Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My human can tell I've really been missing Nikon, so yesterday she asked if I wanted to go on a little adventure to the Post Office. Me? Adventure?

Heck yeah!

I'm still PO'd a the PO jerk who stole Payton's brain-drugs, so I asked my human if we could yell at someone while we were at the post office. She said no, we couldn't yell at anyone because the USPS is a government agency and I guess yelling is a federal offense or something.

No idea.

Instead of yelling, my human said we could do a test to see if the brain-drug stealing was an isolated incident (or if the USPS is full of jerks who steal your stuff). A test didn't sound nearly as much fun as yelling, but I didn't really want to federally offend anyone so I went along with it.

I got a little nervous when we got to the PO and saw a scale, but luckily it's just for packages. So we weighed the yummy panda heads,
put my friend Tiffy's mom's address and some stamps on the box, and handed it off to the PO people. I have no idea what the pink panda head thing is about, but I'm guessing my human really wanted to tempt any jerks who might be thinking about stealing.

Apparently we are not the only ones trying to tempt the PO jerks, because the box of panda heads landed in a pile next to a box of tasty Wheat Thins.

I don't know how scientific this test is, but I'm really glad my human vetoed the yelling thing. Those postal people don't mess around! The PO in our neighborhood is totally friendly, but the one we went to yesterday was not a happy place. We totally got in trouble for

1) me being in the post office

2) taking pictures in the post office

3) taking pictures of mail

Not sure about #1, but apparently #2 and #3 are federally offensive or something. Ooops.

It should take a few days for the panda heads to make it to Tiffy's house in Illinois. Who here thinks the PO will pass the panda test??



moPSY+MISIOber said...

Dear Puglet
first you look SUPERCUTE with the Panda box, you don't need Nikon to be a supermodel :)

and I'm pretty sure panda heads will make it!! cos if another (or maybe the same)PO jerk will try to steal it, see what could happen :)

love to read DP with my first tea at work :) kisses from still too hot Poland :)

Anonymous said...

OH, we always have Hello Panda here. Mama says it's her homeland's snack (Japanese?) She doesn't share tho.... love your pic, trying to be a super model, but bit afraid to be caught taking picture in PO. Love it !


Tiffy said...

Panda heads for Momma? Are you sure they're not for me, Puglet? I sure hope they make it to our house because I'm going to sneak one. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. And if they don't make it, I'm going to go to the PO and yell my little pug head off!


Foodie Girl said...


I'm not allowed in the PO in my town either. They yelled at my Daddy for trying to bring me in. But the PO lady at my Mommy's work is super nice. She always has treats for me in her pocket when I get to go to work with Mommy.

Hope the treats make it to Tiffy! Feel free to send any more "test" treats to me in Hoboken!


Holdin27 said...

Puglet and foodie girl, you have to understand the irrational fear of dogs that all postal employees have, it's actually quite comical. I think postal employees have the fact that dogs are dangerous animals that want to maul them drilled in as part of their training. I'm surprised you didn't get pepper sprayed.

The post office hates dogs!

Deb and Daisy said...

There is a postal strike here in Canada. Somebody wants more money, somebody doesn't want to pay it.

Anyway, we haven't noticed - yet.

They love Daisy at the post office but the place I go to get packages sells food too and they won't let her in. I think they are afraid she will eat all the profits!

Mr Puggles said...

psssst Puglet... *whispering* are there real panda heads in that box?! just wondering!
Love, your friend
Mr Puggles

Payton said...

I think they are going to make it. But the real question here is what are Panda Heads and are they eatable?

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
We want to know that too what are Panda Heads?
You are lucky you and your human didn't get arrested by the Feds for taking pictures. We would be sending you a file baked in cookies so you could break out of prison.

Ellie, Emmitt and Eli from San Antonio

Anonymous said...

I think we should take it easy on the PO people. They have a hard job getting all that mail around the world. One bad "PO jerk" does not a whole "PO jerks" make. And there are a lot of mean dogs out there that would love to make lunch out of a nice mailman. Anyhoo...I hear the PO is going broke or something? What will we do to get the Panda Heads to our friends??
Kris in Oklahoma

Ollie said...

Hi Puglet,
My human is not a fan of the postal service and thinks that chances are slim that your box will make it to Tiffy's. Novelty Japanese cookies? With a moist delicious center?

No way - someone will be enjoying those on their coffee break. We send all boxes wrapped in brown paper sealed with packing tape.

As for our strike here in Canada: the disruption in service is suppose to be rotated in different cities but we haven't had mail for three days, even though our city is not on the work stop list.

I guess our postie decided to take a little impromptu holiday while our business checks (that pay for my cookies!) just sit in limbo somewhere.

Maggie the Pug in Dallas said...

Oh Puglet...I'm with Payton, what are Panda heads and can we eat them? That is the bigger question here, but I do think they will make it and probably cuz pics were taken and now they are afraid of you and the evidence you might have on them...yeah, that's it! You got 'em scared...keep 'em that way!

With all this talk of Panda heads, which everyeone seems to be talking like they are eatable, and no Special days to celebrate today, I need me a reason for a cookie!

Panda said...

Puglet you look so cute (and slightly nervous) with the Panda box. It still astounds me and never ceases to amaze me how good you are at modeling. Too bad there isn't a contest or something where dogs could show off their modeling skills--or in your case, supermodeling

Noodles said...

Little cute puggy say WHAT???? No dogs allowed in PO? No picture taking?
Was some federal employee with an outta control pension plan having a bad day (ie having to actually help people)?
Love Noodles
P.S. Don't tell anyone I said the above - I don't want any postal employees going all poodle on me.

Kitty+Coco said...

Pug, let me tell you that Mom has almost cried coming out of the PO in NYC. They are MEAN!!!!!!!!!! Our PO here in small town Alabama is nice though. She would probably let me lick stamps for cash. I realize they do get harrassed by dogs sometimes, but what about the harrassment they give us and humans??!! Hope you left them a nice gaseous trail.

Kitty and Coco

Massimo said...

You look like someone yelled at you at the PO for being there! LOL! "I got a little nervous when we got to the PO and saw a scale, but luckily it's just for packages."

You are hilarious, Puglet! Thank you so much for making my day!

Emelina & Massimo said...

P.S. Yeah, you could yell at the PO. It's not a federal offense. But, yelling is like bad karma, or something, and it's pointless because they really don't care!

THE PUGLET said...

Hay everybody!

Kris in OK is probably right. The PO people aren't all bad. The PO man who brings our mail loves me and the PO in my 'hood loves me too. They are always happy to see me - even when I'm in there getting my picture taken.

I guess we'll just have to see what happens with the panda heads...

THE PUGLET said...

Oh yeah. I don't exactly know what a panda head is because I've never gotten to eat one. But I could smell them through the box and they smell RIDICULOUS.

I think Ollie got it right though - looks like they are Japanese cookies with a moist & delicious center. We'll have to ask Tiffy to do a taste test *if* they make it to Illinois.

Lola said...

I've never been to the PO here in Lafayette, but our regular mail dude? Way cool, he is! He always talks to me through the screen door, and even when I bark, he just says, "ok, Lola- I hear you!". He doesn't carry treats, I don't think, but he still rocks.
I don't think he would take any puggy treats or brain meds- sorry Payton's did.
Lafayette Lola

Katsu said...

I got in trouble for being in the post-office, too! :( My poor mom was just trying to mail in her tax forms when the mean lady said I had to leave. She convinced the PO lady to let me stay this time, but it wasn't pretty.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. *IF* they make it. Did you send with Delivery Confirmation?

GracieLouandTheotoo said...

Hi Puglet! I was bummed to hear about the brain drugs being stolen. How RUDE! I hope the Pandas make it to your friend...if not, I hope they are re-routed to me in Seattle! I am having surgery tomorrow to remove some c-words and I agree that panda heads sound delicious. Also, I share your love of golden chickens, so if the pandas make it to your friend Payton, want me to try to send you a chicken?


Gracie and Theo

AllDramaPugMama said...

Very cute Puglet

Chazthepug said...

Can I just say you look so adorable with your ears down like that!!! So cute!!