please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't buy one from the internet like a sweater!!

I have waaaaay too many friends who came from or were retired from puppy factories (aka puppy mills) and websites like or whatever are a huge part of the problem.

In case you missed Ysabelle's comment, here's what it said.... and what I did about it.

* * *

Happy whelp days to Izzy in Renton, WA and Lola in Winnipeg (that's Canada)! I know I'll be eating something very special to celebrate (more on that Monday).


Barbara said...

How people can take a precious puppy and stick it on an airplane to someone they've never met shows that they don't care at all about animals. I'm glad you deleted the comment, Puglet.

Puppies are not products!

MegaByte said...

Grrrr. Puppy mills are seriously bad news bears. Thinking about them makes me so angry! There have been attempts to get the mills banned in two of the worst puppy mill states: Missouri (passed but watered down afterwords) and...California (vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenstupidhead). There is some momentum in reviving the legislation so maybe that could be Puglet's next PSA video!

Payton said...

So sad. We live right next to the puppy mill capital (Missouri), so we hear bad stories all the time. That's where mom and dad rescued me and although they can't prove it and I can't remember back that far, mom and dad bet I was from one of those things. Since we live in IL, we couldn't vote on the puppy mill bill, but were so excited when it passed! But then the sneaky people in office overturned it...without another vote! There are some real human jerks out there!
On a much better note, Izzy and Lola, have a wonderful birthday filled with love and eatables!!

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Go get 'em. I'm proud of you!


Rocky said...

Well said Puglet! I'm NOT a sweater!!

Anonymous said...

I am a rescue from a puppy mill in MO. Rescued while I was prego of 6 puppies. They are all adopted through the rescue to great furever homes. No other dogs regardless of the breed should be kept in such environment. We dogs have feelings, just like human. I am a lucky one, many other won't get rescued. Please adopt.


Anonymous said...

Miss Zoe Buttons was rescued from a puppy mill. She was only 6 months old (read: A BABY), and they were already trying to "breed" her. She has a whole lot of health problems because of poor early environmental conditions and "bad breeding". She has bad knees, bad teeth, digestive troubles, and when she first came to me, she had giardia, but I love her all the same. We hate and do not support puppy mills OR breeding breeding for the sake of profit. You're right, Pug, recycled and rescued dogs are the best. You can even find rescues that are for specific breeds, like pugs! So, if you really WANT a pug, there is no need to make a new one. There are plenty out there that need good homes. Portland, where I live has one, the Pacific Pug Rescue! Check it out if you're looking to find a new puggy friend. There are several there looking for a new forever home. Also, Pug, can't wait for you to talk about the eatables, Dutch's 'splosion, and the pug wad.
Erica & Zoe Buttons

Anonymous said...

Izzy and Lola, happy day to ya.
Forgot to comment above, cuz I was very sad to see there are some people trying to make $ off of innocent dogs.
Let's eat extra cookies today ! Thank you Puglet, you are right !!


THE PUGLET said...

Yeah. The whole mil/factory thing is crazy sad. My cousin Sophie was rescued from one in Missouri. I guess it went out of business and they were going to put everyone to sleep. Luckily a rescue group didn't let that happen and now Sophie is happy and in New Jersey.

I don't know why anyone would vote for puppy mills. I didn't know our Governator vetoed a law to stop them either. What the? ??

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...why oh why would anyone vote for puppy mills? I am so sad over all this, I did like to hear that someone would post on your wonderful blog about something not so wonderful...why oh why? Crazy stuff! Just crazy!

Happy day to Izzy and Lola...

Robinette said...

Puppies are not shoes or handbags or sweaters or car parts or contact lenses or anything like that. They are living creatures, and special friends. I'm glad you deleted the comment and link and that you are taking a stand Puglet!

Robinette & Weezer

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Hey Puglet! Way to go, we definitely agree with your message here. We also think people shouldn't buy puppies from pet stores, either! Lots of puppies in pet stores come from those same exact not-so-nice places as those on the internet do! We have one breeder pug and one rescue pug in our family. I think all future pugs will be rescues, too!

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet
Touche Dude! It had to be done and had to be said. Ysabelle was wrong to use your site for advertising her BAD practice.
Love Noodles

Pugs2Luv said...

Our human has one of those gimpy brains too, especially now when she has a cold but was there a comment about your tail before they commented with the link to the evil puppy site. We are so confused; the comment doesn't seem to be in context with everybody's posts about frogs and stuff.
We think that if there are going to be votes about dogs (or that pertain to dogs), then dogs should get a vote.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe
P.S. Many happy wishes to Izzy & Lola!

Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III said...

Great job, Puglet! I'm glad you got rid of her shameless self promotion. The nerve of some people! And to think that the picture of the puppies lined up on a cold floor in a tiny cage would be enticing to some people?? Crazy!

On a happier note...can't wait to hear about the bag of eatables you "accidentally" ate. Heehee
Happy Day to Izzy and Lola!

Your feline friend,
Ernest Merriweather Picklebottom III aka
Ernest MP3

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. My two wonderful girls are rescue pugs...Pearl from Mexico, was there as "breeding stock", covered with mange and with inverted eyelashes which constantly scratched her corneas. Tessa was lucky, more a "hand me down," had been returned to her origianl breeder because her owner could no longer care for her, but obviously a well taken care of and loved dog. IF you have to have a purebreed or show quality dog, please get it from a reputable breeder (Tessa's was awesome, she cares so much for her dogs), no puppy mills or store shopping!

Mary Lynn said...

Oh Puglet. That is so heartbreaking. Puppy mills are the shame of the dog world. People that run them have no conscience, and they should be forced to work on chain gangs. In Florida. In July. Very sad. Ditto with pet stores.

Happy Birthday Izzy and Lola! I'll have a treat right now to celebrate! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
We had a cousin in Pennsylvania that was from a puppy mill. His dad found the place in the newspaper and when he went there the place was a farmhouse with a big red barn. From the outside the place looked beautiful, a mommy dog with 3 pups in the yard. Max (a cocker spaniel) got a good home. Two years later on the news there was the beautilful house and red the barn there were cages stacked to ceiling with breeding femals and puppies. The inside was disgusting.

Puppy mills are the worst! Where we live bad people buy whole litters of puppies to use as bait for fighting dogs. Yep you heard that right, bait.

Agh, so sad.

On a high note....Happy Day to Izzy and Lola enjoy your day and we will celebrate with Sweet Potato Treats.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

THE PUGLET said...

Natty + Klaus (2 pugs/pod) are so right. Pet stores are like retail outlets for puppy mills!

THE PUGLET said...

Pearl+Tessa are also right - there are good, decent people who make puppies so if you do buy a dog or puppy, make sure you buy from them!

THE PUGLET said...

Sadie is also right! Chain gang. Florida. July. Maybe even ceased in wool sweaters :)

THE PUGLET said...


Bait? Really? Bait???


Anonymous said...

Yes Puglet



Unknown said...

Sir Puglet, it looked like those puppies were going to come from England. Is that even possible? Would they survive the trip? That's even more horrible!


Anonymous said...

My friend got tricked on the same thing on Craigs list - bulldog puppy for sale. When she inquired, the seller said she is being relocated to Fargo, ND from England (whf? to do what?), but send $350 first so she can ship the puppy from England - as you all guessed, $350 gone, no puppy. I read the bait thing too, 3E's. I also read the bait dogs for shark fishing in Australia : (
To those mill survivers on DP, let's eat lots of cookies for our luck!

Sammy - geez, I posted 3 times today. sorry.

Sue and Romeo said...

Happy, happy birthdays Izzy and Lola. We hope many treats, toys and lovins come your way.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Happy day to Izzy and Lola, we're sending lot of love your way :)

I have 3 pugs, boy named Fredzio and two girls. Both of them came from factory. These evil people kept them in cages:( They were starving and were beaten:( Zuzia was just skinny and afraid of everything, Pucia doesn't see very well and has other health problem but they LOVE the world and I love them sooo much. It's very important to help but also to educate! Good job Puglet!!! Kisses from our 4

Anonymous said...

The life not is a merchandising.
The people wanted kill me because I was born with demodecic sarna (?) (sorry, dont know the word in english) and in any way, my mom pay for to take me and anybody kill me. But my mom tell me every days that I am the most perfect "baby", (I am always baby for her!)of this world! She take care me a lot and my demodecic sarna ever controled. I love her a lot and licks her face every days!


moPSY+MISIOber said...

I've also heard that bad people go to the shelters, take the puppies, then go to Germany and use them as a bait for fighting dogs. I'm so angry I could do really bad things to these monsters!!

Anonymous said...

We agree with you. Bad people hurt dogs that even when hit they lick the hand that hits them.

Dogs are mans best friend..right, right ??

Ok.. now I'm going to cry tears. :(
Ellie from San Antonio

Ellie, Bogie and Gertie said...

Gertie here. I was a puppy mill breeder inmate. I was stuck in a teeny cage (my legs are deformed because of it), hit and thrown, my puppies were taken away too young, and I can't really remember anymore but I must have been a mom many, many times over.

They let my eyes go bad (I'm blind), never fixed my teeth and didn't feed me. I had never been indoors. The mean people at the Mill bred me til I really couldn't have more puppies.

Then they threw me away like garbage.

I was petrified of mom when we first met. Afraid she would hit me or starve me. I bit her to let her know how scared I was. I would never wish this on a fellow being, even the dumb squirrels.

Thanks to the Pacific Pug Rescue in Portland, Oregon, I have a completely new life and am finally allowed to be the happy little snorty I was always meant to be. Now I'm the baby!!!


moPSY+MISIOber said...

Oh Gertie :( you have the same story as my two babies:( I'm so happy you are a happy pupie now:) my two snorties sleep beside:) kiss from us Gertie

I also help in our pug rescue, lots of sad stories with happy end

Nicole said...

Thank you so much Puglet for raising awarness. I couldn't agree more. Puppy, kitten, ... are a life time responsability and owner should thinnk twice before buying one so they never end up recycled! life is too precious.

citydog said...

Atta boy, Puglet!

There is a wonderful, ad-free website put together by a veterinarian to help folks find a *reputable* source for puppies (or adult dogs), whether a breeder, shelter or rescue (sadly, some "rescues" are little more than puppy mills).

Please check it out and share!

/Roo the human (briefly stepping in for Iggy, Charlie, and the non-Pugs)

Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

Shame! My cousin Benny was from a puppy mill and he was very sick when he finally found a good home with my aunt!
Poor poor puppies!

Caitlin Williams, MFA, CPC said...

You totally did the right thing, Puglet. That adds up to MAJOR, major Karma Points for your li'l pug self (and NEGATIVE Karma Points for the puppy-mill pusher and anyone who RUNS a puppy mill!)
Besides, you were referred to as "it" in her post. Correct me if I'm wrong, but pugs don't really qualify as "it's." You're a dog. And a really righteous one!
licks & head-bonks,
Your tabby buddies (both happily "recycled" and rescued and also not "it's," thankyouverymuch) in Portland, OR, Abby & Audrey

Riley said...

Hi Pug! Thanks for deleting that comment. I too am a puppymill rescue -- I spent 5 long years in a cage where no one loved me or pet me, and I had to do many things I prefer not to think about anymore. Now I have a new family but I know not everyone from the mill was so lucky. It is a terrible, terrible thing that we do this to dogs. The worst thing is that you can't help but feel bad for the puppies -- I mean, I'd almost WANT DP readers to adopt all those puppies, just because then they'd have good homes, you know? It is a NO WIN SITUATION. BOO to that.

PS: I'm a cocker spaniel, but mom reads your blog all the time. She says pugs are her 'first love'. HMPH.

Saving the World said...

Unbelievable. I will not stand for it. We're behind you 100% Puglet. You have a legion of fans now who will stand behind you and behind what's right. You'll be superfamous yet! and then we'll see how much power and sway you'll carry across the internet!

Go Puglet!! ((saving the world))

Love said...

Puglet, I wish I could help you become SUPERFAMOUS, like today, so you could spread your good causes all over the **world**

You are doing such noble work, Stubby would be proud. I wish everyone here would tell everyone they know to follow you, then when you reach mass numbers, you'll get even more coverage on the internet! My human says LOVE always conquers over not-love or evil or whatever, so love will always win!

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

We agree... not cool at all!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

Anonymous said...

That is sooooo uncool!! I am so sorry you have to deal with people like her. :(
~ Frankie from Seattle

Anonymous said...

Atticus here! My mom was leaking when reading the comments. She said I'm her baby and all animals should be loved and be treated special-like. And what I don't understand is why all the doggies are laying like that and having to sniff each others butts so close. I've smelled my butt-I won't make anyone else do it!

Mimi, Diva Dog extraordinare said...

ohh puglet, you shoulda gone e-poodle on ysabelle's mill hawkin butt! whats even worse is she tried to disguise it as a real comment. how rude!

anybody that would buy into that is stoopid! pugs can't survive a trans-atlantic flight, especially in a cargo hold! shame on these people. SHAME

gini said...

Puglet, I love how you are such a voice for so many causes...especially calling Ysabelle on her stuff, ya know, that stuff Dutch ate in the video!

I didn't know about our former governor's vote on puppy mills either...disgusting! Tawnie and I were rescued from former owners who didn't think we fit in with their lifesyle anymore...and I know we came from AKC breeders, but gosh, I can't say if they were puppy mills...Tawnie's breeder is retired in Oregon and I came from (yeah, I'm a valley pug) Bakersfield. Our human brought us to live near the beach where the air is clean and fresh and the sand and water are fun (but the sand gets into my wrinkles and itches~!)
Take care Puglet!
Way to go!
Winston and Tawnie

Anonymous said...

Also in our part of the world we have puppy mills. Our government does not do much about it, but private initiatives and animal protection agencies do.

We warn everybody to buy a puppy in such mills. Although all puppies deserve a good home, one does no good supporting such terrible people by buying animals from a mill.

We feel sad when we see the ads in the internet of routhless people making money on pets. We had the problem here in Germany especially with pugs - they were the "dernier crie" for years. Everybody wanted a pug! In the meantime and thanks to the press and other private institution most people know that a pug cannot be bought like a sweater - or any animal as such.

Let's hope that eventually people will know that animals have a soul!

I have one - and plenty as such! Thanks, Puglet for making people aware of what pets have to suffer sometimes.

Soulful greetings

Carlos the Berlin Pug (recycled, but very happy)

Birthday greetings to Izzy and Lola from the other side of the world!

Emily said...

Good for you Puglet!! I am so happy to hear that you don't allow that nonsense on your blog. We foster and many come from puppy mills. They break my heart with their sad eyes and scared body. They are the sweetest dogs and crave human attention but are so scared they can't even get close to us. I tell everyone I know about rescues and why back yard breeders and puppy mills are horrible.

I hope I have educated and helped some dogs along the way. I also love to tell people that we got our pugs, as puppies from a rescue. People can't believe that rescues have puppies. I then have to explain the sometimes they get a stray or breeder surrender that is already pregnant and then the puppies are born into rescue. So for those looking for a puppy, it IS possibly to get one from a rescue!!

Thanks again Puglet for using your fame for good!!! :) :)

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi me again (sorry) if you're on the facebook please check it!/puppymillawareness

Anonymous said...

Good for you Puglet! I know Ive told you before but Im a rescue from a really bad puppy mill. I was only 3 months old and they were going to kill me just because I was "too old to sell" Thank goodness a rescue lady found me! She does a lot of rescuing from mills in Missouri if you want a puppy that is a rescue this is where my mommy got me. its a certified not for profit in st. louis, missouri! theres even baby pugs who need homes just like i did!
<3 Mocha

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Thank you Puglet, for doing the right thing. Puppy Mill is a four-letter word in our house.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Puglet! I'm glad you got rid of her shameless self promotion. The nerve of some people! And to think that the picture of the puppies lined up on a cold floor in a tiny cage would be enticing to some people?? Crazy!
Thanks for post.
Pet Sitting Los Angeles

Caroline said...

Mostly, it's an SEO tactic. Her anchor text is puppies and she was looking for a high quality blog, like the DP to score a free link on.


Why buy a dog when you can save one?

karen and capone said...

Hey Puglet and Dutch:

My human got so caught up in the big and little things of life this year (I'm one of the big ones) that she a lost track of you and the amazing life YOU are leading -- and the good you are doing for other pups and pugs. (Also - her hotmail account got hijacked and she lost all her old contacts - you included.) We're just here now to say "snort snuffle" to the three of you. -

I Love Lucy said...

Thank you so much Puglet. You, Dutch and your human are just really, really awesome.
Me and my 4 siblings are all rescues, and my mom says we are absolutely perfect. Yay!