Thursday, October 22, 2009


Thanks for sending in your photos! The gallery is filling up with SO much four-legged cuteness ~ please keep 'em coming.

[Go to for info if you missed my No-Contest announcement & are cringing at the thought of another contest]

Oh, and today's picture? That's me and Stubby, a pug-friend from the Chicago area who sent me his photo for the No-Contest. My human thinks we might have been separated at birth (even though he was born about 11 years before I was).

I asked if maybe we could be reunited because Stubby lives next door to a family of foxes and gets to eat Popeye's fried chicken. At my house we have demon chihuahua neighbors and snack on cheerios or carrots. My human completely ignored me when I asked about the reunion, but I remain hopeful.

I'm a little late today because we had some visitors at my house. Two visitors, actually.
I'd never seen these people before and they didn't act like the people who normally come around. They were really nice, but kind of... official. Like they had a job to do or something. Both had notebooks. One had a special camera and the other had a regular one. They asked my human a lot of questions and wrote down a lot of what she said. Made her sign some papers too.

Don't get me wrong, The Visitors were super nice. I sat on their laps and ate snacks while everyone talked. The Lady Visitor
took lots of pictures with her camera and the Man Visitor pointed the special camera at us for what seemed like a really long time. The whole thing made me a little nervous.

I didn't pay all that much attention to what everyone was talking about,
but I'm pretty sure most of it was about ME. Ok, so I heard The Visitors ask some stuff about brother Dutch and my human too. But that might have just been a cover, you know, to hide their true intentions.

I mean, what if The Visitors were, like, secret government agents? Like in the movie about that
alien I supposedly look like. Maybe they saw my blog and think I'm an Extra-Terrestrial too? What if their visit was some sort of reconnaissance mission and they're plotting an alien-pug abduction??

I asked brother Dutch what he thought about it. He said he hadn't thought about it at all. So I told him my suspicions and that
got him ALL freaked out about his own "alien" status. Dutch was born in another country and I guess he heard people from other countries called "illegal aliens" on the news once. He's afraid The Visitors might have been immigration agents here to check on his "status". He was only a baby when he came to the U.S. and doesn't really know if he's legal or not - or even what it all means.

I could be abducted, Dutch could be deported, and I'm afraid to ask my human what's going on because I don't want her
to panic. Dutch & I are BOTH freaked out enough as it is.


Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
Perhaps, your cuteness is finally getting the attention it deserves and these official humans are there to interview your human and ask questions, like "Why has it taken so long for the rest of us to find out about Pug? How do get more Pug out there to the people?" You definitely need more media exposure. This could be your big break!
As for Dutch, tell him he's always welcome here in Canada. We're pretty good at taking in those in need (two legged and four legged).
I know two Katrina dogs and another beagle rescued from a horrible puppy mill in Ohio but who is very happy now, enjoying our delicious Canadian back bacon.
Your friend,

THE PUGLET said...

I dunno Ollie, maybe. But me & Dutch are kinda worried. What if we get abducted/deported??

Can we both come to your Canada? My human's sister used to live there and it sounds nice. AND you have your own bacon!

Remind your human to send us your picture for The No-Contest. We just added a little pug from Romania to the gallery. Now we really need a little beagle from Canada!

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I never saw this post for yesterday. Maybe blogger had some alien activities going on yesterday...

We definitely could have been separated at birth if it weren't for the big age difference. We are both super cute and the resemblence is uncanny. Mom thinks maybe you are my brother from a different mother. I don't know what that means but Mom loves saying it.

We do need to be reunited because even if weren't not related we are best buds and we need to hang out. I haven't seen the foxes lately but every morning I wake up to 'quack-quack'. The ducks are back and they're looking for mates.

I know you will love Popeye's chicken because it is delicious! I haven't had it all week so I'm going to ask Dad if we can go there this weekend. He is always up for Popeyes just like me.

Stubby xoxo

THE PUGLET said...


DUDE! You have ducks too????

Stubby said...

Yep, ducks and geese. The ducks (mallards) look for mates and then by November they are all paired up. The geese have been hanging out the ducks and they make noise, but the ducks are my alarm clock.

We also have a muskrat family. I think they moved in two years ago and I see them cruising through the water all the time.