Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The other porky-thing.

Well, I confessed to eating a forbidden porky-thing in the park. So now I can tell you about the other delicious pork-thing I ate over the weekend. The one my human bought at PetSmart and didn't yell at me for eating.

The authorized porky-things are called Pork Chomps. They're made of baked pig skin and a few other things that aren't too scary (no digest or anything). Not something my human usually buys us, but they're on sale at PetSmart for like $2 so she let us try them.

Did I mention that Pork Chomps are bacon flavor? Yep. Made of pig and tastes like bacon. Can't say that about the forbidden porky-things.

Google says
Pork Chomps are made from the same ingredient as pork rinds (!!) except pork rinds are fried and Chomps are baked. Apparently they also 'scrape plaque from teeth and stimulate the gums', which is a good thing seeing as my human is now obsessed with my teeth (more on that nightmare later).

Chomp chomp chomp.

Anyway. The Pork Chomps website says they are tastier, safer and healthier than rawhide. Uh, I eat things I find lying on ground, so I'm not really worried about safety and health. But I do care about taste and Pork Chomps ARE supertasty!

We just refilled the food bin, so I don't know how I'm going to drag my human back to PetSmart while they're still on sale. But I'm totally going to try. Any ideas??

PS: so far, no sick!

* * *

Happy Whelp to Myra in Portland, Or (home of my Jenny, the pug). Myra, I haven't gotten sick from the spare rib yet, so I'll totally be eating cookies for your day.


Payton said...

Hey Pug!! My mouth is watering at the description of those new bones you have...wow! Yummy to my tummy! Are they hard like a nylabone or a greenie? I can't chew on stuff like that cause my teeth are weak from the steroid that I take. Otherwise, I'm definitely going to ask my mom for some! I would tell your human that you just want to go back to Petsmart for Dutch, to get him something cause he's such a great bro. That should sucker your mom into it! Good luck!

Myra, happy birthday! Have a great cookie filled day!


Foodie Girl said...


Wow that looks yummy! I know my mommy passes a petsmart on her way home from work, but I'm not sure if I can convince her to stop. Apparently she's mad at me.

It's kinda like your rib issue. Maybe you can convince her to not be mad. - See it was her birthday yesterday and being the good mommy she is, she brought me leftovers. Well the one thing she brought back was called "applewood smoked bacon" And the piece was like the size of my arm! Well...she went to show it to me and I just grabbed it out of her hand and ate it - without chewing. :( I think she should have known better. I don't know if any pug who can resist a HUGE piece of bacon in their face....to make matters worse - I KNOW she has more pieces of the bacon in the fridge.

Any advice to stop her being mad?


PS Happy Whelp day to Myra!

buttersthelilyorkiepoo said...

Those pork chomps look delicious! I have bacon and cheddar flavored treats that i LOVE!

Ollie said...

I've been out of commission because my human decided to run away from work for a few days which also meant running away from the computer. So I'm sending some belated belly protection juju!
We live close to a park that we never visit because of the forbidden delicious bones that humans dump on the ground. The place even has an annual ribfest. My human says no way am I going- even with a muzzle. Oh, the frustration!
My suggestion for how to get more Chomps to your belly: tell your human that the Pork Chomps are so good that they make you forget about spare ribs. They're like medicine to treat your bone addiction.
Happy day Myra! I'll be enjoying something chompaliscious for you today.

Barbara said...

Puglet...those sound really yummy! I'll have to pick them up for the three crazy pups I've got!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Thanks for the Pork Chomp idea its perfect because our mom hasn't made treats for us in like two weeks.. soooo on her way home from work tonight she drives past PetSmart. We told her to stop in and she said would. She looks for one ingredient that Emmitt can't have and thats 'liver'. If the Pork Chomps have no liver we will have them in our bellies after dinner tonight. Whoo Hoo !

We be Chompin !!

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli
aka the 3E's from San Antonio


Noodles said...

Hi Puglet,
My Mommy wants to remind you (or was it ME she was reminding???) that I am on a D-I-E-T and not allowed tasty treats like your pork chomps. And she said she doesn't really CARE they they are on sale and healthy and good for teeth because they are not on my D-I-E-T! Do you think there is someway to convince her they are really just carrots creatively cut to LOOK like tasty TREATS?
Love HUNGRY Noodles

Crabbie Chris said...

One word for you Pug....ORBS!! You've got some great ones and you can totally orb your mom into anything...even a trip to a pet store. My mom hates to shop, except for when it comes to buying stuff for me, then she'll go everywhere.
I'm currently in a bison stage of chewing, but when my tastes take me back to pig, I'm going to orb her into getting me some.
Thanks for all the new Pug Tested-Pug Approved treats!

THE PUGLET said...

"Pork Chomps are so good that they make you forget about spare ribs. They're like medicine to treat your bone addiction."

GENIUS, Ollie! You Canadian beagles are so smart :)

THE PUGLET said...

Hiya Payton ~

They're not exactly soft, but not as hard as Greenies (which I can't have because I pretty much swallow them whole). I bet you could skip the chewing and just suck a Pork Chomp to death.

THE PUGLET said...

Mookie ~

Tell your human I snatch food like that all the time. She tells strangers to watch their fingers when feeding me snacks (or just feed me like a horse?!?). A piece of bacon wouldn't last a nanosecond in front of my face. No way.

THE PUGLET said...

3E's ~

No liver. Just pig skin, rice flour and some fake coloring stuff (not digest-bad, but who cares what color it is? I know I don't). Totally tasty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
These new treas look delicious and I guess they are! I have got something similar to chew but not in bone shape.I want some and now I am working on my human and hopefully we pass by the pet shop tomorrow.

But I am really on a diet - it seems like forever. No treats or little and she even takes tripe to the park. Imagine! Cut into little pieces and stored in a small tin. How mean can you get?

If it weren't for my pug loving community here, I would be totally starved. She of course cannot say no to them and therefore I just stand in front of my favorite shops and wait and see .. the shop owners normally come out with little treats or we go in. Endless talk .. more treats. Let her talk .. good way of taking off attention from me. She cannot talk and count the treats, her brain .. you know what I mean. She has never been got at maths. But funny enough she can count calories?

But tomorrow I'll certainly pay a visit to the pet shop, before that I will print out the photos above and slide them sort of innocently over to the pet shop owner. He is on my side!

I go to bed now (her bed, alright) and dream of the boneshaped treats. Thanks for letting us know about them.

Pug greetings over the big ocean

Carlos Santana

THE PUGLET said...

Carlos, my friend, at least you get to eat tripe! That's the *inside* of a cow belly. Totally special.

PS: I will trade you Pork Chomps for gummy pugs!

Kitty+Coco said...

So no Big D then (aka Hershey Squirts)? Awesome. Sorry for the lingo there.
Pork Chomps are da bomb. Haven't seen them in bone form, but we get the twisty stick kind (also in bacon or peanut butter flavor). They don't seem to hurt our tummies so Mom is all for it.

Kitty and Coco

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the belly laughs and chuckles. I've been reading this blog for at least a month now and it's a real spirit lifter. I have 2 dogs and 3 pugs...well 4 if you count ReneMichael. He's a naughty pug when it comes to sharing food or his humans so he finally had to go life with his other mommy (my daughter.)

This time last year I had 7 pugs, 4 dogs and 1 cat. One giant dog belonged to someone else (another daughter) and they "phew" are finally living in another State. So I was down to 3 dogs, 7 pugs and 1 cat. Then 6 pugs when Rene went to his other Mommy.

Then, heartbreakingly, my dear kitty, my very first dog and 3 oldest pugs passed away within 5 very sad months.

I sit here with 3 elderly pugs on the sofa and read this blog and the humans and the pug talk just cracks me up.

By the way. Where do you get a pug muzzle?

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

Yum Yum Puglet! My momma is taking me to get some Pork Chomps...but what size do you suggest? Looks like there are three choices on the website.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Puglet - good deal. I will get you as many gummy pugs as you want, please send the boneshaped stuff to my secret P.O.Box!

The thing with the tripe is - you will not find it at a normal butcher now. It seems Germans no longer eat tripe, at least in Berlin. In the South it is a speciality and they serve it with sauce, yummi ... I just get it plain (the calories!).

So she goes to the Turkish butcher 'cause in Turkey and the Arab countries they do eat tripe, even humans! Again, a speciality. The other day she was asked by another shopper if she can reveal to him her favorite tripe recipe. It was sort of embarrasing - good I was not there!

He took the news good-humoredly and said: "Oh well, for a pug?" Well yes, I must admit she goes out of her way to find stuff for me. Low-calorie healthy eating stuff. Like T.r.i.b.e.

How are my chances for a Green Card, Puglet? Let's set up a gummy pug factory over across the big ocean and we could do the bratwurst venture, too.

Pug greetings from Berlin and Happy Birthay to Myra. I'll have some tripe for you.

Carlos Santana

Anonymous said...

Buddy the Pug-

I have been loving Pork Chomps for a few years now. They are my favorites!

P.S. I saw on Sir Henry's website that he even has his own human cocktail. Puglet--you have to get with the program! I think you need a drink (or even better--a food) named after you (maybe a sandwich???)