Friday, August 5, 2011


So, I'm totally missing Nikon (if you look real close you can see a tear in my eye). But that's not why I'm so late writing today.

No. I am late because it's been like an eternity since the sun has come out before noon here in San Francisco. The rest of the planet is practically melting, but here it's been cold and foggy and gross. Worst summer ever, my human says.

I'm not 100% sure I understand why, but I guess my human is part plant or something. Her brain needs sun to be happy. No sun = SAD. It's been super gloomy for weeks, but when we woke up this morning to actual rain, she completely lost it.

Instead of going for our usual walk, we piled in the car and headed south. When I asked where we were going, all I got was:
someplace the sun still shines. I knew better than to ask where that was or what we'd do when we got there.

About an eternity later, we got to a place where the sun shines. I think it's called Woodside? Who knows. But whatever the place is called, there isn't much to do there. Me and Dutch had to be on leashes and that was lame. There were no trails to hike or mountains to climb so we didn't even get a post-exercise snack.

But seeing the sun again made my human happy. And if starting at the sun is all it takes to make my human happy, I guess that's a good thing.


Noodle said...

Your poor human. We don't see the sun much here either. This bums me out more than my human. She can't handle heat. So, if it's a choice between super hot sun or gloomy fog, she'll take the fog. (Have I mentioned that she's a weirdo?) Anyway, every so often we get a rare sunny, but NOT hot day. That always makes my human superhappy. Gotta keep the humans happy, ya know.

Payton said...

Pug, I think I've said it before, but that pic of you makes it mandatory that I say it again... You have the most beautiful pug eyes! Ok, I'm blushing, so let's change the subject... I don't blame your human one bit. Even in these melting temps, I've insisted on going out almost every day to just lay in the grass and get my daily supply of vitamin D. I've been trying to do a rain dance for me and Suki, so maybe you and Dutch could do a reverse rain dance and send some of your rain our direction? Hope you have a sunny weekend regardless.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, is that a goober in your eye or a teardrop? sorry, can't see very well. Any pictures of the sunny place you ended up in??

Pugs2Luv said...

Next time your human melts down and shoves you guys in the car in search of the sun; tell her to call our human and you can visit us. There are plenty off leash places to go around here and it's always sunny. (not to mention we're just over the big grey bridge or even closer the Dumbarton Bridge)
We hope to see you this weekend at PugSun, our human cousin is coming with us and he is your biggest fan...he watches the Green Pug video like everyday.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, pug, wish I knew you were here. We moved to Redwood City this year, and we could have totally had a play date!

My mom moved us here for the sun, and boy do we get sun. E.V.E.R.Y. D.A.Y. We have our own plastic pool to help keep us cool in the backyard (otherwise the whole smush face thing would really impede on fun).

Shh, don't tell anyone, but the 40acre park right by my house says that leashes are required, but we go off leash in the woods all the time. But, I totally miss seeing my friends at Stern Grove.
Let me know if you want to come play again soon. Promise I would show you and Dutch a fun time, and your human can get all the sunshine she needs.
Tobee (and Zoe too)

Suki said...

Hi Pug,
Payton has a great idea... You & Dutch doing a reverse rain dance!!! This afternoon in Austin there were four grass fires, one being 500 acres.


Salinger The Pug said...

Pug, Dude...I think I need to talk to my peeps about moving to SF! It's been ridiculously hot here all summer and mom refuses to take me out for walks in the hood during daylight hours!

Maybe we can work something out like one of those foreign exchange programs!


Anonymous said...

Pug - you are silly that's not a tear it's a eye boogie!!!

Tell your human she can switch coasts with my human anytime!! She can't handle the sun, something with her skin & she gets all burned, so she would love the fog & gloom! We have had too many days of heat waves. We go for our walks at 11:00 at night because it's too hot in the day for us, but then we have to be careful of the skunks. Molly & Cleo still smell a little skunky from their run in almost 4 weeks ago with an especially stinky skunk!

Frodo, Cleo, & Molly

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,

*Sigh* all this rain .. it rains here since weeks, without or only with little breaks and hiking or long walks are sort of out now. Very boring.

Also I do not like my raincoat, it makes me look like a sissy and the girls in the dog park giggle at me. I wish she would buy me a sort of more masculine raincoat, please!

Today the rain gave us a break, now it is unbearingly hot. Can one win?

I will ask her to emigrate to somewhere without rain and heat. I wonder where this land of pleasure would be?

Pug greetings from Berlin, hang in there just like me

Carlos Santana

Mr Puggles said...

I know how your human feels. My mom is the same way in the winter time. She works nights, so she goes to work in the dark, comes home in the dark, and sleeps while it's light out. She has a special light to help her during those months. It's for SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Humans are so weird!

Ashley said...

Can you please send some JUJU for my pug Emma? She *may* have had a seizure today and is not feeling very well. We're all pretty scared over here. Thanks Puglet.

Payton said...

Sending lots of prayers your way. Payton has PDE so we know how scary a seizure can be. Hopefully it turns out to be something minor or nothing at all. Stop by our blog if you need more info on PDE.
Christy (Payton's mom)

The Michigan Puggie said...

The Michigan Puggie Reporting...




Did ya all feel it? Hope so...

I hope alittle Michigan Summer sunshine will do you all some goood...not TOO hot...just some GREAT sun.

Puglet you guys and your awesome human (just like MINE...pug smile.....are always shining all that California good juju to all of in this little blog "family" of sorts.(ecially in the dead of winter here)...YOU ALL ROCK



Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
If you want your human to have some sunshine come to our back yard. Or anyplace in Texas! Its freakin HOT here with no rain in sight, for pug sake.

Suki from Austin is in the same boat we are. Boat poor choice of words with no water coming from the sky.

Our mom got the doggie pool out last night to cool us off, the first one in was Lucy, seriously a cat that likes water.

Casa de 3E is always open if you want to sweat your buns off.

3E's from San Antonio

gini said...

you have the most beautiful eyes, Puglet! My human was in Sf on Friday and it was cold and windy and the fog was so think, when driving over the GG bridge, you couldn't even see the big tall supports at all! She drove to Sausalito and the sun shone so brightly, she needed sunglasses! MY human had to leave us at home because she was visiting some friends from France...and going into cafes and restaurants and she would never leave us in the car if she did take us, but because it was soooo cold and no pug sweater would be warm enough! Take care puglet! The sun is shining in Santa Cruz County!

Joleen said...


I'm sorry to hear that the sun isn't shining in your area. I know I hate when the sun takes vacation too. Even worse than no sun though is that I am headed for knee surgery on Tuesday, which will be followed by 8 weeks (!) with limited activity and lots of crate time. Could you send some good juju my way on Tuesday to help me have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery? Thanks!

Riley, black lab from NH

PS: Maybe my human will feel bad enough for me that she'll try some of your recipes out!

anti snore said...

We don't see the sun much here either. This bums me out more than my human. She can't handle heat. So, if it's a choice between super hot sun or gloomy fog, she'll take the fog. (Have I mentioned that she's a weirdo.

Anonymous said...

Puglet, hope you're safe and sound back at home with the sun shining on your back today. If not, we're sending you and the family lots of sunny thoughts from NJ.

Riley, we're sending lots of puggle prayers and special mega juju for a smooth surgery tomorrow (Tuesday) and a full and speedy recovery. Keep us posted.

Roxi, Riley & Lea,
Those Jersey Shore Puggles

Ollie said...

Our spring was like your summer. Lots of rain, day after day after day which definitely makes humans cranky. We took a lot of wet and muddy walks. I like rain and muck but my soggy human spent a lot of our outdoor time muttering HBO words.
In the summer we're hiding from the heat and in the winter, we're hiding from the cold. What ever happened to normal weather?
Lots of healing juju to Emma the pug and Riley the black lab. I sending you both some high wattage beagle positivity for health and happiness!