Monday, October 26, 2009


A freeze-dried bull penis.

Yup. You heard me. Yeah yeah, I know. Gross. But until you've spent hours gnawing on a bully-stick (the kinder, gentler name for the freeze-dried boy parts of a bull) you just have no idea.

I'm not a religious pug (the whole animals-don't-have-souls thing? can't get past that) but I am what you might call 'spiritual'. And thanks to a special delivery from a pug named Buford T. Justice, I now have a pretty good idea what heaven must be like.

Heaven is a freeze-dried bull penis.

Buford T & his pug family sent me and brother Dutch a whole bunch of heaven to chew on. And get this - somehow Buford convinced his humans to get into the bully-stick business and now they have an online store called Buford's Bullies. They sell all sorts of heavenly, all-natural chewy bits and Buford (and his sisters Peggy & Bambi) get to be in charge of something called "Quality Control', which just means they get to eat stuff!

And the best part?** Buford and his pack donate money to pug rescue every time the sell something. They've even volunteered to donate a few prizes to The No-Contest Contest. Now the three finalists will be able to choose from a snout, hoof, ear AND bully stick or lamb trachea. Hmmm Hmmm!

** Ok, maybe the heavenly taste is really the best part but I'm trying not to be selfish.

I'm so excited! The gallery keeps filling up and I've been practicing how to pick names (is harder than I thought). Can't wait to pick out some No-Contest winners!

[Go to for info if you missed my No-Contest announcement & are cringing at the thought of another contest]



Mr. Puggle® said...

wow. mr puggle has never had one. i didn't know that was what they were made of. enjoy!

Smushie Ranch said...

We think they sound absolutely delicious! However, mom almost spit out her coffee on her key board. She's going to check out the website and make sure they won't upset Gunther's sensitive tummy, (he has a mild case of pancreatitis).
Thanks for sharing the bull penis info, Puglet!

Lola said...

OMGoodness!! I just LOOOOVE the bullies! However, my 12 year old girl human says 'that's sooo disgusting' every time I'm chewing away! I guess she's never bother to take a bite. Her loss, my gain!
Lola in Lafayette

Meg n Lola in Las Vegas said...

Mmmmmmm, Mom is going to order me some today! Also- you and Dutch look pretty happy with yourselves in the "New" slime pics but I would have loved to see your Human's face! :o) Happy Monday Puglet! Pug Hugs, Lola in Las Vegas

Kimmy B said...

Greetins Puglet! Me and my brothers got a special delivery from Laurie last week and we LOVE our bullie stix!! She is a really nice lady and she said I am a sweet pug. And why argue with a lady with a dried up penis? I hope you and all of your friends order Buford's Bullies coz' the holidays are coming and it's better to give than to receive. Ummm... for the record I like to receive too. Pug Hugs, Tink (Sonoma) P.S. My mom is having trouble entering your no-contest contest. The page with all the text is jacked up but we can see all the cute pix you have received so far. I really really want my picture up there too! Can you & your human help us? Thanks!!

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! You are really going to town on that bully stick. Did Dutch have one too?

I had never heard of bully sticks until all the bloggers started talking about them. Mom refused to buy one for me, but then I got one from my good buddy Joey. I really liked it at first, but I'm not crazy for it. In fact I still have it and I chew it every once in a while. Maybe there's something wrong with me.

Stubby xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks Puglet for your insight on savoury chews. I've been gnawing on those things for years without knowing exactly what they were (other than yummy!). My human calls everything "Chew Stuff" because she says prefers not to think about all those body parts in the cupboard and scattered on the floor, in any great detail. I just call them what they really are, tasty treasures.

THE PUGLET said...

Maybe if our humans just tried one little bite of bully, they'd understand?

I think we'd all be better off if no one knew what a bully-stick is really made of. I know my human has ZERO appreciation for freeze-dried animal parts... especially freeze-dried BOY parts.

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, Stubby ~

There is nothing wrong with YOU! Maybe you just got a bad bully? They come in low-odor, which my human likes and I liked A LOT, but brother Dutch really wasn't into it.

Maybe you're like Dutch and just need one of the stinkier ones??

THE PUGLET said...


Your human "prefers not to think about all those body parts in the cupboard and scattered on the floor"

My human says Ditto!

THE PUGLET said...

OH NO Kimmy B -

Sorry something is jacked :( Just email me your picture and I will post it in the gallery for everyone to see!

THE PUGLET said...

Oh, and Mr. Puggle!

Maybe you've never had a bully-stick because it's your destiny to win one in the No-Contest??

Lola said...

My mom said that Buford's Bullies is sooo much cheaper than buying in the store- as soon as we are close to running out, that's right where she's going for more.
Just thought we'd share.
Lola in lafayette

Buford T. Justice said...

Dear Puglet,

I'm SOOOOOOOO happy that you and Dutch like my treats. I am constantly taste testing new treats to share with all my friends. My human is always asking me what I think and it seems to be too much for one Pug to handle. (which is why I have Bambi and Peggy helping me) Sometimes I even act as though I don't like them just so she will give me something else to try. (I'm a sneaky Pug aren't I?) A Quality Control Manager's work is never done..... He He He

Your Pal,
Buford T. Justice the Bully Stick KING!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Puglet! The gallery is coming along nicely. Bully sticks are my absolute favorite!! Glad to know about this gorup that sells them and they donate to fellow pugs. I will buy them from there from now on. thanks!! Maggie