Monday, August 8, 2011


In case anyone's wondering, the weather here is still completely icky (and it's still driving my human nuts). Luckily we've had some indoor adventures planned.

Lily + Harry's mom Cyndi is also a dog shooter and she just built a new studio. The new studio needed a new floor and I guess my human likes making floors so she volunteered to help. I'm not 100% convinced this qualifies as an actual adventure, but that's what my human called it.

I didn't think the floor adventure sounded nearly as much fun as, say, hiking with cows. But Lily + Harry's house is always full of good food, so the adventure part didn't really matter that much to me. As long as there are snacks, I'm happy.


My human promised there would be snacks and
there totally were (more on that tomorrow). There was also a lot of talking (including some HBO words) and a few power tools that only thumbs were allowed to touch. I tried my best to help, but every time I did, someone would yell OUT! at me. Lily got crated for not listening, so I tried really hard to stay OUT.

Floors are bor-ing!

It took about a million years for the floor adventure to be over (apparently 3 people + an Ikea product = a bad combo), but the new studio looks awesome and I did get some crazy-tasty snacks for doing nothing but staying OUT.

* * *

Let's all eat for George Brown of Madison, WI! Oh, and also for Luna (of somewhere) who celebrated her Whelp Day yesterday.


Noodles said...

Going to work with the 'rents is seldom fun - at least you got snacks for your efforts. Those floors look slick - like good for the 10 o'clock crazies and such.
Love Noodles

Crabbie Chris said...

Dad always uses HBO words when putting together IKEA products. I make sure to not be anywhere near him when he is in the garage and he has instructions in hand. Mom told me there are still some things in the garage waiting to be put together from when they bought the house....2 years ago!
You're so nice to keep them company while they worked so hard. Hope the yummies were worth all that work you put in.

Sabrina said...

I'm glad you were there to supervise--I find in our house either Beulah or Marble sit on the destructions to ensure that us humans don't get too uppity and try to supercede their authority. I can tell by the pictures (especially the first and third) that it was your management skills that got the job done, Puglet.

Pug Slope said...

Puglet, it might be good to take a cue from Dutch next time and just chill out away from the humans and the power tools. Whenever my parents clean the apartment, I try to stay away. I think humans like to get into a "zone" when working on projects and our cute pug antics are too much of a distraction. -Love, Sid

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Hey Puglet
In the last picture, It looks like you got the best seat in the room. A human's leg is always comfortable.


Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Hey Puglet...looks like Dutch is doing a pretty good job of "posing" in that first pic! Think maybe he's getting use to Nikon? He sure looks handsome...and he sure looks totally bored in the last one. As always you look as cute as can be in all your pics so no worries!

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Pug, you look very busy and important, Dutch looks bored :) I love to use all kinds of screwdrivers to make some nice ikea (or other) furniture, love those little tools and manuals :) so I also would be more then happy to help with the floor :)
Will it be some supermodeling in the new studio soon?? Cannot wait !!!

Happy day to George Brown and Luna !!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Puglet... but your adventure really does look boreing. If Dutch would yawn bigger he could swallow you!

That first picture of you next to the rump wearing the red shirt is a tad funny.

Playing in mud puddles would have been more fun.

3E's in San Antonio
PS don't tell the rump we thought his well rump was funny.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BDAY George & Lune

We almost forgot.

3E's in San Antonio

Anonymous said...

The floor looks awesome.
Bit muggy here in MN, but upper 70 is not as bad as rainly SF or 100+ in TX?

HBD Luna and George Brown~

Sammy - am back !!

SpencerBartholomew said...

Dude Pug- you just gotta get to running really fast and then slide around on those kind of floors. Provides for good entertainment...just watch out for the walls. Those come out of nowhere.. I know our faces are smushie already but it can still hurt. I hope to see you and brother Dutch soon. Miss ya guys.

Laugh said...

I love that shot of you in the background. So funny for some reason! Made me laugh.

Payton said...

Hey Pug, I think you look like the project supervisor. Those are great pics of come he wasn't hiding? Can't wait to hear all about the treats!
PS. Happy birthday to George Brown and Luna!!

Ollie said...

"..crazy-tasty snacks for doing nothing...", sign me up!
You & Dutch need to plan your own trip to Ikea. I've heard you can get a whole pile of swedish meatballs for something like 1.99. Tasty and cost effective, you can't beat that!
Happy Day George Brown and Luna, wishing you lots of treats (like swedish meatballs).

Bella said...

Oh hey, Puglet! Luna is my Viszla sister and we're from NJ! We were hanging out at a lake in Pennsylvania, swimming and chasing dragonflies. Then we had vanilla ice cream sundaes. Then we slept the ENTIRE car ride back to NJ. Thank you for eating cookies in honor of her whelp day! Hope the sun comes back soon!

micki z. said...

Hey, let's see more pictures of the studio!

Angry Butterfly said...

Ikea floors work best as a one man job, I'm afraid.