Monday, October 12, 2009


Well, today's the big day. Pretty soon we'll know if I won the Hansen's contest.

But you know what? Even if I don't win, right now I'm feeling pretty special. At first I felt a little weird about asking people I've never even met to take time to vote. And not just once, but every day. For like weeks in a row.

No one seemed to mind me asking though. Lots of you clicked for me every day - sometimes even by phone! You wrote about the contest on your blogs & forums, sent out emails to other humans, and never complained about my annoying daily voting reminders.

I could only fit one flower in my mouth, but a whole *bunch* of thanks to everyone who clicked, crossed their paws & curled their tails. OK, maybe the curly tail part happens on its own. But thanks anyway!


RESULTS ARE IN: despite everyone's best clicking, Puglet didn't win The Grand Prize. He says pugs still rule though.



Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

We are pulling for you Puglet, we had Mom voting everyday! Good luck!!!

Taryn said...

They are really dragging out who the winner is!
I am on East Coast time so I guess I just need to be patient!


THE PUGLET said...

I KNOW! We're on west coast time, but it's still taking forever.

Smushie Ranch said...

We joined the party a little late, but we voted for you as many times as we could. We're pullin' for ya Puglet!


Fulmer the Pug said...

gah I wish they would post the winner already!!!

Lola in Lafayette said...

what's taking so long?

THE PUGLET said...

Maybe I got a million votes and it's taking a long time to count them all??

Alice's Human Female said...

We've been checking the Hansen's website obsessively all day long. I can't imagine how anxious you must be feeling!

Fulmer the Pug said...

Boo just saw the news. Totally lame!!! You'll always be the grand prize winner in my eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

My mom says she is boycotting Hansen. Not sure what boycotting is but I don't think it is something fun do.


Now we can concentrate on figuring out how to make Pugs Fly

THE PUGLET said...


I'm super-bummed we won't be able to give some money to the puggies, but at least the person who did win plans on doing some good with their prize.

Thanks again to everyone who voted!! Even though I lost, your clicks still raised money for the San Francisco Schools gardening program.

Taryn said...

Puglet, You were robbed! You so deserved to win! I really question people's taste as the winner was my least favorite of the four pictures. Just don't get it. But like you said, it sounds like it went to a generous person, so really it's OK. Sorry you didn't win.