Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So I got an email yesterday from a pug named George (hi George!) who thinks I should enter a new contest that starts next week. This one doesn't have anything to do with soda - he said something about cuteness? And a great big prize?

But my human said no way. No more contests. Team Puglet is all clicked out. But then I gave her
the look - y'know, the one that makes humans melt and give you cookies and stuff even after they've said no more? She wavered a little. Then my friend Jack came up with this plan on how to win this time. He said if we get everyone on Team Puglet to ask 5 friends to vote, and have those 5 friends ask just one other person - we could totally do it.

I thought that sounded OK. Brother Dutch thought it sounded "a lot like math". And my human said it sounds "like a scam you'd read about in an email from Nigeria". I don't know anything about math. Or Nigeria. But I do know I really want to give money to homeless pugs. And I probably shouldn't tell you this because my human doesn't like when I write about her (
this isn't The Daily Human, she says) but she was really hoping to win some of the Hansen's money for herself too.

I don't know all the details because it happened before I came along, but I guess my human got ambushed by one of those great big trucks with all the wheels and her brain got hurt. It was the same accident that made her dog Grendel go to sleep, so she doesn't talk about it much because it makes her leak real bad. I hate when humans leak, so I don't ask many questions.

Anyway, my human's brain did get better, but not totally better. It's still kinda gimpy.
And her new gimpy brain can't do the same kind of work it used to do, and I can tell she's had a hard time getting back on her feet. I know what a pain a gimpy foot can be - but a gimpy brain? That must really suck.

The whole idea for The Daily Puglet
actually came from one of my human's brain doctors (who also has a pug). I heard the doctor say it would be a good way to do "something positive" each day and use her brain in a way that wouldn't make it so tired. I'm pretty sure that part of the plan has been working, but I know my human is always looking for other things to do too. Things that pay money, she says.

That's where I got the idea to enter the Hansen's photo contest. I could win money for my human, and get some money to help pugs at the same time. Everyone would win and I would be the hero! But things didn't go as planned (obviously) and now I'm wondering if I should try to win another contest, try to rally Team Puglet to make a comeback... or just go back to doing the things I do best: looking cute in the privacy of my own home and here on this blog for my friends.

What do you all think?? Do you think it's worth a second try? Am I cute enough to win? Does Team Puglet/blogger have any more clicks left? I posted to a pug forum to see if there's any new support there, and I've got my human on the fence now. I just know I could push her off with a little... help.


Unknown said...

You are definitley cute enough! I know I can rally some of my pug pals to vote for you! And Puglet, in case you didn't know there is a "pug message board" where all these humans talk about their pugs. We could post on there in hopes to get some votes! I think your human's brain is beautiful. I love the way she has the ability to be your voice. Magical really. I say go for it and all of us will be your cheerleaders! XXOO

Rosie the Party Pug said...

Go for it Puglet. Team Rosie is on board.

Anonymous said...

Do you have to be a Pug to be on team Puglet? I will join.

Anonymous said...

My mom says go for it - we have lots of clicks left in us for you!! Us pugs stick together through fun times and bad times. PS - my mom thinks you are ADORABLE!


Anonymous said...

Go for it you cute devil you!!!!!!!LOL.... We will click away. My mom said she will click and tell all our friends, too.
Your friend in South Carolina

Kathy said...


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! First off, I still have lots of clicks left in me. I know Mom does too and her peeps are in as well. You are definitely cute enough and lucky that your human takes such great photos of you.

As for math, that makes Mom's head spin around like in the "Exorcist". I need to check the globe to see where Nigeria is, but I think your plan to enter another contest is legit.

I agree that a gimpy brain must be a huge bummer, but it seems like it's working pretty good now. Tell your human to chill out and act like a pug for a while. Puggin - does a body good!

Stubby xoxo

Lola said...

My mom has the gimpy brain, too! She had two brain surgeries for a brain tumor and takes lots of medicine for seizures. Small world. You're too cute to limit yourself to this blog-you have to share this with as many people as possible! Your mom takes the best pictures, and you go on so many fantastic adventures!
One problem- how are you going to chose just one picture?
Tell us where to click!
Pug love-
Lola in Lafayette

ps- there's a pug Sunday close to my house (it's in Walnut Creek).
We tried to go to the SF one once, but there weren't any pugs at the park that day- maybe we had the wrong time?

Anonymous said...

Not only are you cute enough but you have international fans like me that you can count on. I'm from Canada and I work as a CS(Canine Supervisor) in my human's office. The best part of my work day is my afternoon chew break with your blog. I'll rally a whole bunch of votes for you up here, so go for it Puglet!

Ollie The Office Beagle

P.S. You're a lucky pug. After all, look at the amazing human you got!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi everybody,

You are all the BEST. And I'm not just saying that because you think I'm cute. If I were a human, I'd probably be leaking right now from all your goodness.

(Stubby, you're right. Puggin *does* do a body good. Why are humans so adverse to that sometimes??)

Team Puglet is officially back in effect! But I'm gonna need some help. Not just with the clicking - but picking a picture too. Since this will be a team effort, the team should decide what picture to click for. Like Lola said, there are just so many!

I'll have my human post some here so you all can pick a favorite.

PS> Miley and Ollie-beagle and MoMo and all the other non-pugs... you don't have to be a pug to be on the team. We love everyone equal :)

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, and Lola -- when is your pug sunday in walnut creek? Maybe we can come out so I can have TWO pug sundays?!

Fulmer the Pug said...

Puglet, Mom says thank you for sharing your human's story. Her eyes looked kinda watery and when I asked her why she said it's because losing people she loves scares her. She lost her daddy and brother within two years of each other and she says she loved them VERY much. I never knew them but she tells me they would've loved me. I feel sorry for her b/c her eyes leak when she thinks of them. When I think of it I get sad too b/c I can't imagine losing my Daddy. Anyways, Mom says she is so very sorry and that she will help me click for you. Until then... Fulmer

Lola said...

Pug Sunday in Walnut Creek is the 2nd Sunday of every month at Heather Farms Park off of Ygnacio Valley Rd. It's right in front of the duck/ goose pond, and it's so much fun! Lots and lots of puggies... all shapes and sizes. Tell us if you are gonna come, and we'll make sure we're there.

Anonymous said...

YES, YES, YES........ Lot's of clickers left.

Buford T. Justice (the Pug) Bambi, Peggy, Per-Li-Mae, Lacy and da Humans

Meg n Lola in Las Vegas said...

Las Vegas will click away Puglet!

dw said...

I think you're absolutely cute enough for any contest! Secretly, I think that other one was stolen! Of course the puggie should have won! Hrumph!

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Go for it!!!!!!!!!!

THE PUGLET said...

Oh Fulmer! please do one of those cute little puggy-tail wiggles for your mom. That always makes my human smile. I think it's hard for them to leak when our tails wiggling. If that doesn't work, try snortling in her ear (and thank her for being so nice while you're there).

Lola - we'd love to come to your next PugSun! My human isn't always so great at remembering things (gimpy brain), is yours? We'll have to make sure it happens.

DW, Buford T, Meg n Lola in Vegas, Sequoia & Petunia - THANKS for making me feel good.

Anonymous said...

GO FOR IT! Guns and Roses will click til their paws get tired!

pugsmom said...

My finger is hovering above the vote-for-Puglet key right this very minute. LOL Everyone on my mailing list is in on it too. Go for it!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Puglet,
We think you are adorable! We will rally
as many people as we can. Never give up!
My Mom is an animal lover just like your
Mom. She even rescues Monarchs! All of us
animals have to stick together.
Penny the Golden Retriever (A.K.A. Galloping

THE PUGLET said...

Pugsmom -

Wow. I didn't know there was a vote-for-puglet key. How convenient!

You should maybe let your finger relax so it doesn't get worn out before the polls open. The contest people are being soooooo slow & haven't "approved" my picture yet! Maybe I'm NOT cute enough????

THE PUGLET said...

Aw, thanks Penny! My cousin sophie's mom has a pair monarchs hatching in her house right now. Consider 2 more saved!