Thursday, June 30, 2011


I love the man soooo much that when he makes me show my pits to check for ticks, I'm totally cool with it.

I missed you guys today and I totally miss my human but I also kinda want to stay at the House of Meat for the rest of my life.


Rebecca said...

We did a pit check a few weeks back & puggy had a icky tick. :( We removed it & burned it promptly.

Anonymous said...

Hope your humans thumbs are ok...and her tooth!

Look for ticks and burr things all the time.

Pearl and Tessa

Anonymous said...

You look like a super dog in the picture! You need a cape!

Frankie from Seattle said...

Hey Pug, we kinda need some more juju. Only 3 days after my little human broke, my mom crashed her bike and hurt her shoulder. If you could just say a little something about sending juju to Catrena Sullivan in Bend, OR in an upcoming post it would be amazing because it has been a very rough week and she needs something to make her smile. :)
Thanks for the juju! (again)
~ Frankie

PS- I hope your human's tooth is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I kinda, ummm think... if your human moves in with the man, you will get both, the man and your human all the time...or maybe HoM is so fun because it's not everyday?
Frankie,... it is so hard to train human, let me tell ya...sending juju to your folks!

Happy 4th weekend, everyone !!


Anonymous said...

I have a low tolerance to the tick ick-factor...better to pit check than be sorry.
Kris in Oklahoma
PS- from what we can see of the man, I can see why you love him soooo much! It's easy to see that he loves you soooo much too. You are a much loved Pug.

Salinger The Pug said...

Dude...did you use Nair or a Venus razor on your pits??? They are SMOOOOTH!!! HAHAHA!

Glad you didn't have any bugs!


Fritter from the Lo-Flo said...

You look like the puggenator! So strong!

Much Juju all around!

Payton said...

First of all, I hope that your human and her canal are doing ok and on the way to a pain free mouth. I'm with Sammy, maybe you can convince your human and the man to be roomies. It's obvious from the video the other day that you LOVE the man. And the man obviously loves you so much by checking for ticks.
And lastly, but not least, juju heading out to Frankie's family.
PS. Pug, I do agree with the other posters that you do look mighty manly in that pic...hubba hubba! But if you admit to Sal that you've used Nair or a razor to shave, I think my crush might deflate!

Robinette said...

Ah pug, I bet your human misses you bunches too. I hope your human is feeling alright; or at least has some strong painkillers to help make her feel alright ;) Have a happy Fourth of July weekend (AKA Happy HOTDOG Holiday!) and we will see you next week.

Robinette and Weezer

Anonymous said...

Let me emphasize the importance of checking for ticks. My parents left me for a week with my grandmutter (a non-dog person)who let us run the woods during the day like crazy dogs which was loads of fun, but she didn't even think about ticks. I ended up with tick paralysis from three ginormous ticks. Mom rushed me to the vet and all was well, but I could have died! I get a full rub-down and examination every night now.

Living happily in another HOM,
Chloe and sissies

Sue and RomeoPug said...

The Man is the best Pug. Your human takes good care of you, but so does the Man...good job getting the tick.

I know you also miss your human, but when you see her again give her lots of puggy kisses.

Catrena Sullivan in Bend, Oregon, hope your shoulder heals quickly. Frankie is a very considerate sweetheart.

Massimo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Hilarious!! You're the best Puglet! Glad you are tick free! LOL!!

Hope your human is doing better. :)

Pug Slope said...

Hey Puglet - you sure do look JACKED in that photo. But now I'm gettin' all itchy just thinking about those ticks. Yuck! I hope your momma gets better soon - you need to make sure you give her some extra licks and snuggles. -Love, Sid.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
The man and HoM sound very interesting. As much as I like living with Mum alone, a man would be fine at times .. the meat! The manly hugs!

I hope your human Mum is feeling better, roots are horrible and tooth problems, too.

Amazing, we pugs do not have to shave our arm pits. Mine are the same like yours *smile*, that saves us a visit to the beauty parlor and/or razors!

Beauty-conscious greetings from Berlin


Floris and Manu said...

Tick paralisis??? I didn't know there was something like that, eeeee! Just for the nastiness of the things themselves we get them taken out but this is an extra reason, brrrrr.

Juju for everybody needing it :D