Thursday, October 15, 2009


I've got some good news about Team Puglet, but this isn't The Daily Puglet Contest blog, so first let's talk lobsters.

So we had our first big rain here this week and lots of places got flooded. And I guess when things get flooded, things happen that usually don't. Y'know, cars float. Mud slides. And herds of lobsters invade my local park. Seriously.

The park was closed because of the flooding/high winds but we went in anyway because we'd been cooped up inside all day and my human wanted us tired. We snuck in the back way, then did our usual lap on a dirt trail around the lake. I checked out the ducks, Brother Dutch chased imaginary squirrels. Some trees were on the ground, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Until we got to the main path in the park and saw all th
ese, uh, creatures walking towards the main parking lot. And there weren't just one or two of them. There were LOTS. Like, more than a hundred. They were bigger than a humans hand and red with giant claws and a funny flipper tail. They looked just like a toy lobster we have that makes bubble noises when you chew on it.

Of course brother Dutch was afraid of them.

Two ladies were putting lobsters into a giant bag and my human thought they must be trying to save them, so she helped gather them up. Then I heard one lady say, "Tastes good with soy sauce" and saw my human give her a weird look. She stopped helping after that.

Another man was trying to herd the lobsters off the path, so they wouldn't die, he said. My human helped him instead.
I tried to help, but one of the lobsters almost pinched me in the face, so I just watched after that.


Team Puglet News!

Arizona Pug Rescue
, Green Mountain Pug Rescue (Vermont) and Illinois Pug & Boston Terrier Rescue
have all joined Team Puglet.

We're going to the CA Pug specialty show on Saturday to take pictures and recruit new team members.

Starting Saturday, will take voters to a special page with all the info about the contest (a link to vote will be added monday). Hopefully, this will make it easy for people to join Team Puglet and/or vote. Don't worry, if you usually get here using that address, you'll still be able to.

Tomorrow: we all pick a picture to enter and I'll reveal Jack the Labrador's master plan.


Meg n Lola in Las Vegas said...

Puglet- Watch those wrinkles! Now is not the time to get pinched in the face, you gotta protect your mug! Pug Hugs, Lola in Las Vegas P.S. Do Lobsters smell Crabish?

Smushie Ranch said...

Those claws can be brutal! Gunther found out the hard way when he found a crab while playing on the beach.

Mr. Puggle® said...

my speakers are not working so i hope the above link works. glad you didn't get your cute lil pug nose clipped.

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I've never met a lobster but they look like fun. I'm so glad your human stopped helping lady who was going to put soy sauce on them. The poor lobsters had lost their way and were confused. I'm sure they didn't want to end up on someone's plate.

You sure have been busy recruiting for Team Puglet! Congrats to you!

Stubby xoxo

THE PUGLET said...

Ha ha! My human was going to call today
'Park Lobster' instead of "Rock Lobster", but she didn't know how many other people danced to the B-52s in the 80s :)

I think the lobster attacked because he thought I was going to eat him like the soy sauce lady!

I don't think they smell very crabby (but the only crabs I've smelled have been dead & stinky). Kinda more like mud, swamp and eucalyptus.

And yes - I've been recruiting! I don't want to ask everyone to click for me -- and then lose AGAIN. My human's gimpy brain is still very good at sending out emails. She even sent one to the guy who beat us in the Hansen's contest - to see if his voters still had any clicks left. Y'know - since they kicked my butt and all.

OH -and my friend Jack's human works for the city of Half Moon Bay and is working on a plan to get Vote for Pug posters up at the Giant Pumpkin Festival. He said 250,000 go to see the pumpkins.

dw said...

I'm so glad you didn't get pinched by a lobsta! I would have been one of the lobsta herders, too, rather than one of the lobsta picker-uppers-to-eat-em ones. I's hate those restaurants where you condemn someone to death in one of the tanks. *shudder*

Mimi the mischeif pug said...

my momma loves seafood but she said she would have tried to save those lobsters intead of eating them. and i'm sorry they had a bad temper and tried to pinch you. just think if you were lost with a hundred of your friends and no one would stop for directions!

THE PUGLET said...

Yeah, even though I got bit - I still don't think I'd ever bite a lobster back. I don't know what the soy sauce lady was thinking!?!

I don't have much luck when it comes to greeting weird creatures. I tried to say hello to a jellyfish once and it did not go well either!

Meg n Lola in Las Vegas said...

Puglet- Have you contacted Southern Nevada Pug Rescue (SNRP)? I bet they would be happy to post a little blurb about you on their site! Pug Hugs! ~Lola in Las Vegas

agent99 said...

OMG. I did not know lobsters traveled in a "herd".....they look pretty scary. Glad mom helped the guy who was liberating them!