Monday, June 27, 2011


Happy Birthday to me!

I celebrated the big 3.0 with a slice of SPAM and a (very tiny) bowl of PB + Banana + Bacon No-Cream (with bacon on top).

I'm going to be napping it off til I turn 4. Thanks for sending me so many Happies :)

* * *

If you didn't get enough celebration cookies on Saturday, yesterday was Special too. Dusty Rose in Hillsborough, OR.


Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

A slice of SPAM! And PB and Banana and bacon and more bacon...what more can you ask for than that on your birthday except maybe a golden chicken! Your human and Dutch didn't forget ya, did they? We knew it...Dutch is a good bro and was looking out for ya! Glad you had a good day Puglet...many more to come.

Happy day to Dusty Rose from yesterday...I'm kinda full from celebrating your day on Saturday but what the heck, I think I can squeeze one more treat in for Dusty Rose!

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Sounds like you had the perfect birthday.

Happy day to Dusty Rose, too.

Christine said...

Happy belated Pug!!! looks like you had a blast!

Barbara said...

Oh my goodness! What a feast! I hope you had a perfect day. See, I told you Dutch would remember!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Puglet, now don't you feel silly for thinking no one would remember your b'day? Glad you enjoyed every minute of it - eating and napping. Hoping you have a happy, healthy third year.

Happy special day to you, Dusty Rose!

Special request for some juju for Roxi. She hurt her hip yesterday and is having trouble getting up and moving around. Hu-Mom is taking her to the vet tonight.

Thanks all ~ Riley & Lea (The Jersey Shore Puggles for Roxi)

Max the Jack Russell said...

Dear Pug,

Happy Happy 3rd Birthday to you! Hope you have a fantabulous day!

Ooodles of Wishes,

Crabbie Chris said...

Oh I felt like I was there with you eating those yummy treats. You mom and Brother Dutch must love you very much to give you all those yummy treats. I hope you didn't even share!
When I see you next, I may have to slip you an extra something too for your birthday.

Extra special JuJu for Roxi. Get your hip back into dancing action soon!!

Max the Jack Russell said...

ps. how is fish doing? is the anti juju working?


Payton said...

Wow! How nice of your human to make that super yummy food for your birthday! See...we told you that she wouldn't forget! Can't wait to hear more about your day.

Dusty Rose,
What a pretty name you have. Hope you had a wonderful day too!

Lots of prayers heading for Roxi too.


Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

BIG TEXAS juju coming your way the Jersey Shore Puggles and want them all feeling good.

Anonymous said...

SPAM !!!
We want to hear more about it, let us know once you are back from your beauty nap. (u can't take a nap till next year, it's "DAILY" Puglet, not "Yearly")
Happy day Dusty rose and ...Roxi, feel better soon.

I jumped in the house yesterday full speed, just did not know the sliding glass door was closed, Crashed into the door face first..... I am ok tho. Mama should not clean the glass door ever again....she gave me lots of cheese balls, guess the pain was worth it??


Robinette said...

YAY for the Spam puglet! Happy happy Monday-after-your-big-3.0! Hope it was a super special weekend; see ya when you wake up!

Robinette and Weezer

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Puglet, sounds like a great bday. Lots of JuJu to Roxi, ouch!

Anonymous - our human puts those cling things on the window for us at our height....Pearl ran into the door several times when she first came to live here. Right now we have red, white and blue ones on the door (they magically change during the seasons/or as often as the glass is cleaned!).

Pearl and Tessa

MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Happy Belated Birthday Puglet and Dusty Rose.
Your birthday meal sure looks tasty.

Mochi, Macho, Marshmallow

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Pearl and Tessa!
Mama now knows what to do, geez, it's so hard to train human...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and Enjoy your Nap !

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio
and from Lucy the house cat, Happy B Day Puglet.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Puglet!

Big Licks,

The Michigan Puggie said...


Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

SPAM CAKE! What a luck pug you are! I hope Dusty Rose has a good day too!

Massimo said...

Happy Birthday, Puglet!! You are truly special in every way! Thanks for being such an awesome dog! Hope we can celebrate soon at Pt. Isabel doggy park!


Sue and Romeo said...

Pug, we all knew you would have a good birthday. Your family loves you too much.

Dusty Rose, happy belated birthday.

Roxi, get better really soon.

Sammy, your mom needs to get some colored tape to put on the door or some clingy things like Anonymous said.

cdirige said...

Happy Birthday Puglet!!

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Happy belated birthday Puglet. Our thumbs were gone on your big day as you share your birthday with our mama Mindy. She turned 25 to your 3...and yes...there was cake but she would only share some of the frosting...but it was better than her sharing none of it at all!
Much luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums

Ollie said...

Very elegant birthday this year, Puglet. Spam on white china = sophisticated dining for the refined canine!

Happy Birthday Dusty Rose - wishing you some spam on white china.

Healing juju to Roxi so her hip gets totally better.

I've never run into the glass patio doors but my human's walked into the patio screen (HA!). I've clipped corners while attempting a speedy getaway after seizing contraband off the coffee table. Hardwood floors have really bad traction; it's like you're running on the spot.

Minnie and Mack said...

Your birthday dinner loos yummy! I guess you and our hu-mom share the same special day!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Kristen said...

That is one stellar birthday meal Puglet. You have a birthday on my "gotcha" day. I'm sad because my humans were moving us to a new house this Saturday. They didn't do anything special but promised a treat today... Can't believe they forgot but I do now have my own backyard and discovered my very own poo-stash from the neighborhood kitties. Let's put it this way, my humans were so upset about me finding a taste for the magical kitty poo treats that they built a fence to block me from that part of our yard. Now to figure out a way over that fencing...
Glad you had a special birthday. Catch ya later dude.

Reggie Pug

Eddie the Pug and his Mom said...

SPAM and BACON = Perfect birthday meal! How thoughtful of your hu-mom, Puglet! xox Eddie the Pug

Pug Slope said...

Puglet, that looks like an AMAZING Birthday meal! We hope you didn't eat the candles! Happy Birthday, dude!

Oisín said...

Have a very Happy Birthday Puglet.

Oisín x

Sophie said...

Happy Bithday Puglet! I will eat cookies for you today!
Love Princess Sophie *pug hugs*

Frankie from Seattle said...

Hey Pug, sorry to ruin all of the happiness (btw happy birthday!!) but we are in serious need of juju here in Bend, OR. We are spending the summer here and my little boy human crashed on his bike. We think he either broke his collarbone or dislocated his shoulder, but either way we need juju. Could you recruit some DP followers to send us some juju?

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Happy B-day to Dusty Rose !!!
Puglet it looks like yummy Birthday ;) I'm glad you had such a nice day :)

and I'm sending our juju to Frankie and his family !!!!

Anonymous said...

My pug Rock-E just turned 3yrs old June 4th! Happy Birthday Puglet!! and to Dusty Rose too!

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a FABULOUS birthday! Look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow.

AllyB said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday. Best wishes to you from me and my brother Sam and sister Max.

Your Fan Truly, Boomer aka LittleDog

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Puglet!


Sheila said...

Bella Mia here...Happy Birthday light up my life!

Suki said...

Hi Pug!

Happy belated Birthday! Wow, what a special dinner.


SpencerBartholomew said...

Happy belated birthday Puglet! It sounds like you had the perfect day! I am so happy it turned out special for you 'cuz you're da bomb!

I want to wish Dusty Rose a very happy birthday, too. A cookie has been inhaled in your honor.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I wanted to wish you a happy birthday too!

Noodle said...

Oh, thank goodness! You had me so scared that your family would totally forget your birthday!!

Yay, SPAM and BACON!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh No Frankie! .... puggle prayers and mega juju being sent to your human boy following his crash. At least it's summer and he won't miss school. Please give him lots of licks from Roxi, Riley and Lea ~ The Jersey Shore Puggles.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Roxi update: vet Rx lots of rest and rimadel 2x/day for her sore leg/hip and since it has to be given with food, she'll get an extra cookie or maybe I'll surprise her with some SPAM! Anyway, she ought to be back to her crazy puggle self in about a week. Thanks everyone for all for the juju. Now keep it going for Frankie's family!

Rose ~ Roxi, Riley and Lea's Hu-Mom

Estelita said...

Hi Puglet,

I hope that you had a special day, but sincerely Its missing somethig in this picture of your Special Day... Pleeeeeeaase! Send more pictures for us. This picture without you, Dutch and friends not is the same...

Lot of licks,


Ollie said...

To Frankie from Seattle:
A big dose of speedy recovery juju and magical beagle goodness going to your little boy human and your grown-up humans, too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Puglet!

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{juju}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} to Oregon

Frankie in Michigan