Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, I was right. Miley came to the lake with a plan. Sort of.

Miley: Hey Puggit! Guess who can fly? Miley can! Miley can!
Me: Liar.
No, really. Really, I CAN. Last weekend I saw this thing on the TV about penguins or pelicans or some bird that starts with the puh soun
d. My person had it on that TiVo thing so I watched it over and over and over until I figured out how the birds do it. I've been practicing all week.
Me: Were they parrot birds? I met a few parrots once and they said wings make them fly. Where are your wings?
I don't need no stinkin' wings! I've got EARS. It's al
l about the ears.

At first I thought Miley was either lying or just making fun of me. Then I thought she might be crazy (my human says the right word is delusional) because these spotted dogs can be kinda nutty sometimes. But then... I watched her take off. Y'know, like, leave the ground.

Yup. Miley can totally fly. I watched her do it a bunch of times and still can't figure out how it works. I did everything I saw her do - but instead of taking off, I just sank. Like a stone, my human says.

Miley says it's all in the ears. My ears are a lot smaller than hers, maybe instead of wings I just need bigger ears? The spots all have big ears. I mean, just look at brother Dutch's!?!


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agent99 said...

Your "Flying Miley" photo is INSANE amazing. Sorry, Puglet....about the sinking. But your "shaking the water off" photo is pretty darned good too.
You're lucky to have a human who can use the little box thing so well to get great pictures.

Gen & the Foo

Fulmer the Pug said...

Yeah no kidding! My Mom gets awful pictures. My eyes always look blue. I do not have blue eyes. They always look fuzzy too. My fur does not look fuzzy. It's nice and silky smooth. Kudos to your mom. Maybe she can give my mom some pointers.

Lola said...

My eyes look blue in pics, too! My mom has my photo up at work- everyone tells her what beautiful blue eyes I have!
I'm a sinker, too. I try to swim, but it's a no-go. We're going to get a swim jacket like yours before we start going to the lake next summer.
I definitely see flying in your future- don't give up, Puglet! My mom used to call me her little puglet, but it was a play on piglet.
Have a great weekend- we're moving Sunday to a new house.
Puggy love,
Lola in Lafayette

THE PUGLET said...

Gen & Foo - If you think Miley's picture is good, you should have seen her fly for real!

Fulmer - my human says a few things can make you fuzzy. One is if you get too close to the camera (see Rule#1, below. It's kinda long - just skip to the part where it says Macro).

Another is if you move and there isn't enough light for the camera to stop you. This makes no sense to me, but my human says try taking some pictures near a big, bright window. Just make sure the light from the window is shining on your face (and not your back) otherwise your human's pictures will have a whole new problem.

Lola - flash usually makes our eyes blue or green, just like it turns human eyes red. I hate flash. My human hates flash. You probably hate it too. My human says it's almost impossible to get a good picture using regular flash. Your human can make the flash stop by turning it off either on the camera (look for the lightning bolt) or in the camera menu.

Oh - and my human also says our "big Puggy eyes" show everything. Like if you click on my picture from my "RELAPSE' post a few days ago and look reealy close -- in the big version you can see the pink blanket, a light and even my foot (right eye)reflected in my eyes.

Old post that might help with photos:



pugsmom said...

Puglet, Do you ever suffer from ear or sinus infections after you go swimming? My pug doctor told my mom not to let me go in the kiddie swimming pool last summer because I got an ear and sinus infection. I really love the water.

Oh and my mom has been sending reminders to everyone on her mailing list to remember to go and vote for you. They all write back saying they are doing it. Yipeeeee!!!!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Phoebe,

Hmmm. I've never gotten any infections. Brother Dutch's ears get 'yeasty' sometimes, so his get cleaned more than mine do. I usually swim in the ocean, maybe salt water is better for ears than regular water??

YAY! Please thank your mom & all her people for the reminders and the voting. I've got lots of people clicking too - only 2 more days before we find out!