Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So.... after nearly one and a half days of pug-melting weather, we are back to this (my human says I have tell you that it isn't warmer than it looks). I'm totally fine with cool breezes and Dutch says fog makes him feel "magical".

No idea.

By my human is threatening to go live in Texas or some other place where summer actually happens.
Because if it was summer, you'd be able to see San Francisco on the other side of that hill. If it was summer my human wouldn't be wearing a fleece and winter hat during our morning walks. And if it was summer, I'd get to tell you about doing FUN stuff because my human wouldn't be whining about how much the weather sucks.

And just in case you still don't understand just how sucky our non-summer summer weather is... when we were done with our walk this morning, my human stopped at the store to buy this:

To help bring back feeling to her fingers, apparently. Whatever. I mean, she's got thumbs, who cares about fingers?!? I know if I had thumbs I totally wouldn't be sitting around complaining about fog and drinking cocoa. Not 100% sure what I'd be doing, exactly, but it would be way more fun than that.

Will have to think about this some more. But if you suddenly had thumbs,
what's the first thing you'd do with them?

* * *

Today isn't special or anything, but it is a Very Big Day. Nikon is coming home!!!! No more Droid pictures! Lots more cookies! Woot!

PS: Did you notice Dutch smiling for Droid in today's picture??

PPS: On our middle-of-day walk, the sky (and my human) was much happier. Like this:

You can still totally see winter from our back deck though. Under the fog blob is a great big hill (or two - it's called Twin Peaks) and that great big hill (or two) usually keeps winter out of our neighborhood. I guess the fog is getting smarter because it keeps figuring out a way to make it in...


Crabbie Chris said...

Hey Pug. I swear your mom has to hang with my mom out in Hell (aka Concord). My little pug ass is melting, your mom can wear tank tops! Flip flops and shorts are all the rage. I need some of your fog.
Since your mom got cocoa, does that mean you got whip cream? I still fantasize about our whip cream rendezvous I am glad Nikon is coming home today. I think you should celebrate with a treat.

Holdin27 said...

I'd rather live out here in SF where it is cold all the time than over in the East Bay, where I commute from. It gets plenty hot twenty minutes away...

Anonymous said...

Hey there Puglet,
If your mom moved to Texas where we live she would never wear a wool cap or gloves, at least our mom doesn't. She doesn't own boots, heavy coats, sweatshirts, wool caps, gloves. She wears light jackets in winter...that is when we get winter and thats mostly never.

Hot Cocoa...not in our pantry.

Gee if we had thumbs we would be able to pop open canned dog food...something we never get.

As for Dutch's smile, it looks more like the wind blowing his lip funny.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Wilma said...

That's easy Pug. In would go straight to the closet where the food is kept and begin consuming mass quantities of kibble. Brigitte says she would grab the car keys and head straight back to Cape Cod. And Sluggo says he would get a pen and paper and write love letters to our Mom all day!

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Come on Puglet...come on to Texas where the sun NEVER seems to go away! I would love to be able to just go for a walk or do anything outdoors but can't cuz it is so dang hot! I am sorry you are not getting a summer there but you would not like this summer here at all. I can't wait for the sun to go away.

Uh, I did notice Dutch was smiling...he is so handsome...just saying...

Mia said...

I'm with Wilma!! First thing I'd do is open the food bag and go to town!! After that, I'd really have to think about it!!



Payton said...

Hummm, what to do if I had thumbs? Well, I've got to second what the 3 E's and Wilma said...FOOD! I'm pretty sure I could get some better grub if I could open a few containers.
Pug, you don't want to come live near St. Louis cause not only do we get Texas melting heat (not all summer thankfully), but we also get Canadian cold too in the winter - without a fall or spring. So it's pretty much non-pug weather 100% of the time. Sucks!
PS. Also agree with the 3 E's that it looks like the wind is blowing Dutch's lip into a smile...I imagine that he's actually running away from the camera and looking back to see if it's gaining on him. Heehee!

Noodles said...

Oh Puglet - remind your human that fog and chill IS SUMMER in San Francisco. BUT while the rest of the country is experiencing grey days and the chill of Autumn, San Fran is seeing the sun shine and temps in the 70s. It goes from grim to glorious!
My mom said she never saw the sun the whole summer she lived on the coast but the day she left the sun came out and the sea breeze warmed up!!!!
Love Noodles
Oh, If I had thumbs I would immediately open all the bedroom doors and sleep on everyone's bed. Take THAT PILE OF FUR, Suckahs!

Anonymous said...

Hey Puglet,
You know, marshmallows usually go in cocoa. Maybe you can orb your human into sharing some marshmallows with you. That picture of Dutch is just stunning. Who says cameras hate him? Maybe it's just the Nikon that is having issues. speaking of which - Welcome home Nikon!!!
If I had thumbs, I'd help myself into the fridge and the canned cat food in there and then I'd take myself out for a walk, maybe two.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
today - for once - it was hot in the afternoon and I did not like my park outing. I mean, I liked it, two of my friends were there and we run around lots, but the heat makes me pant sometimes after excessive running and playing.

I like autumn and spring and winter ... nice! Our winters are very harsh now but we hike a lot - I love snowflakes and running in the snow for hours.

If I had thumbs - but I do not need thumbs! My secretary cum Girl Friday takes perfect shorthand and likewise I can dictate my thoughts directly into the laptop, she is pretty fast. Very convenient! She is trilingual and if I count Puggish she speaks four languages. Comes in handy with my international love affairs in our district. Staff should be qualified, at least they should be able to cook dinner! Not to talk about breakfast, lunch and treats inbetween.

Dutch's smile is really nice. What a handsome guy! Cacoa sounds like a good idea but I never get some. Still on a diet ... it's water, tripe, chicken, lamb, beef, veggis, boring!

Welcome to Nikon, we are looking forward to some extra nice photos,

Your cousin Carlos Santana from Berlin

Mimi, Diva Dog Extraordinare said...

hm, if i had thumbs i'd be able to open the fridge and pantry, thats where the noms come from. but other than that theres too much i can't reach, ya know, cuz we're short. but i suppose if i had thumbs i could climb better so there'd be a whole new world of stuff to mess with...

and what's wrong with your human? i dont know the specific temperature at the time you went out, but it seems like it would be in the 50's. my mom would KILL for that weather! she loves it cold, in fact she keeps the temp in here at 68 year round. and i don't do hot. hot to her is 72 or above, 75 or above for me. she says your human is so cold because she probably lacks body fat. we pugs have a nice layer of 'chunky back fat' so we don't get that cold. tell her she needs to eat more and she'll be fine

Max the Jack Russell, Pearl and Goldey and Autumn said...

Hey pug,
Pug, we have had a loss. Sabrina has passed on to the big fishbowl in the sky. If you could, can you please give her a memorial message? That would be great.

Max the Jack Russel, Pearl, Goldie, and Autumn the goldfish

Tiffy said...

Pug, please tell your human to get yourselves on a plane headed for Chicago. Our weather has been simply marvelous! I will show you around and take you to all the best food places. And your human can hang out with momma and talk about silly tadpoles!


THE PUGLET said...

Well, our mid-day walk was better. Human had to wear a fleece but left the winter hat at home.

Even though SF summer is usually like winter, we live in "Rainbow Village" (no idea) and that means our neighborhood is usually nice & sunny. Not sure if it's all the rainbows that make it sunny or the big giant hill that keeps the fog away, but either way - we're not used to this winter-summer stuff.

THE PUGLET said...

Hello 3Es + Payton,

This is Dutch and you are 100% completely right. That is not a smile, just the wind whipping my lips open. The little Droid is not scary like Nikon so I did not have to turn away.

THE PUGLET said...

S.I.P (swim in peace) Sabrina the fish. Please say hello to Fish for us. But watch out - he's kinda mean.

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
I would love it if you moved to Texas! But if you thought 80 degrees was melting temps, it's 7pm & it's 100 degrees.

Please send your fog & cold temps to Austin.


Anonymous said...

I love that Dutch feels "magical" that's awesome and cracked me up. The smile,,,, well seems more of a smirk that he might be trying to steal your supermodel status. Don't worry though he'll be nervous when Nikon comes home.
I was in SF two summers ago in July on my way home from a Hawaii vacation. You are right, it's cold there. But that's good sleeping weather. Try sleeping all hot and sticky from being hot!
Last comment , I hope you get to eat some of the food at the benefit you wrote about yesterday.
Paula from De

Anonymous said...

Dutch has a funny tail! it looks like a stuffed animal tail. Like the grin : ) Mr Magical-in-the-fog lol

CarlaKH said...

Sorry the weather is sucky.. but holy cow look at the variety of hot chocolate...I would totally kill for the Chocolate Mint one.. you'd think in Canada here we would have a huge variety but NOOOOOO its just regular and marshmallow..... where is the fun in just that?

Frankie in Kirkland said...

wasn't it Mark Twain who said the best winter he ever had was summer in San Francisco? Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pug,

My parents have been reading your blog for like a million years now, but they are always too shy to comment. Anyways, they just told me and my sister Cookie that we are moving to a part of San Francisco called NOPA. I got scared because I thought NOPA stood for NO Pugs Allowed. My parents assured me that it is pug friendly - except for the coldness. The cold is not my friend. So maybe me and my sister will see you around the city.

- Bella the super pug diva (aka Bella ding-dong Morkovich)

PS my sister Cookie (Collie Mutt) is scared of other dogs and gets really anxious. Do you know of any trainer peoples in SF that could help her with her issues?

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Summer is back in Poland :) which is great because still no car just bicycle :) no winter hat needed (winter hat made me lough) We don't have this types of cocoa in Poland (but have others) and in polish cocoa is KAKAO :) for winter-summer day I have this and love it :)

Pug Slope said...

I'm sorry to hear your summer only lasted a day, Puglet. It was too-hot-for-a-pug a couple weeks ago, but apart from some occasional rain, the temps have been pretty nice in NYC. Summer's been fun because, as a pug, I get to run around outside totally naked. In the winter, I have all kinds of jackets and sweaters and stuff - so restrictive. I can feel your momma's pain about having to put a fleece on!

If I had thumbs, I would probably unlock the door and run down the street to the corner store so I could chow down on all that tasty human food! -Love, Sid.

Frankie from Seattle said...

You should come visit Bend, OR! It is always really nice here and we rarely get gloomy weather!

Anonymous said...

We think all Dutch needs is a horn on his forehead and he would look very magical and a little mystical as well running in and out of that fog.

OK, we are sending you, Dutch and your Human good weather juju for the rest of the summer season from New Jersey ~

Roxi, Riley and Lea
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Mr Puggles said...

Dutch's smile looks like he's in pain! Poor Dutch!

Anonymous said...

Nothing is perfect..... everything has good and bad.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, so many possible answers to that question...Me-Zoey...would open the treat cabinet door that I like to sit next to, hoping that some treats will pop out, and that I will be the one there to consume them in a second...My sisters don't understand that...I would open that Lock & Lock container filled with all kinds of delicacies that smell so darn good...but Mom says since I need to lose weight I can not have any right now...:O(