Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Life is still on hold because of the foot, so I don't have any new adventures to talk about. And this got me thinking... you know what I really like best about this whole blogging thing? Hearing from other pugs. I know lots of pugs in my neighborhood, but I never knew there were so many of us out there.

And I've noticed something about us pugs - we all have cool names. Ok, maybe my name isn't so cool. But everywhere I go, people know exactly what to call me. It works. I've heard lots of people ask my human if my name is really Pug, but I usually don't stick around to hear what she says. Thanks to my gimpy foot play-restrictions, I finally heard the full story yesterday at the park.

I'm a little fuzzy on some of the details, but for some reason, my human thought someone else would give me a "real name". So she just called me Puglet because back then I was a little pug. No one else ever gave me a different name, so I stayed Puglet. Except I've kinda outgrown the 'let' part -- so a lot of times it's just Pug, Puggers, or Pugaroo. Pretty much anything that starts with Pug.

I'd never really thought about it, but I guess a lot of names have stories behind them.

Like Rosie who comments here sometimes; she is Rosie because her human missed their sleeping dog, Daisy. A pug in my neighborhood is named Cartman because, well, he kinda looks like the kid from the South Park cartoon. Brother Dutch got his name because he was born in some place called The Netherlands. Don't ask me how that works.

Does anyone else here know the story behind their name?
I'm all curious now to hear how humans come up with this stuff.


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Tiffany said...

'whatever Lola wants, Lola gets'... enough said.
Puggy love,
Lola in Lafayette

Kathy said...

Petey the Pug--went perfect together and my kids named him.

Rosie the Party Pug said...

Hi Puglet...thanks for mentioning me. I haven't been online much due to my humans gimpy paw (she says its hard to type with one hand) and my brother Olli (named after a hockey player) decided to eat rocks and had emergency surgery. It is interesting how us dogs get our names.

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I love hearing how everyone got their name. Some stories are so interesting; mine not so much.

Mom has wanted a pug since she was in high school (a million years ago). I don't know where the name Stubby came from, but she always told people she was going to name her pug that.

One month after Mom and Dad got married they got me. I was the perfect Stubby to complete their family.

Mom also says if I ever get a sister her name is going to be Pixie. Don't know why and don't ask. I really don't want a sister because I like being an only child.

Stubby xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
My name is Trunks and I live in Florida! My human has been reading me your blog for quite sometime now, and I must say that I really enjoy all of your adventures. I wanted to tell you how I got my name since you were so gracious to ask. My human tells me that my name came from a cartoon called Dragon Ball Z, and apparently there is a character named Trunks. So when my human got me she went through a ton of different names for me and thought Trunks was unique. My human also calls me Trunky Monkey, Trunky Butt and Snuggle Bear (not sure why).
Hope your foot gets better soon. I have never had anything like that happen to me but I did pull one of back toenails out a few months ago. There was red stuff everywhere and my human was FREAKING OUT!

pugsmom said...

Hi Puglet,
My name is Phoebe. My human mom just wanted me to sound sophisticated I guess. My sister's name is Kizzy. She was a rescue puggy girl and my mom says Kizzy means stay put, (she heard that in the movie called Roots) to that means she will be with us forever. I'm glad because my other sister, Autumn went to sleep and I miss her. She was a rescue too and had her name before she came to live with us. She was brindle colored so maybe that had to do with her name, Autumn colors maybe? Get well Puglet.

Momo said...

Ok, so I'm not a pug, but I'm still a fan. I'm a Shiba Inu and my ancestors are from Japan and I was named Momo (means Peach in Japanese) after Momotaro (Peach boy) an old folk story. I'm a girl so my Mom tweaked the name a bit, so its technically Momohime (Peach Princess), but I usually just go by Momo. Momohime is just for when I'm getting yelled at and the vet.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, it's ok Momo - you don't have to be a pug to have a cool name! I like how your human made your name - rearranging a foreign language? That takes some effort.

Funny ~ my human usually uses my full name when I'm doing something bad or she's really trying to get my attention. Then it sounds like: PUG-LET!

THE PUGLET said...

SO much to say to everyone...

Rosie! Sorry to hear about all the gimpiness at your house. I always get yelled at for eating rocks, but never knew why. Now I know. Hugs to Olli.

Lola - ha ha. My human says my middle name should be Lola. Even though I'm a boy.

Petey - Petey-Pug sounds good to me. You probably get lots of cookies with a cute name like Petey :)

Stubby! Uhm, hellloooo. I'm a pug named Pug. How interesting is that?? I love that your name came a million years before you did. I guess what your human once said about dreams coming true really is true.

Trunks - Trunky Butt? My human says she wants to call me that, even though it's not my name. Just saying the words "Trunky Butt" makes her laugh.

Phoebe - I think my cousin Sophie's name story is a little like yours. My human says she's a very "lady-like" pug.

And Kizzy... Your name made my human leak a little. I'm so glad you found such a good forever human.

Anonymous said...

Great question to ask Puglet, I love reading how furbabies get their names.

My humans named me Frodo because my eyes pop out of my head like the actor, Elijah Woods and because I was tiny like a hobbit, but I'm a big boy now, so I guess they were mistaken. They also call me Dude I think because I'm just so cool!! Daddy calls me Sashay sometimes because of the way I prance when I run, something tells me this isn't a compliment.

Hope the gimpy foot feels better soon - Frodo

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet!

I'm a pug named "Mushu", but everyone seems to call me something different. I often hear "Mu." (However, my dad calls me "monkey beast" which doesn't sound anything like Mushu.) Anyway, my mom says that because her favorite food in the whole world is Chinese, my breed's origins are Chinese (?!), and I kinda look pig-like (hey!), she thought naming me after Mushu Pork was a good idea. I don't know about all that, but as a 6-year-old recycled/rescued pug, I've had a few names in my time. I like the name Mushu the best and decided I would actually respond to it. I especially like it when my mom says it in that silly high-pitched voice!

Thanks for asking. I'm enjoying everyone's comments.
Get better soon!

Mimi the mischeif pug said...

hi puglet! hope your foot gets better soon. make sure to look extra pitiful and you'll get lots of loves and treats in the meantime.

my name is mimi. theres supposedly two reasons this is my name. one is 'mimi' in japanese means 'ear' and my human wanted me to listen to her instead of doing what i want (guess who came out on top of that?) the other is my human said my eyes reminded her of a character on the drew carey show named mimi, but without the excess make-up

Pugatti said...

Hi Puglet! My name is Pug too! Well, it's short for Pugatti because my mom is car nut but she calls me Pug, except when I'm in trouble. She even had matching tshirts made for us with the Bugatti logo altered to read Pugatti. She's weird. But I have her trained to lift me on to the bed every night so I don't have to jump or use my step. heehee

Hope your foot gets better soon. And my mom says keep making her laugh every day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet,
My name is Fiona and my human named me that because I have a pug brother named Shrek.
I really enjoy reading your adventures. Keep it up.
Fiona the Pug

Odysseus said...

Hi Puglet --

I thought that your name was a play on "Piglet," which was clever because it rhymes with Pug AND us pugs LOOOOOOOOVE food (and maybe that we have such flat faces).

Well, so my full name is Odysseus, because my dad wanted to me have a heroic name. Also, apparently this Odysseus character always ultimately returns home, so my dad wanted me to always come home if I were ever lost (not that I would ever venture out!). Finally, he liked that Odysseus can be shortened to Ody, which happened to be similar to the Garfield dog (Odie) and the movie, "The Adventures of Milo and Otis" (Otie). It's harder to have an endearing short name for "Hercules."

Maybe we can think of something good for you too ;).

Get well soon. Looking forward to chasing you!


THE PUGLET said...

He hee Frodo - my human told me about LOTR, but she didn't think of Elijah Wood. He does look a little puggy, doesn't he? In a good way of course.

Mushu - I don't know what your other names were, but I think Mushu is a good one. I'm glad you decided to listen to it.

Mimi - now kinda I wonder what my human would've named me if she knew more languages. All these non-english names are really cool.
Even if you choose not to obey them :)

Pug(gatti) - YAH! Another Pug-. I wonder if there's a logo for "Puglet"? It'd be cool to have a shirt with my own logo on it.

Fiona - I've never seen a Shrek, but my human giggled when she read about you & your brother. She said [quote] Hee heee - you pugs do kinda look like trolls. Or Ogres. Or whatever Shrek is [end quote].

I hope this is a compliment!

Ody! - My human says we can pretend it's for Piglet if that makes her clever. I mean, I do love food.

I think your humans made a good choice. I'm sure any name would be cute on you, but "Herc" for short would be kinda weird.

Kimmy B said...

Hello Puglet: Our Wormie crossed over the bridge in January and I still have tears. I first heard about her from a blog on Craigslist. She was in a wonderful shelter in Redwood City and no one claimed or adopted this beautiful fawn pug during her 6 month stay, probably due to her age and some medical issues (They called her Mona). As a volunteer with Pug Pros I was so thankful that the nice people at the shelter were willing to release her to me after signing a few papers. I told my husband she would be fostered with us until she found a new home. (yeah, right!) Our 3 dogs welcomed her right into the pack. It was my husband who said we should call her Wormie coz' she wormed her way into our hearts (she was deaf so we knew it wouldn't be confusing for her. She was a typical pug who followed me everywhere and slithered through a door like at lighning speed. Last Saturday we adopted Tink from Pug Pros and she is already bossing our 2 boys around. We read your blog every morning and just voted for you again today. Good Luck! Tell your human she is a fabulous writer and picture taker of both you and Dutch! Pug Hugs, Kim from Sonoma

Fulmer the Pug said...

My name is Fulmer. I'm an eleven month old pug. I am named after Coach Phillip Fulmer, the old coach from the Tennessee Vols. My parents are obsessed with Tennessee football. They both went to UTK and everything in our house is orange. I'm awfully glad that I actually like orange. Anyhow, Fulmer's last season was last year. He was the coach at UTK for 15 years. My dad brought me home to surprise my mom the week of TN's last game. They thought it was appropriate to name me in his honor. The only problem is most people think that my name is Homer.

THE PUGLET said...

Kim - Your story about Wormie made us all leak a little. But we're glad Tink has come along. Y'know, to keep the boys in line.

I wish we lived in a great big house so we could fill it up with all the pugs who don't have a home to call their own. Someday...

I'm glad you like my blog & thanks bunches for voting! I really hope we win some money to give to PugPROS.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Puglet,
My name is Rambo,I'm a 7 yr young pug, I think my human brother wanted a bigger dog so guess what he got me.. My Mom calls me Rammie, Ram, or Monkey boy...My sister name is Miss Ellie she is a rescue yorkie, my Mom thinks the name will let her know she is now respected what ever that means...She is ok, but I let her win when we play fight.
Hope your paw is better soon so you can get outside and run...
My Mom is voting every day, I remind her, hope you win...
Your friend in South Carolina

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet!

My name is Tula and I'm a 6 or 7 year old rescue fawn pug in your city of San Francisco. My humans named me just this year in May when I was adopted. They thought I look more like a Tula than a Tazzy and wanted something more feminine sounding. That does not stop people from thinking that I look an awful like an old man sometimes anyway.

We love your blog and I make my humans read it to me all the time.

Take care and hope your foot feels better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pug, I just started reading your blog and I love your stories and adventures! Your human does a great job of putting your thoughts into human words for us to enjoy, along with the wonderful pictures! My Mom and Dad call me Rosie, Rosilicious,(sounds like delicious) and Puggins, but my "official" name is Kismets Black Rose which I think is pretty fancy for a little country Pug like myself! Thanks for sharing your blog with us and keep up the good work! And we voted for you and hope you win!!!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Rambo! Nice to finally know your name :) It's nice that you let Ellie win. The world has no idea how mighty us Pugs are. We're just so nice, we always pretend to lose.

Hi Tula - Your name is pretty, even if you do look like an old man. Maybe we'll meet at Pug Sunday someday? I'll be the pug with the giant spotted dog (and a rubber chicken).

Rosie - Welcome to the Daily Puglet. I'm glad you like me! "Official" names can be a little funny, huh? I really like 'Rosilicious'. We have -licious names at my house too! Brother Dutch is "Dutchilicious" and sometimes I'm "Pugilicious" (usually when I'm being sweet or cute).


THANKS ALL for voting!

Unknown said...

Hi Puglet!
I had a sister named Pugs, whom I never met, but they tell me she was a real fire cracker! My name is Maggie! My old owners used to call me Minnie, but my fabulous new owner thought that a new name would be best with my fresh start and all. I think she was right! (I like it much better). Minnie reminds me of that wire cage they used to keep me in all day and night.
My mom calls me all sorts of things like Maggs, Punkin, little one, frito feet and the one that I most dislike; my little chow hound. The nerve! I humor her though and respond to them all. She has no idea, but I am the master of manipulation. I just wag my curl and treats come fast and furious! I didn't get to be 23lbs of burning love being dumb.
I love reading about your adventures! You and your brother are something else.
Hope your foot feels better soon and my fingers, toes and eyes are crossed in hopes that you win your contest!

THE PUGLET said...

Hi Maggie!

I'm glad you found a fabulous new human to give you such a good new life. I've heard all about those 24-hour wire cages. My cousin Sophie lived in one for THREEE YEARS!

Thanks for crossing all your parts for me. I'm sorry I didn't win, but keep coming back! I love hearing from all the other pugs out there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puglet!
I just found your blog today (thanks to the Rex Center newsletter). My name is Tobee - my human says it is spelled that way because it is a combo of my namesakes. I'm an 8 month old frenchie and my human named me after two very special rescue dogs (she volunteers with the French Bulldog Rescue Network), one was Tobias Toad who passed on early this year and the other was Sweet Bee, who just passed in August. Both were wonderful frog-dogs (aka french bulldogs) in their own right, and my human felt that I could help them live on through me. So, that's how I ended up with my name. The funny part is, since I'm deaf, I only know my name as sign-language!
Glad you are feeling better.
PS - I also live in S.F., hope to meet you at a local park someday!