Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So I have kind of a weird question. Is there such a thing as anti-juju? Y'know, like instead of jujuing someone better you juju them to go the other way?

I know that probably sounds totally mean and evil, but I promise it's not.

Here's the deal - in case you don't know, I live with a fish (his name is Fish). I don't talk about him much because he lives in a bowl on a shelf and doesn't do anything, but I guess he's cool as far as fishes go.

Anyway. Fish is older than I am and has been sick for awhile. We tried fixing him with the pea trick, but that hasn't helped. I don't know what's wrong, but he's really pale and keeps getting smaller and smaller. Pretty soon, there won't be any of him left. He's never really done anything but float, but lately he's been floating funny.

And not in a good way.

It seems like Fish is ready for the Big Float, but it's just not happening. The Man says we should flush him (?) but my human said no way. So I'm thinking maybe if we all anti-juju him, Fish will go to the big fishbowl in the sky already (and not the toilet).

Sound like a good idea or no??


Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Poor Fish. :( They do make fishy medicines, if you can figure out what's wrong with him. I had a sickly fancy goldfish who we saved from the brink like a gazillion times with Maracyn-Two. If he's getting smaller, he's probably not eating...never a good sign. I don't think the toilet is a good move, though...not the way I'd want to go out, if I was Fish. Anti-juju (*sigh) coming your way.

Noodles said...

Oh Puglet,
It is always sad when a pet gets sick and sadder when you don't know what to do to make them better! If Fish is swimming funny then I think he is going to the BIG FISHY BOWL soon.
Love Noodles with advice from Mommy

Lola said...

So sorry for your sick Fish. Our betta gets lazy and floaty (instead of swimmy) if he eats too much. The fish people told us to only feed him every other day, and only a little bit. We tried the pea trick once, too, and our little guy wouldn't eat it.
Sadly, we are sending anti-jujus to your house today. I hope the Big Swim is in his near future, because we wouldn't want to see him suffer- a life without eating is no life at all.
Lafayette Lola

Elisa said...

Poor Fish! Please do NOT flush Fish down the toilet--that's not a guarantee that he'll cross the Rainbow Bridge. Believe it or not, there are vets who work on fish and koi. It seems to me like San Francisco is a big enough city to have a fish vet who can help. Maybe your friend google can help you find one. Sending lots and lots of juju for Fish!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Fish needs any anti-juju because he is getting to the big fishbowl in the sky all by himself. Just don't flush him when he gets there. He has all the signs...the floating and the shrinking and the pale-ing...
Soon he will be a big fish in a very large pond. Lucky Fish.
Kris in Oklahoma

Robinette said...

Oh man, sick fish are pretty sad because it's not like you can run them down to the fishy vet or anything. We had a lot of fish die on us, and it's such a downer. I don't think anti-juju is necessary, he's almost ready for that big fishbowl in the sky already. Instead think happy and good juju for Fish not to suffer too much, or to not suffer for long.

Robinette and Weezer

Anonymous said...

First, I thought about Sushi when I read the title of the day, and realized I could get killed if I say so.... sorry Fish... can your human take him/her to nearest beach, (if saltwater fish) or go to the pond you tried to eat ducks and leave him/her there (if freshwater fish). Flushing down is uhmmmm not so... nice.

ps. we want update on the east coast pugs needed forster, hope they find one.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...don't flush Fish. Let us just send out the anti-juju and he should go soon I would think. He looks on his last fin from the photo so shouldn't be too long. Poor Fish...sending out BIG TEXAS anti-juju now!

SpencerBartholomew said...

Puglet, DO NOT flush Fish! Let him go to the big fishbowl on his own. I agree with Robinette and Weezer - I will send good juju so he will not suffer. We will miss him. I remember when you did the pea trick!

Sue and Romeo9 said...

We're sorry to hear about Fish...doesn't sound good at all. A big YAY to your human for not flushing him down the toilet...that's just cruel to do. Here's hoping Fish finds peace very soon.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like little fish will be making the journey up river to the big pond over Rainbow Bridge. Good luck, little fella. Swim towards the light.

Roxi, Riley and Lea (The Jersey Shore Puggles)

Ollie said...

I think you're right about the anti-juju, sad but necessary. Fish is too far gone for healing juju. I'm glad you guys are standing firm on the no-flush burial, that's so undignified. Maybe a nice spot in the garden...Goodbye Fish.

Crabbie Chris said...

Hey Pug,
Sucks about your fish buddy for sure. Before the 'rents got me, they had Betta fish for pets (something about a small apartment) Anyways, one of their Bettas got very sick after a few years and would get better no matter what! So daddy did the freezer method to help him along. Dad said it was better than flushing. This was before the Vodka method was created.
I'm sending anti-juju his way. Keep us posted!

lmeyers1 said...

Hi If you put your goldfish is a smaller bowl and the water has a little bit (just a little bit) of salt in the water (1 tbsp), sometimes that helps make them better. Weird right? But it does work sometimes. If he revives a bit after a few minutes, put him back in his clean bowl. Mom brought Fred back a couple of times doing this. It does sound like Fish is on his way to the Rainbow Bridge so don't flush him. Poor little guy.

Massimo said...

OMG! Is Fish suffering? Do not flush Fish! :( That would be bad karma for you! Just let nature run its course. Sorry about your fishy Fish...

Chicas Libelulas said...

Hola Puglet!!
Our Abuelita had gold fishy and sometime they float weird she would add to bowl and massage gently her fishy tummy that would save them, but we are sending what is best for Fishy JUJU!!
Spongy & Licky

Fish Juju said...

I think we should all send Fish on to fish heaven by sending him some peaceful fish juju so we goes "in his sleep" er, "in his float"

Toilet bowl, no, fish sleep, yes. Sending fish sleepy juju right now! Where he can swim in endless streams and ponds, ahh

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Hi Pug & @Sammy,

On 6/17 PRoNE posted this on FB about the New England pugs who need fosters:

"We've had a volunteer step forward that can take them for a few weeks, hoping to find someone that can take them for as long as needed as with his vision issues we don't want to keep moving the boy around. We've got a few more days to pull a rabbit out of a hat hopefully - will keep folks updated."

Seems like they still need help with them for the longer term.

Meredith & Scarlet

THE PUGLET said...

OK, so definitely no flushing. Sorry BellaT, vodka and freezing got vetoed big time too. Especially the freezing. Something about a fish popsicle?

Me + Dutch are almost out of food anyway, so we'll go to Petsmart later today and check out the fish aisle for medicine like Maracyn-Two (thanks Klaus + Natty!).

Maybe we'll get Fish a snail too. Y'know, to keep him company while he floats toward the light.

Will also try the salt trick. Not so sure about the belly rubs (Fish isn't so nice).

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about fish. Totally agree with the "no flushing" sentiment; a snail might be lovely company. Pugsley and I are sending lots of warm thoughts about Fish floating towards the light...

Payton said...

I haven't meet a fish before, but I can tell you they are tasty (I am now on a grain-free diet with white fish and veggies). Mom wants me to say that I am certainly NOT advising that you eat Fish. I will be sending juju to Fish for either a speedy recovery or a peaceful trip to the big bowl.

Tiffy said...

I eat fish but I don't have a pet fish. I think flushing isn't a good idea but you don't want Fish to suffer so I suggest asking your friend Google what to do.

As for the anti-juju, I think that will just lead to bad karma. Better to not juju than to anti-juju.


Estelita said...

Hi Puglet,

He dont have some fungus? well, in last case, make on thing that my mother put on the water, (the water will be a little colored and the fish was soo well!!) resulted! A medicin name NISTATINA.
Bye, good juju for him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
I had a chat with your friend Google who told me that beta fish have a lifespan of only 2-3 years. If Fish is older than you that means he is one ancient beta and your human has taken care of him very well indeed.
I vote to let the poor guy spend his last days/weeks/months in peace and be treated with the dignity and pampering any senior deserves.

THE PUGLET said...

Thanks Fred! we haven't been to Petsmart yet, but I will look for NISTATINA in the sick fish aisle.

Sabrina - oooh, that totally makes sense. Fish has been here since the Christmas before I came along. That makes him 3 1/2 years. Guess he should have Floated a long time ago.

Eddy Puggle said...

Using salt will help! Especially if it is a parasite. Put 4 teaspoons of kosher salt in one gallon of freshwater. Let sit for a few hours for the temperature to reach the same temperature as the fish tank, then transfer the fish in for 30 minutes.... not any longer. Good luck! PS, I work in a fish lab at a university.

Estelita said...


Hi! Mi mom used the NISTATINA on the water and the fish was soo bad and he is well after this. My mother used some drops on the water for one week. you can buy the NISTATINA on drugstore for humans (well, here in Brazil its ease to buy this medicin), but the fish had fungus. I dont know what exacly have the fish, but sometimes they have candida and other fungus on the stomach.