Monday, June 6, 2011


Just when I thought June couldn't get any gloomier, it did. And I'm not talking about the weather either. Because you know what's inside that UPS truck?


Yeah. My Nikon. Well, I guess technically it's my
human's Nikon. But you know what I mean. This is hugely gloomy because Nikon is kinda like a cookie jar. No Nikon = No cookies.


I guess UPS is taking Nikon to a camera-vet in some place cal
led El Segundo. I was going to ask everyone to send some major juju, but my human said we shouldn't waste juju on a camera because if the vet can't fix Nikon, they'll just send us a new one.

Uh. Not sure I liked the sound of that, so I told her we should ask for juju anyway. Y'know, just to be safe. But then I got an email
from a pug named Abby in North Carolina. This is Abby:

Abby just found out she has a severe collapsing trachea, which means her throat keeps trying to shut down on her. And I guess this happens at the worst possible times too, like when she gets excited about cookies or a new toy.

Holy SPAM that must suck.

My throat has never attacked me (especially when I really needed to use it) so I can't imagine what must be like. Abby says it feels a lot like this:

Google says the crazy trachea thing is a pretty common pug problem, so maybe someone else here has some advice for Abby? The vet gave her pills to keep her throat happy, but if everyone could send some juju her way I know she'd feel waaaaaay better than any stupid pill could ever make her feel.

* * *

Uhm, I kinda spazzed on Friday's specialness, so open wide and get ready to eat because...

FRIDAY was a double Whelp Day. Late happy day to Gen (Chicago) and Penny (SF)!
SATURDAY was Trixie's gotcha day. Happy Gotcha!
SUNDAY Kiki (Webster, NY) celebrated her Whelp Day. Happy Whelp!

...and last but not least, today's specialness is for Sammy in Wheaton, IL. Much happy to you Sammy :)


Noodle said...

Boy, that Abby sure is cute! I've never had my throat attack me either. Sounds terrible! Good juju sending has begun! Hope you feel better, Abby!!

Sorry about Nikon, dude. Major bummer. I'm sure you could score some treats by being extrasupercute and stuff. Oh, and just make sure there are lots of special celebration days on the calendar. You know, add names if you have to!! *wink, wink*

moPSY+MISIOber said...

oh Abby you are the cutest pug girl I've ever seen!!! Your attacking throat sounds horrible :( hope there is a good cure for it !! My and my 3 pugs are sending you BIG juju!!!

We are also sending best wishes to Gen,Penny, Trixie, Kiki and Sammy, lots of cookies to celebrate your day :)

and Puglet I'm sure your Human has other camera which can be "cookie jar", and I think it doesn't need to be Nikon :) Hope Nikon will be back soon.

and it's SO NICE to read DP in the morning (CET):)
pughugzzz Gosia, Fredzio, Zuzia and Pucia

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Noodle we agree with you Abby is one hot pug babe.. juju coming your way from all of us.
Emmitt and Eli

Nikon is sick again that stinks. But like you said the up side if the nikon vet can't fix it you'll get a new one. New might mean better pics and more cooookeeeyyyss.

100 degrees in San Antonio today, we're staying inside in the A/C.

Happy Days to Gin, Penny, Trixie, KiKi and Sammy. Enjoy your special day with any snack you can get hold of.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Anonymous said...

You guys get up early, it's like 5am in SF? Hope the meds Abby's taking will work well. She is a cutie, mama says we should get one black pug! (we are fawn pugs). Gen, Penny, Trixie, Kiki and Sammy (yeah, Sammy's a good name), happy days ~ And Nikon, safe return.

Sammy from the land of SPAM (and her bro, Neko)

Payton said...

Pug, sorry about Nikon...well, sorry about the treats, really. Hope you get it back soon!
Abby, us pugs shouldn't have to put up with such bad stuff! I'm sending throat soothing thoughts and prayers your way. Hope those meds do their job.
Gen, Penny, Trixie, Kiki, and Sammy: Hope you have/had a very special day!! Yeah to a 5-treat day!

Anonymous said...

Pug, my baby Chloe had that throat thing too. She had surgery for it and it went away. Sorry about Nikon! Maybe you'll still score some treats while it's away at the vet. Just do the extrasupercute look at Mom and it should work for you. I know I couldn't resist. BOL Have a good Monday!
Emmett, Rosie, Madgie, & Dalia!

Anonymous said...

My humans got a special surgery done on me when I was a puppy so I don't have problems with my throat attacking me. So sorry to hear about Abby, though. Lots of good juju coming her way!!
~ Frankie from Seattle

Anonymous said...

Puglet - did they really let you ride on the UPS truck? Awesome! It looks like you're trying to go with Nikon to the camera vet. :)

Minnie and Mack said...

Poor Abby. We send juju to her and will keep doggie juju from Nikon and save it for doggies!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Noodles said...

Hi Puglet
That just sucks that your human's Nikon is sick. Like a pug can only take SO MUCH!!!!
Abby, hang in there. It sounds like surgery is a good option.
Love Noodles

Massimo said...

OMG! Abby is sooo adorable! Sending all my pug power awesomeness juju to Abby! And, of course, to Nikon.

Lola said...

That little Abby sure supercute! I'm sending her tons of sweet jujus.
Sorry about Nikon- good thing there's so many special things to eat treats for today- happy day to all!
Lafayette Lola

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...if it's not one thing it's another and looks to be Nikon is the target today. Good it's Nikon off to the vet and not you or Dutch! I know one thing though, Abby is one cute pug, uh, she's a girl like me so I don't love her like I love you but she sure looks to be lovable! I want her to get better soon and think all our juju is going to helps everyone!

Happy day to all on the list...I hope the list is forgotten again sometime so we get treats like this more often...thanks!

Crabbie Chris said...

Wow, that Abby is super cute, my boy side likes her a lot! I'm hoping her throat is ok. I'm sure it totally sucks to have your throat go out on ya when you need it most.
Bummer to your mom's Nikon. Once it comes back though, your mom will have to take you out and get tons of pictures of you. Pictures = cookies!
I'm so happy our rain seems to be done! Finally time to get out and enjoy the sun.

Anonymous said...

Hi puglet!
My name is Tyson. My brother Tank and I read your blog everyday, but mom has never let us comment until now. I wanted to tell Abby that my aunt pug Zoey had the same problem almost 7yrs ago. It was very scary. She had surgery...They gave her a nose job first to see if that helped her breath better. It didnt work, so they gave her a chin tuck and a stoma to breath from and she's just fine now! The worst part of it is that she cant go to the beach or swim anymore, and has to wear a bandana to cover the stoma when going out side. She's almost 12yrs old now and very healthy. So hang in ther Abby. And my human aunt's name is Abby and she's really tough and stubborn, so I'm sure you are to!
Much love,
Tyson, Tank, Teddy & Pickles the cat

Abby from Canada said...

I have this problem too, but it only affects me if there is pressure on my throat. Sometimes when I am sleeping my throat closes and I lose conciousness and unfortunately pee myself, but my mom always squeezes my chest which forces the air from my lungs out and pops my throat back open, and then I get lots of hugs and kisses.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey everybody!

Thanks for trying to make me feel better about Nikon. I totally forgot that Droid = cookies and Casio = cookies and even Canon = cookies. Duh. Now I just have to convince my human to break out all the other cookie jars. Uh, I mean cameras.

THE PUGLET said...

Tyson ~

Welcome to the comment section :) Thanks a bunch for telling us about Zoey. After my near-death neutering experience, surgeries kinda scare me - but it sounds like Zoey's made her all better. All better = awesome, no matter how you get there :)

THE PUGLET said...

Burtonnj ~

HOLY SPAM! Your throat attacks you when you're sleeping?? Scary! I guess it's a good thing you pee yourself so your human knows it's time to pop your throat back open!!

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Bella-T ~

Your rain might be done, but the Gloom on this side of the bridge is still all wet and gross.

I totally want to go live in sunny Texas with the 3E's!

Anonymous said...

Everyone wants to move in with 3E's and L.


Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
I'm sending Abby mega-magical juju so that she may spend many more happy, healthy years enjoying the sun (that photo could be me - I love carpet tanning!).

Sorry about Nikon but if they can't fix it, you'll make friends with the new one.

Happy Day to Gen, Penny, Trixie, Kiki and Sammy! This slice of mortadella I'm about to chomp on is for you!

Robinette said...

Oh dear, lots of good juju and love out to dear Abby! Love the photos; what a cutie.

Robinette & Weezer

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said... or anyone else can come live with me in Dallas if the 3E's don't have enough room in San Antionio...all I know is it is hot here and so hot I hardly ever go out anymore...not even to eat poop and that is serious hot when I don't want to do that!

THE PUGLET said...

Too hot to eat poop? Seriously??

Coco said...

Dear Puglet,
This is Coco and Chili. We're sending BIG BIG JUJU to Abby, who looks like Chili! We didn't know throats could attack! We will tell our human that she better keep ours happy by feeding it lots of yummy treats.

Happy days to Gen, Penny, Trixie, Kiki, and Sammy. We'll consume lots of treats in their honor and hopefully keep the throats happy.

The weather in Colorado seems to be sort of broken too. There are forest fires in the SW part of the state that are sending lots of smoke to Denver. We haven't had any health problems at our house, but we hope everyone stays safe and keeps breathing.

Abby the Pug said...

Hi Everyone! Abby here. I had a really rough weekend, but reading the Daily Puglet today really made things a lot better! I'm definitely feeling some good Juju over here, so THANK YOU! Keeping my paws crossed that this doesn't get worse! Tyson - my human did say that I AM very tough and stubborn!

Thanks again to all the AWESOME PUGLET FOLLOWERS!!

Mr Puggles said...

Abby, we hope you feel better soon. The throat thing sounds very scary!!! Lots of pug hugs n kisses to you.
and Puglet, we sure hope Nikon comes back soon!

Anonymous said...

Dear Puglet,
Just wanted to let all the dogs in the pug-o-sphere know about the Pug Rescue of Sacramento website bc little Edwina, who was rescued from Tulare, CA and flown by Pilots for Pugs to NorCal, needs some major JUJU to get better! Read her bio and click on the You Tube link to see her singing audition. She totally "roooocks it! Wish there was an American Idol for us Pugsters!
Hey Puglet, she is a real babe, so maybe you should do a little on-line flirting until she can be adopted...maybe even by your human!!
Sorry to miss Pug Sunday in SF, we went to Seal Point Park in San Mateo bc of the "iffy" weather...
Snuffly licks and High Five Paws,
Your Pal Eddie the Pug

Anonymous said...

Lots of juju to Abby!!!!!!!!!

Hope your yicky weather clears soon! SF weather should be perfect , hope it gets fixed soon and mine stays cool!
Paula from DE

Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Good juju to Abby. She sure is a cutie pie.

Happy Whelp Day to Gen and Penny.
Happy Gotcha Day to Trixie.
Happy Whelp Day Kiki.

Happy Day to Sammy.

We're here in Texas with the E's and Maggie. It's really hot. But I'm hanging in front of the AC, so it's all good. I get to do 3 days of agility this weekend, inside where it's cool. I never showed in the summer in CA, because it was always too hot. Should have stayed one more year, huh?

Sue VDB said...

Baby Abby, here's praying and hoping the best for you sweetheart. That has to be really tough.

Happy Whelp Days to Gen, Penny and Kiki.
Happy Gotcha Day to Trixie.
Happy Day to Sammy

And here's hoping Nikon comes back really fast.

Anonymous said...

My Pal Puglet,
OF COURSE...DUH>>>send lots of MAJOR juju to Abby! I totally got fixated on Edwina for few minutes as I was writing my post..Hope Abby is better sooner and even sooner than that...speedlier soooo!
Embarrassed Eddie

Anonymous said...

The 3E's here. If anyone wants to visit come on down. We have lots of room and the baby pool is always cold!!!

Yesterday it was 103 degrees at our house, talk about freakin hot.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli oh, and Lucy the house cat that has now decided she likes being outside, silly cat.

citydog said...

Lots of good juju to the ridiculously cute and pretty Abby!

Iggy and Charlie